I'm sorry. I made a mistake. Please accept my apologies. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to . . . (I'm) sorry. I didn't realize that . . . .

That's okay.

No problem.

Prefacing bad news
I'm sorry (I have) to tell you this, but . . . I hate to tell you this, but . . . I don't know how to tell you this, but . . . I have some bad news.

(Formal) written apologies
We regret to inform you that . . . Regretfully, . . . Unfortunately, . . .

Asking for Help
Could you . . . . (for me) ? Would you please . . . ? Would you mind V+ing . . . .? Could you possibly . . . ? Okay, no problem.

Sure, I'd be glad to. Sorry, I'm (kind of) busy now. I'm sorry. I don't have time right now. Do you have a minute? Can you spare a few minutes? Could you do me a favour? Could I ask you a favour? Can I ask you to . . . ? I need some help (if you have time). (If you're not busy) I could use your help.

Conversation practice
Getting someone's attention Excuse me, Pardon me, Sorry to bother you, but . . . Asking the favour (from least formal to most polite): Can you open the door for me? Will you hand me a pencil? Would you turn on the air conditioner? Could you help me with these boxes? Would you please turn down the music? Could you possibly give me a ride home? Would you mind taking a picture for us? Would you be so kind as to lend me your cell phone? Follow-up Thanks for your help Thank you so much. Thanks, I really appreciate it.

Sample conversation :
Excuse me; could you do me a favour? Sure, what is it? Could you help me move these chairs? No problem. / I'd be glad to. Thanks a lot.

Business Introductions
This is my boss, Mr. Stratford. Jared, this is my secretary, Barbara. Good to meet you. Nice to meet you too. I'd like you to meet my co-worker, Collin Beck. Collin, this is Susan Palmer. Nice to meet you. My pleasure. Have you met, Jason? Jason, this is Teresa. Hi, I'm Jill Watson. I don't believe we've met. I'm Greg.

I'd like to introduce you to my dear friend, Mrs. Pleasant. Allow me to introduce myself/my colleague, Ms. Winters Let me introduce you to my colleague, Dean Richards. Mr. Richards, this is David Porter from Aerospace Inc.

. . Our major products are . . . . . firm handshake. . We manufacture .How do you do? How do you do? It's a pleasure meeting you. Our headquarters is in . We produce . . Our company is located in . . We're in computers We sell . . Important body language to remember: Smile. . . What is the name of your company? Where are you located? The name of our company is . . I represent (the) XYZ (company). eye contact. . What (type of business) do you do? What business are you in? We are in the computer business. I'm with ABC. Company Description What company do you work for? Which company are you with? Who do you represent? I work for ABC Company. . . .

What are your major products? What services do you provide? We produce office machines. What does your company do? We design software. We produce marketing materials. . We provide technical support. I highly recommend this one. We produce small appliances. Could you give me some (more) information on this? What can you tell me about this (product)? It's our best selling refrigerator. We're really pleased with its performance. We design software. We're in the insurance business.Describing Business Activities What do you do at ABC Company? I am in charge of marketing. I program computers. Information about products This is one of our top brands. I recruit and train employees. This one is the best in its class. It's an excellent computer. We build storage units. Information about company What does your company do? What is your specialty? What do you specialize in? What is your main line of business? We specialize in art and design. I'm responsible for sales.

This one features . This one is priced at $9695. This is one of our latest designs. . . . It is made of . Tell me about this one/model. . with it This has/contains . Information about Price What are you asking for this? What does this sell for? How much is it? How much does it run? This (one) sells for $5900. You can use it to . Describing Products Tell me about (this product) What can you tell me about (this product)? Can you give me some information/details about this? What is special/unique about this? What are the specifications? Let me tell you about . . This comes with . . This particular one has two components. . It can be used for . . .This model comes with several features. This is equipped with . . You can . This is our (newest) product. . This one goes for $2900. . . This particular model . . . . . . . . .

(company name) (general) (industry) What do you do there? What do you do at Bellwest? I'm a software engineer. . I'm a contractor at JBX. . I'm in sales. (specific job) I clean the restrooms. Describing Jobs What do you do? What do you do for a living? What is your occupation? What type of work do you do? Where do you work? I'm a salesman. I'm with Westbell. I'm in customer service. This costs .This is priced at . . I work in the sales department. (job-general) (general) (industry) (specific) I'm a consultant for YXL. I work as an instructor. (job title) (place in company) (general area) . I build houses. I'm in the toy business. . What company do you work for? I work for Bellwest. I work at Wellbest.

