Ref to : Director of Profit Hectares Sir, Complaint on Contractor Services and Perfomance I am hereby to make a complaint about the

services and work performance done by the contractor.We are facing lots of complications and problems by the lack of work performance done by the contractor.There a few complaints can be highlighted here.Such as : i) ii) iii) iv) There is no enough man power is being hired to work. Workers has not been paid upon their work performance. Blok Pasang Megah’ s spraying programme had been delayed form May to July. Harvesting Round should be done two rounds per month.However the contracter is only doing the harvesting round only ones currently.

Thus, I hope the Board of Profit Hectares Directory wil find the resolution behalf these problems which wil effect the production of the company if it isn’t been solved as soon as possible.I hope the solutions wil be taken as fast as possible. Thank you. Your sincerely ,

Mohan Babu S/Of Sanchana Ramasamy

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