2.ABOUT CRM • 1. There are three deaprtments mech 1. mech 2 and plannning. • 1. . 2. Mech1 looks after blast furnaces Mech2 looks after mills area Planning coordinates activities of CRM with all the other departments. 3. rmp1 and ccd. CRM is a -----central agency catering to capital maintenance requirements of blast furnaces and mills.

CATEGORY II (EXTENDED) – All furnace above ground 4. CATEGORY I – 120 DAYS – Entire furnace including hearth and base of furnace. .TYPES OF REPAIRS 1. CATEGORY III – 3-5days – charging system change 2. CATEGORY II – 90 days – top + lining + coolers of entire furnace till hearth 3.

• The auxillary winch arrangements for cross movements. . • No of falls increased for raising capacity of load to be taken by the winches • The variation of load carrying capacity with the change of angles of wire sling. • 2 T.3T.5Tand 10T types of winches.LEARNING POINTS • The winch arrangement for raising loads. • Welding machines and rectifiers.

The rolling line that was cooled before the operation could take place Coordination of various departments for activities like getting electrical licence to do welding work and various aspects of safety The pin changed in the chain drive.LIVE CAPITAL REPAIR WE SAW AND SOME SALIENT POINTS • 1. BLOOMING AND BILLET MILL The m 42 not that were changed in 1000t shear machine and welded to the adjacent nut for for withstanding cyclical loads of shearing machine. . 3. 4. 2.

4. BLAST FURNACE 1 The capital repair was category iii The winches arrangement for lifting the heavy equipments like charge distributor big bell and small bell. The preparation phase in which the work area is cleaned and all the materials are made preapared for the maitainence work to be held as scheduled.. 3. The woods that are burnt to keep the furnace at same temperature so that when resumed extra fuel would not be used again for attaining same temp.CAPITAL REPAIR contd. The load testing of the winches after its installation at twicethe rated load to avoid failure due to impact loads 5. . • 1. 2.

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