. Let me explain. . . . . We'll come to that later. . . . Why . Well. We are developing . We are marketing . . . . Let me tell you why . . We are in the process of . . Here's what happened: There's a (good) reason for this: The reason is . . Can we save that until later? . Can I get back to you on that? I'll explain (a little) later. . What happened . . . . I'm sorry. Can you tell me why . We'll get to that in a few minutes.Describing Projects What are your current projects? What are you working on (at present)? What are your major initiatives in this area? We are currently working on . We are designing . Explaining Can you explain . . We are building . . . . . . I can't tell you that (right now).

Thank you for the nice gift. We hope to . . I appreciate your kindness. . Forward-Looking Statements What are your plans for the future? What are your projections for the next quarter? What do you expect to achieve (in the near future)? What are your (sales) projections for next six months? What are your goals for the coming year? We expect . I appreciate your lending me the chain saw. We project . . Thank you for the nice gift. If all goes as planned. . Thanks for your time. We should . .Expressing Appreciation Thanks. . Thanks for the tour. Thanks for the tour. We will be (V+ing) . . . . I appreciate your hospitality. . . . Expressing Thanks Thanks Thank you I appreciate it. Thank you. . We plan to . I appreciate it.

Job Responsibilities What do you do (in your job)? What is your main job? What are you in charge of? I am in charge of training employees. I take care of corporate accounts. . (tonight). . . . . . . . . . . I'd like to invite you . . . ? I wonder if you would like to . . I am responsible for watering the plants. We're going to . . ? Do you want to . . Would you like to go? How about (V+ing) . Invitations Informal: Would you like to . If you have time. . . I usually answer telephones. .Our projections are . Formal: I'd like to invite you to . . . We'd be delighted /honoured to have you as our guest at . I repair jet engines. . I mainly write reports. According to our projections. . . Would you like to join us for (event) at (time) ? We'd be glad to have you accompany us . I was wondering if you would like to . Would you like to come along? There's a . . . .

Let me offer you . . Thanks anyway. Would you like to try . Would you please . please. . . . . . I really shouldn't. Thanks. Could you do me a favour? . . . . Juice would be fine. Let me get you a/some. . . . . . Thanks. . . Could you possibly . Would you like one of these? Can I get you something? What can I get you something to drink? No thank you Yes. . .Offering Informal Cigarette? Would you like some coffee? How about a glass of water? Here. Requesting Informal Please . Have a/some . . Would you . . Sure. . No. Formal Would you care for some . Could you . Okay. . Would you mind (V+ing) .

I'll put it on my credit card. . .Formal Could I ask you to . . Terms of Payment I'd like to pay (in) cash. . Would you be so kind as to . . . pay in cash pay by check pay by credit card pay with a credit card pay in instalments pay in one lump sum Could you deliver it to my office? Do you charge for shipping? Do I need to pay for postage and handling? How long will it take? . . . Can I charge it? Could you put that on my bill? Could I put that on my account? Could you send me an invoice? Could you bill me (for that)? Can I put it on lay-away? May I . Would you mind if I asked you to .

Welcome to London. NOT: I have graduated since 1998. Use simple present tense to describe facts. He's a sanitation engineer. (Correct!) I have known him since last year. I have finished the Hollins project last week. We are building a new mall in East Heights. I work for IBS Corporation. She is teaching the hearing-impaired. others are used for conditions that cover lengths of time. I'm John Taylor. I am developing new software. Flinders last year at a Convention in Little (Specific time) Rock. I finished the Hollins project last week. Welcoming Welcome to Cando Enterprises. (Incorrect!) I have met him since last year. She answers company correspondence. Be careful! Some verbs are used for specific actions. Use present progressive tense to describe ongoing projects. (That's when the ceremony occurred. I met Mr. I am responsible for orienting new employees.Using Tense Appropriately in Business Descriptions Use simple past tense to describe something that wholly occurred at a specific time in the past: I graduated from NYU in 1998. . Meeting someone you don't know 1.) (Incorrect!) (Specific time) (Incorrect!) Use present perfect tense to describe something that has been in effect from a certain point in the past until now. Patricia Murphy? Yes.

