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Season One Episode 17

Season One Episode 17


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Published by: Fivebretz on Jul 19, 2009
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Assembly – By Conor

Dr Lynch’s room – Morning It’s a change of pace in the Olly and Graham world – This episode opens in the midst of Form Class, in the morning. There is a happy air over the room, as Dr Lynch is uncharacteristically late, thus everyone is chatting amongst themselves. Mullan: “...and then, I kid you not, she looks right at me and says: “Come on Chris, take that shirt off and get in the car, we’re going.” Graham and Lance: in unison, enrapt: “And then what happened?!” Mullan: “Well, what could I say? I tore that bad boy off me and leapt in!” There is a roar of approval at this, and much high fiving amongst the guys. Close up on Mullan’s slightly faltering grin:

FLASHBACK – Earlier that morning Mullan: “Oh come on Ma, this is my best Crue shirt! I don’t care if the school ‘doesn’t approve’, I want to wear it!” Mullan and his mother are standing outside their front door. Mullan is wearing his Motley Crue 1987 tour shirt, clearly not suitable for school wear. What’s more, it’s clearly a matter of principle, as the black school shoes and trousers he is wearing with it are just fashion suicide. Mrs. Mullan: “I don’t care Mullan! Stop messing around. Take that shirt off and get in!” With much grumbling (and the hint of some tears?), Mullan pulls off his shirt to reveal his regular school uniform underneath, and he clambers into the car. Back at Form Class The testosterone fuelled high fiving continues, when suddenly the door crashes open with a biblical “BOOM!” Dr Lynch comes

bailing through it, and there are LITERALLY baskets flying everywhere. It is clear that she is in somewhat of a tizzy. Lynch: “Friends, Romans, Students and Countrymen, lend me your ears! I come bearing dire tidings of ill portent! It has come to my attention that it has fallen to us, loyal subjects, to prepare the weekly presentation of stories and songs to the populous! BUT LO! The cruel fates have conspired thusly that we have but 48 hours to commence and finalize our efforts! She stands with the back of her hand to her forehead, and her other arm outstretched as if to hold back the imaginary fates that have tricked her so cruelly. “But have heart little ones! Did not brave Macduff vanquish the cursèd Macbeth with nought but the strength in his heart?! Graham: under his breath “And destiny...” Lynch: unfazed “...let us band together, and produce the best damn assembly this establishment has ever seen!” She stands majestically in the middle of the room, awaiting the roaring ovation that must surely follow these words. After it becomes evident that this isn’t going to happen, she resumes her normal position behind the desk.

Lynch: slightly cowed “Auditions begin tomorrow” The Next Day The same scene, but the room has been cleared to allow the audition process to proceed. There is a buzz as people discuss their big plans for the assembly. Lance: “I don’t know about you guys, but I reallllllly hope I get that Speaker #4 spot! Shady Robbie: “Keep dreaming reject, that’s my job.” Olly: “I heard that’s how Brad Pitt got started like!” Everyone has a good laugh at this. Olly: quietly “But he told me...” Graham busts in at this point Graham: “Don’t you worry about that Olly, if you have any sense you’ll be aiming for the mystical CD operating job.” Olly: eyes lighting up “Really?!”

Graham: “Oh yeeeeeah, but you’ll need to be extra careful; I bet a loooot of people will be trying to stop you getting it. Olly wanders off to talk to Dr Lynch, a look of wonder still upon his face. Graham turns to the camera, hunched over and rubbing his fingertips together. The light fades out until it’s just a spotlight on him. Graham: “Hahaha, with all the pieces of the puzzle finally in place, nothing will stop me capturing the coveted Speaker #4 slot all for myself! AHAHAHAHAHA!” Light fades back in on Graham standing in the middle of the circle of desks, cackling maniacally to himself. A ring of people has formed to watch during this time. Graham: “Oh don’t pretend like you don’t do it too.” The Auditions Projector is up first. He projects a moving bible passage onto the wall. Utter silence as he scrolls sickeningly slowly down it, the epitome of boringness. As he finally reaches an end, there is no movement in the room. Only Lynch, who leaps to her feet, dabbing a handkerchief to her eyes and applauding wildly, acknowledges it. Everyone else is either in open mouthed shock or fast asleep. Lynch: “Oh, Keats! Wordsworth! Bell! This day you have known humility, and at the hands of such a simple yet elegant beast! Young man, I would like very much to take you home with me. Projector blushes. Lynch: “Alas, but it is for your peers to decide your fate. Know that if it were in my hands, you would be on the stage!” Graham: whispering aside “I thought she called her bed The Stage...?” Lynch: “SILENCE IN THE COURT! You, you fabulous young man, deliver the verdict that everyone knows is but a certainty! She gestures dramatically at Cormack. All attention turns to him. Cormack: “Uhhh, yeah, ummmmm...FABULOUS, by the way...but I’m afraid you’re just not what we’re looking for at the minute”

Projector is still and silent for a moment, before he begins to tear up. He rushes out of the room. Cormack leaps to his feet, upset. Cormack: “But we’re still cool for later, right!?”


