English Teaching : Lesson Planning GRADE: 8th LEVEL: Intermediate, 4th year of study TEXT BOOK: Snapshot - intermediate

, Ed.Longman NO. OF STUDENTS: 21 TOPIC : Nepal Trek. LESSON AIMS: - To develop Ss' ability to use language in real life situations - To activate language functions: expressing permission (asking for, giving, refusing) - To develop Ss' listening-comprehension abilities - To revise and practice grammar: Past Tense Simple vs Present Prefect Tense. OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson the Ss will be able to: - Use correctly the new words and phrases - Employ correctly the revised grammar topic - Create their own situations and deal with new circumstances in a conversation TIME: 50 min SKILLS INVOLVED : speaking, writi ng, listening AIDS : textbook, worksheets, class cassette, pictures STAGES: - Activity 1:Warm-up ( 5min) Teacher's activity: T enters the classroom, greets the Ss, asks them how they are, if there are any Ss missing. T remembers the task for the day, ex.5 pg.16 from the textbook and asks Ss to review it quickly to make sure there were no problems with solving it at home. T corrects the mistakes, if any. Students 'activity: Ss greet the T, answer the questions and in turn read the exercise. Class management: whole-class activity Skills: speaking, reading - Activity 2: …(5min) Teacher's activity: T hands in worksheets where Ss have to use correctly the Past Tense Simple and Present Prefect Tense by arranging the words in the bubbles. Students'activity:Ss solve the task. Class management:whole-class activity Skills:writing - Activity 3:Answer the questions! ( 5min ) Teacher's activity: T gives Ss cards with questions in the Past Tense Simple or Present Perfect

Students’ activity: In groups. Class management: group-work Skills: listening. refusing permission patterns. In groups. and without reading the text asks them to imagine what the story may be about. Class management: group-work Skills: writing . Ss solve their task. If necessary.Activity 5: While listening (7min) Teacher's activity: T makes groups and gives each a card instructing Ss to write down phrases that indicate asking for. speaking . writing . T plays the tape. Ss solve their task. Students' activity: Ss answer the questions and try to predict the story based on the image. They correct each other’s mistakes. giving. giving. if any. writing . giving.Activity 4: Pre-listening: prediction (5 min ) Teacher's activity: T asks Ss questions about the characters in the picture. The group with the most correct sentences wins. Students' activity: In groups. refusing permission. refusing permission while listening to the tape together with focusing on the unknown words.Feedback: (5min) Teacher's activity: T gives Ss a worksheet in order to further practice the asking for. Ss have to complete the conversations. Ss put down the sentences..Activity 6:Post listening (5min) Teacher's activity: T asks Ss questions to check understanding and puts down whatever unknown words Ss may have difficulties comprehending. T explains that there is a time limit. state of mind etc.5 min. . Class management: whole-class activity Skills: speaking. .Activity 7: Secondary practice: Make your own conversation! (10min) Teacher's activity: T makes groups and gives each one a picture showing a particular instance and some prompts to illustrate asking for.Simple and instructs Ss to put down as many sentences as they can. T instructs Ss to focus on the phrases concerning permission. T elicits answers concerning the most suitable title. Students' activity: Ss pay attention and listen to the tape. Class management: group-work Skills: writing. their location. Students' activity: Ss answer T's questions and solve the task. T asks Ss to think of a suitable title for the lesson. T instructs Ss to make up suitable conversations using the phrases identified in the previous text. T plays the tape again. Class management: whole-class activity Skills: speaking. if any.

14/pg.18) . refusing permission ( ex. Class management: group-work Skills: writing. giving.Students' activity: Ss write down the sentences and read them aloud.Assigning homework (3min) T asks Ss to put down similar conversations concerning asking for. reading .

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