It all comes down to this: .) Welcome to Sydney. . . . How was your flight? Okay. Are you Mr. The crux of the matter is . You must be Ms. . Thank you Did you have any problem finding this place? No. your directions were very clear. Our primary concern is . That's right. . Terius. (As I see it). (We talked by telephone. I am. . Nice meeting you too. The main problem we need to solve is . I'm Kevin Chen of Myotex Industries. 2. I'm Brad Wilson. . the most important thing is . Analyzing Problems Focusing on the main problem/issue What is the main problem? What is the real issue (here)? (I think) the major problem is . It's nice to meet you in person. I'm Jane Placid. It's a pleasure to meet you. Blanks? Yes. but very long. . . We really need to take care of . Welcome to Suntech. 3. Welcome to Taiwan. . . .Hi.

. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us.Asking for input What should we do about it? What needs to be done? What do you think we should do? What are we going to do about it? Do you have any suggestions? Any ideas? Making Recommendations I recommend that . . I'm sorry. . . Brown. I suggest that . I'm afraid I have to leave now. I would like to propose that . Mr. but I have to go now. I really enjoyed meeting you. Closing a Conversation Pre-closing It's been nice talking to you. I'll send you an e-mail. . It was nice meeting you. Why don't we . . . . . It's been great talking with you. Thanks for the information/ the tour/ your time. Follow up I'll give you a call.

. . . Let's look at item number one. . We'll send out that information right away. Discussing Agenda Items Let's start with . Let me give you my business card.I'll put a packet in the mail for you. We need to discuss . Here's my e-mail/office number. Could you send me a brochure/some more information? Could I contact you by e-mail/at your office? How do I get in touch with you? How can I reach/contact you? Closing I look forward to seeing you again. The first item on the agenda is . I'll have my secretary schedule an appointment. E-mail me. . Let's keep in touch by e-mail. Let's move on to number two. We'll be in touch. Let's start by . . The next item on the agenda is . . Call me if you have any questions. See you next week. What's next on the agenda? Does anyone have any comments? Any comments? Are there any comments on that? What do you think? . . We'll see you on Friday. . .

. Good point. It appears that . . . issue question The important thing (here) is . . brings up . Does everyone agree on that? Discussion Techniques Opening a discussion To begin with. That raises the issue of . It looks like . . . . The main thing we need to discuss is . . .Good idea. . Asking for input What do you think? How about you? How do you feel about that? Any ideas on that? Responding That sounds like a) good idea. determine find out Let's start by (V ing) We'll start by (V ing) The problem here is . . . Let's look at . . . Sounds good. The problem with that is . . . We need to discuss . . .

He doesn't have time on Tuesday. Wednesday is not possible. Will Mr. Monday at 8:00 is not good for me. Okay. She's free any day but Wednesday. Itup will be away until Friday. Dr. I'd like to schedule a meeting with Ms. Could I schedule a time to meet with Mr.Making Appointments I'd like to make an appointment with Dr. Terry. His schedule is open all day Monday. her calendar is full on Monday. Rodgers be in tomorrow? Is he available next Wednesday? Does he have any openings on Tuesday? Does she have any time on Thursday? Sorry. Friday at 11:00 sounds good. . Bill. She will be out on Wednesday. Tuesday morning at 9. How about Friday at 4:00? Thursday at 10:00 will be fine. East? What time is best for you? When would be a good time for you? Would 9:00 on Thursday be okay? He'll be in on Tuesday.

We need to go on to the next item. . . . The next item (of business) is . . . or . . . . Talking about discussion items The first thing we need to discuss is . . The first thing on the list is . Presenting Options We have several alternatives: We have two options: We could either . . . We need to move on. we need to talk about . We need to discuss . . . . Let's move on to the next topic. First. The first item on the agenda is . . . Shall/Should we move on? Stalling the Discussion . .Meetings and Discussions Getting started Let's get started. . Moving on Let's move on to Item 2. We need to talk about .

