Foam generator GS50-GS55

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1. Purpose: the foam generator is aimed for foam mortar production for further manufacturing foam mortar in any Mortar-mixing machine (mixing unit). 2. Main parts of the GS50-GS55 foam generator (picture): - suction nozzle + hose + check valve with a filter for taking mixture of foam generator from any tank - discharge nozzle + hose for foam discharge and feeding it in mixer machine - Hole for pouring liquid into a pump, taking mixture of the foam generator - Time cut of system, TCOS-optional - Mixing solution system-optional - Starting stop button 3. Composition and principle of operating: the foam generator consists of 3 main modules:

Module for feeding mixture of the foam generator for further foam generating. Mixture of the foam generator may be in any tank; the foam generator pumps it there by itself. You must prepare mixture of the foam generator. Module for foam generating. Main unit of this module is a static mixer. This highly technological device is made of non-corrupting materials and it may operate with most known foam generators, it produces high quality foam.

up to 200 liters per minute operate at any type of foam agents (it is recommended Profoam 806 foam agent. plaster station or mixing unit. 5.4.5-1. you get reliable equipment. 220V 20-200 gr. but it is possible to use any other foam agent. i. Competitive advantages of the GS50 foam generator:         high productivity. even made by yourselves. / later 1. On its basis you can establish production of foam concrete of any grades from 350 to 1400. (Recommended mixer must be of a positive type.e. along with a foam generator assistance in certifying produced foam concrete further unlimited consulting by our specialists on the phone Buying this foam generator. Technological regulations of producing foam agent are applied) it can operate jointly with a Mortar-mixing machine.8 КW .5 at. with blades) possibility of adjusting foam density it is very simple to use and very reliable it is provided all the necessary information about foam concrete production. Specifications: GS50-GS55 Maintaining personnel Weight in unloaded condition Capacity of foam Dimensions Operational air pressure Power voltage Rank of foam density adjusting within limits Consumed power КW\h 1 person 45 kg 200-250 liters per minute 450 x 450 x 600 mm 2.

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