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computer and technology
computer and technology

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Published by: Christina Lagarteja on Oct 09, 2013
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Memory 2 parts RAM random access memory The temporary memory where the computer and data for

the current processing task All memory lost if power is lost or program

Components of computer 1. Hardware 2. software

ROM read-only memory

Memory (main memory) Data storage (secondary memory)

Software Programs and data that a computer uses System program Software which controls the computer and runs application (visual basic, visual basic) Application program Software developed to make work easier to solve problems

Chat.Peopleware The users both hardware and software 1. Games .Programmer Composes instructions for computer systems to refer to when performing a given action 2.USER INTERNET International network A global network connecting millions of computers around the world A worldwide system Vinton Gray Cerf defines network protocol (father of internet) INTERNET Data is transmitted by packet switching using the standard internet protocol Linking networks together Transmission control protocol(TCP) Tim Berners-Lee created WWW (world-wide web) (1991) Reasons why people use internet Social networking. Email. Entertainment.System analyst An individual in charge of designing . modifying or analyzing various systems to ensure compatibility and user effectiveness 3.

URL String of character that points Domain-location of the website Path-name of the website e-mail-electronic mail-any data that allows to access.HyperText Markup Language Gif .Internet purposes Graphical design of information Examples: Html.JointPhotographic Experts Group Internet access requirements Computer/mobile phone Internet service provider Browser Types of internet access Wi-fi Dial up Cable Wireless application protocol Search engines – a software program used to searchfor specified keywords and returns a list of the documents where the keywords were found. send. receive and manage your email through a web browser (protocol :smtp) .Graphics Interchange Format Jpeg.

3-letter extension .com .Ray Tomlinson @ -invents email program (1971) Advantages and disadvantages of email Adv: -easy to use -speed -easy to prioritize -reliable and secure -Environment-friendly -use of graphics Dis: -viruses -spam -hacking -misinterpretation -Lengthy mail -need to check the inbox regularly User id – identification juan_delacruz Location-provides specific information @globe Type.

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