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WTO & Its Impact on Indian & African Economy

BY Huzefa Kathawala (74) Sarvesh Kulkarni ()

Siddhant Lalwani (80)
Nilesh Khandikar () Apurvalondgekar ()

What is WTO        World Trade Organization Negotiation forum to help free trade between nations Formed out of 1986-94 negotiations the Uruguay Round on 1st January 1995 Current negotiations “Doha Development Agenda” launched in 2001. Headquarters at Centre William Rappard. Geneva. Switzerland 158 Members Pascal Lamy is the Director General .

GATT For goods Most Favoured Nation (MFN) National treatment: Treating Foreigners and locals equally Freer Trade : Gradually through negotiations GATS For services Modes of supply     Cross-border supply Consumption abroad Commercial presence Presence of natural persons TRIPS For IP • • • • • Copyright Trademark Geographical Indication Industrial Design Patent for new varities of plant Predictability : Through binding and transparency Comparative Advantage .

WTO’s Impact on INDIA  Founder  0.75%  Major member share reforms in Agriculture .

AGREEMENT ON AGRICULTURE .Favourable impact    Increase in export earnings a) Growth in merchandise exports b) Growth in service exports IT sector Agricultural sector .

CONTD  Textiles and clothing MULTI-FIBRE AGREEMENT  Foreign Direct Investment TRIMS AGREEMENT  Multi-lateral rules and discipline .

Unfavourable impact  TRIPS standards a)Pharmaceutical sector b)Agricultural sector  TRIMS  GATS  TRADE AND NON – TARIFF Barriers  LDC exports .

 failed to deliver the promised prodevelopment changes. . on 14 November 2001.WTO In Africa  The Ministerial Declaration adopted at the start of the Doha Development Round of trade negotiations.

Failures!!  Agriculture  Trade agreements  Medicine  Protectionist economic policies  Fair trade  Decision-making .

Disadvantages Of WTO • • • • • • The WTO is undemocratic The WTO will not make us safer It tramples labor and human rights It would privatize essential services It is destroying the environment It is killing people .

small countries in favor of rich countries  It undermines local level decision making and national sovereignty  There are alternatives to WTO  The tide is turning against free trade and WTO . It is increasing inequality  It is increasing hunger  It hurts poor .

Conclusion.Agreements  General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade (GATT)  Trade Related Investment Measures (TRIMS)  Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)  Agreement on Agriculture (AOA)  Agreement on Sanitary and psyto-sanitary measures (SPM)  Multi-Fiber Agreement (MFA) .

Unresolved Issues  Labor Standards  Trade and Environment  Trade and Investment  Trade and Competition  Transparency in Procurements made by the Government .Conclusion.

2.Conclusion. 4.Indian Context 1. 3. Indian Agriculture Indian Small Scale Industries Indian Economy Developing Countries .

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