“Settle down! You're getting all worked up over nothing.

Y our girlfriend is worried because her boss announced an unex pected meeting tomorrow morning. She's afraid that she's going to be fired. She's getting really nerv ous, so y ou tell her to calm down. Settle down! Y ou're getting all worked up over nothing.

Settle down!
If someone tells y ou "Settle down!" it means that they want y ou to become less upset, less ex cited, less frightened, etc. In other words, they want y ou to become less emotional. Telling someone "Settle down!" is v ery direct, so it's rude if y ou say that to someone who y ou're not close to.

(someone) gets worked up
"Getting worked up" means becoming emotional about something. The emotion is usually a negativ e one like anger or worry . Sometimes people use "all" in this phrase: Look, you're getting all w orked up again. I told you to relax!

(someone) gets worked up over nothing.
This means that this person was upset without a good reason. Use this phrase when someone gets worried or upset about a problem, but that problem solv es itself or disappears. For ex ample, imagine that a family member was really worried that they had a disease. They got a test done, and the test said that they were healthy . Y ou can say : See? Y ou got w orked up over nothing.

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