Could you clarify that? Could you elaborate on that? Making a Suggestion/Proposal I think we should . Don't you think we need to . We could . Asking for Clarification What to you mean by . . Sorry.Before we move on. . We haven't discussed . We haven't (yet) . . I disagree. . . You have a good point. Maybe we should . . I don't think that's a good idea. . I didn't get what you meant by . . I think we should . . but . . . . . . . . I don't quite follow you. . How about . . . . . I don't agree with you. Good idea/point. . That's not such a good idea. . . Not so fast. . I think . Why don't we . . You have a good point. . I suggest . I agree. Giving Feedback (I think) that's a good idea. Wait a minute. . . .

George? What's your opinion on that.Asking for Opinions What do you think. We're going to . (informal) The meeting is adjourned. . The conclusion is . . . So. . (very formal) . Martha? Any thoughts on that? Any ideas? Checking for Consensus Do we all agree (on that)? Does everyone agree? Summarizing In summary. . (then) Closing the meeting That's all for today. we've decided to . That's it then. .

Kowloon Hong Kong April 21. I look forward to hearing from you soon.A. Thank you for your order of Touchy Situations: A Conversation Text for ESL . Kowloon Hong Kong Dear Mr. Also.S. Could you please send the books by express mail? I need them for class next Monday. I would like to order ten (10) copies of the book. Touchy Situations: A Conversation Text for ESL Students. Best regards.A. Trent Chang ___________________________________________________________ **** Sample Letter: Block Style **** Dymon Publications 2201 South Maple Street Salt Lake City. Chang. I recently came across this book at a local teachers' conference and was very impressed by its format and contents. Dear Sir/Madam. 2001 Trent Chang 56 Somerset Lane Kai Tak. would you mind sending your latest catalog or brochure? Thank you for your prompt attention. UT 84797 U. UT 84797 U.S. April 21. 2001 Marketing Director Dymon Publications 2201 South Maple Street Salt Lake City.Business Letters (Samples) **** Sample Letter: Modified Block Style **** Trent Chang 56 Somerset Lane Kai Tak.

If you have further questions. If you have further questions. . . I am writing in reference to . I look forward to hearing from you. which provides information about our other products. please contact: If I can be of more help. Sincerely. If you require assistance. . . please feel free to contact me at . at the address below/above Thank you for your assistance. Could you please send me . As requested. . . Alan Gordon Dymon Publications Enc: brochure Common Phrases for Business Letters Request for information I am writing to inquire about . I sent the books by RedFex on April 20. . . I read/heard . . Response to request Thank you for your interest/inquiry Enclosed is the information you requested. .Students. . I am enclosing a brochure. . You may also check out our web site at http://www.com. . They should be arriving within a few days if they are not there already.dymonbooks. Sample Sentences: Requests . . and would like to know . Please let me know if there are any problems with the shipment. You can learn more about this at . please don't hesitate to contact me.

. I enjoyed having lunch with you last week while I was in New York. (Our new product) is coming out next month. I would just like to confirm the main points we discussed .Could you please send me your most recent brochure? Could you fax me the results of the market survey? I would like to order ten copies of the book. Sample Sentences: Goodwill Thank you for your hospitality. . . I want(ed) to congratulate you on your new position. . . . . . . Touchy Situations. Sample Sentences: Notification I am writing to let you know that . I would be very grateful if you could send me this information. I am writing in reference to . . I would like to inform you of a recent policy change. I was happy to hear that contract negotiations went well. Congratulations on your promotion to General Manager. Please refer to the enclosed invoice/brochure. Sample Sentences: Confirmation I am writing to confirm . . . . I am writing to tell you about . I am happy to inform . I would like to confirm what we discussed last Friday. . Please be aware/informed that . Sample Sentences: Introduction of Product/Service. Please return the enclosed envelope with your payment. I hope you have had a chance to look over the materials we sent. Sample Sentences: Reference I am writing in regard to . . . This product/service is designed to (help you) .

