Reinforced Concrete Design-4

Design of T beams
By Dr. Attaullah Shah

Swedish College of Engineering and Technology Wah Cantt.

Open Book Quiz − Compare WSD and USD methods. (5 min) − Design a simply supported singly reinforced concrete beam of span 15 ft having a superimposed dead load of 1K/ft and live load of 1. .5K/ft. Use the above material stresses. fc’ = 4000 psi and fy= 60000psi (15min) − Determine the moment capacity of doubly reinforced beam of size 12inx18in having 6#8 bars in the bottom and 2#8 bars at the top. (10min).Quick 30 minutes.

T Beams .





the beam may be designed as rectangular beam. − In such case − Nominal moment Capacity − If the thickness of a > t.Case 1: Compression area in Flange a<t − If the depth of equivalent stress block is equal or less than flange depth. then T beam analysis will be required .

Case 1: Compression area in web a>t − The tensile force in steel T is resisted by two components one C1corresponding to A1 and other C2 corresponding to A2 Compression .

− The additional resisting moment is given as − The total nominal resisting moment is given as: − .− Area of steel corresponding to compression in Flange is given as − The nominal resisting moment by flange is given as − The remaining steel area ( As-Asf) is compensated by the compression in web.

Maximum and Minimum Steel - For Case The area of steel reinforcement As is given as The balanced steel ratio is given as The balanced steel ratio is given as For Case 2 (87000/(87000+fy)) - .

Design Steps for T-beam .

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