Feudal System Punctuation and Grammar Exercise. The passage below doesn’t make much sense.

It needs capital letters, commas and full stops. Copy the passage, adding punctuation as you write.
king william said that all the land in england belonged to him but england was too large for him to manage by himself so how did he stay in charge his answer was to use a system of sharing out the land the King still owned it of course but he could lend large areas of land to people in return for their loyalty king william didn’t give his barons their land all in the same place – he carefully dotted it around england he did this to make it difficult for the barons to build up large armies in the same area if they became too powerful he feared they might rebel against him most of the people he gave the land to had helped him in the battle of hastings he was rewarding them for helping him feudal is the latin word for land so because the new system was based on land it became known as the feudal system

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