I found a SPICE model for the LM386 at: http://www.electro-tech-online.

com/general-electronics-chat/106378-workinglm386-model-multisim.html This model is ‘as-is’, but seems to be working fine. 1. In Multisim go to Tools>>Component Wizard. 2. Enter the component information:

3. Click Next. 4. Enter the number of pins:

If you want to edit the symbol click the Edit button.5. . In this step you can leave the default symbol or customize it. I modified the name of the pins: 7. Close the Symbol Editor and click Next. this opens the Symbol Editor. Click Next. 6.

. have in mind that this can be different in other cases. The next step is critical. 12.8. As we can see in the SPICE model the mapping is one-to-one. 10. We have to map the symbol pins to the model nodes. Set pin parameters: 9. Click Next. Click Next. Copy and paste the SPICE model: 11.

13. Save the component to your User Database. 14. you can add a new family: . Click Next.