“We've discovered a bug that would allow a hacker to gain access to the system.

Y ou work in I.T. Y ou'v e found a problem with y our company 's network. Y ou're ex plaining the problem to an ex ecutiv e in y our company who doesn't know much about technology . We've discovered a bug that would allow a hacker to gain access to the system .

discover a (software) bug
When talking about software, a "bug" means a problem with the program or an error in the code. If y ou notice a bug, y ou can say that y ou'v e "discov ered" it. "Discov er" means "find".

a hacker
A "hacker" is someone who breaks into computer sy stems. The word "hacker" is also used to talk about someone who writes computer code, ev en if they 're not breaking into any thing. This meaning isn't as common, but is growing in popularity .

(someone) gains access to (something)
When a person gets into somewhere that they 're not supposed to be able to get into, y ou can say that they 'v e "gained access" to it. For ex ample: The police have not been able to determine exactly how the thieves gained access to the building. If someone w ere to break into your email account, they'd be able to gain access to your bank accounts and other systems as w ell.

Someone "gaining access" is usually frightening and bad. is sometimes called "the sy stem" or "our sy stem". We're w orking to determine w hat the issue is. For ex ample: Our system is dow n. but closed off to the outside world. Are you able to log in to the system? « Next Lesson “I'd like to speak with someone about refinancing my home. I'd like to place an order for delivery?” . If someone is allowed to get into somewhere.” Previous Lesson » “Yes. y ou usually saay that they "got access" or "hav e access": How do I get access to the shared drive? the (computer) system A group of computers that are networked to each other within a company .