The same scene, minutes later. Everything is as tense as it could possibly be. Olly stands at the front, while the half circle of students stands around him, all holding their breath as one. The camera cuts to individual faces looking nervous and tense with the traditional “Doom doom...doom doom” heartbeat sounds. Finally it rests on Lynch. Lynch: “Do it!” Sweating from the pressure, Olly turns to the CD player sitting on the desk next to him. Slowly he extends his finger towards the play button. Extreme close up on his finger as it makes contact. He pushes it down. The soothing sound of hymn music fills the room, and the scene bursts into slo-mo as the students roar their applause and leap to their feet. The music from Chariots of Fire starts up (do do do do doooooooooo do...) Olly joins in, rushing towards the camera and leaping into the air and pumping his fist. Freeze frame as he hangs in the air, the very picture of victory.

The mac, where crudely drawn stripes separate the ground into lanes. In the distance, a dust cloud slowly turns into individual shapes of running people. It is Graham, Lance, Mullan etc. Inexplicably, Lynch and Bell are running in the race. There is all the typical rough and tumble as students hustle each other in an effort to be first over the line. Lance has attached spikes to his running shoes (like the baddie chariots always do) and quickly dispatches of the opposition. Fireworks burst into scene as he passes the finish line". Fran picks up a megaphone. Fran: “Congratulations Lance, You have won the right to be Speaker #4! Everyone else: “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!”

Exhausted and panting, Graham and Conor join Mullan on the sidelines. Conor: “That was the last audition! We’re screwed!” Graham: “That damn cheater doesn’t deserve the honour!” Mullan: “Don’t worry dudes, I’ve got a plan. A very...very...devilish...devil of a plan. Here’s what we’ll do...” As he whispers the rest of the plan, Graham and Conor’s eyes light up and they begin to grin evilly along with Mullan. The Next Morning – Assembly in the Chapel The bland music underlies the boring speeches being read out by various students. Graham, Conor and Mullan sit roleless in the audience, but they are looking very pleased with themselves. They are almost giddy with glee when it comes time for Olly to perform his duty as operator of the CD player. He strides across the altar with a confidence unparalleled in Olly and Graham history, and as he presses the button to create the soothing gospel hymns, he turns to face the congregation, arms outstretched royally. For a moment he stands there, lost in the moment, until the lack of music begins to confuse him. Just before he physically turns to see what has happened, we hear...

That’s right folks, none other than Richard Astley’s seminal 80’s classic “Never Gonna Give You Up” blares into the unsuspecting Chapel. Everyone stares at Olly in unadulterated shock as the musical masterpiece fills the room. Graham and co are just about fit to burst with joy. Olly, visibly trembling, can think of nothing to do but to start ferociously bellydancing right there on the altar. Like Vera of the Seven Veils, Olly cuts out a thundering rhythm on that altar to put any bollywooder to shame. In the audience, Mullan actually explodes from the hilarity this causes. As the song grinds to a close, a sweating (and now shirtless) Olly stands exhaustedly on the altar, awaiting whatever reaction could possibly follow such an outburst.

Amazingly, Bell, at the front, stands up and slowly begins to clap. He is soon joined by more and more people, until a rousing ovation fills the room. People begin going batshit crazy for Olly. From out of nowhere, Graham Norton arrives, surrounded by hot, bikini clad models. Graham, Conor and Mullan can only watch on in open-mouthed shock as Graham presents Olly with his “Best Assembly of All Time: Even Better Than Jesus’” Trophy. Cut to black. “Don’t you have better stuff to do than this like?” TAG: Graham, Conor and Mullan, still sitting in shock in their seats. Graham: “I don’t believe it, I really thought the Rick Astley thing was gonna work this time!” Mullan: “But the Rick Astley thing wasn’t my plan! I was just gonna kick his ass later!” As this information sinks in, all three slowly turn to stare at Olly.

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