. Your monthly installment is past due. If we can be of assistance. . . Helpful Hints for Business Letters Before writing a business letter. Our records show that . . . Sample Sentences: Offering Assistance We would be happy to . Sample Sentences: Collection According to our records . . .you that . consider the following: Objective(s) Why am I writing this letter? What do I hope to accomplish? What action do I want from my reader? Your Audience Who will read this letter? How can I appeal to the reader's interest? What attitude might the reader have toward this information? Will the reader consider this good news or bad news? Organization What information should be included first/last? What details does the reader need to know? Does my conclusion motivate the reader to do something? Do I end the letter in a positive and polite manner? . Your request for funding has been approved. please don't hesitate to ask. Please send payment as soon as possible. .

typos. Do you do any of them? Say ?uh???uhm? Bite your fingernails Tap on the table/podium Tap your feet Repeat yourself Wave your hands/arms Breathe heavily Play with your hair Sweat Move around a lot Giggle Speak too fast Pause inappropriately Speak too slowly Clam up/Become speechless Become stiff Shift your eyes Shake/Shudder Move your head around Play with objects in pockets. etc. you can work to overcome them. Gesture inappropriately . etc. By being aware of your particular nervous mannerism. Here are some common mannerisms exhibited when giving a speech. Will my reader be offended by anything in the letter? Proofreading Are there any spelling errors.? Is the format of the letter appropriate? Have I signed my name? Nervous Mannerisms What do you do when you are nervous? Everyone has different reactions to nervousness.Professionalism Do I use a professional business letter format? Do my language and style show a positive attitude toward the reader/the company/the product/the information.

Make strange facial expressions Presentation Tips Know Yourself Strengths Weaknesses Talents Feelings Opinions Nervousness Motivation Present Yourself Dress Posture Voice Gestures Body Language Confidence Enthusiasm Know Your Audience Demographics Purpose Interests Commonality Individuality Present to Your Audience Positive Polite Interesting Informative Thought-provoking Know Your Stuff Knowledge of Subject Research Personal Experience Preparation Rehearsal Present Your Material Organization Clarity Visuals Language Volume Signposting Beginning a presentation .

I've already met some of you. I'd like to introduce . . . They are ./afternoon/evening I'm _________.It is common to greet the audience and introduce yourself when giving presentations: Good morning. . minutes This should last only a few minutes I hope to be finished by . . Second First of all Secondly The first point is . I'm ______ Introducing the topic I'm here to talk about . . . . . Time consciousness Thank you for your time Thank you for taking the time to be here I will probably take about . . . This presentation can be divided into the following subtopics: First. . . the new Finance Manager. . . Let me start by telling you a little about our company. . I'd like to say a few words about . My name is ________ and I represent _______ Let me take a minute to introduce myself. The next point is . I'm going to give you an overview of . Today. The main reason I'm here today is . but for those I haven't . . Showing organization I've divided my topic into three sections/parts. The focus of my remarks is . . . . . . . .

In fact. . . In most cases. . .Third Finally Thirdly Last Next. Highlighting Actually. . we come to . . . The final point is . Usually. Most of the time. Sequencing Let's move on to . . Therefore. . As a matter of fact. Let's move on to . In particular Particularly Especially Giving Examples . . . As a rule. . Generalizing Generally. . Giving Reasons This is why . The main reason is . . That brings us to . So.

For instance. In conclusion. My topic today is . .For example. Today. . . The focus of my remarks is . . . . evening) I'm happy to be here. . I'm glad to have this opportunity to . afternoon. . I'd like to talk (to you) about . I'd like to share some thoughts on (topic) Main points Let me start by . . Follow-up Are/Were there any questions? We have just a few minutes for questions Simple Presentations Introduction (Good morning. . Such as Summarizing To sum up To summarize In brief Concluding To conclude. .

. To summarize. Let me illustrate. To illustrate. For instance. I've divided my topic into (three) parts: (They are . . . let me tell you about . . To sum up. Conclusion In conclusion.First.) Giving examples For example. To conclude. Types of Charts Pie chart Bar chart/graph Line graph Describing Movement Increase Decrease Recover Recovery Go up Go down Jump Slump Rise Fall Surge Plummet Improve(ment) Declined Reach (a point) Approach Types of Movement Slight Gradual Sharp Dramatic Major .

000 in 2001.400. There was a loss of $21. Profits were $27. Thinking Positively about Presentations People often become nervous or fearful when giving presentations.) .000 in 1999. (Smile) (Turn nervousness into enthusiasm. Immigration rose by 20. Sales declined gradually Enrollment increased by 4% in 1997. I'm glad to have this opportunity. I have something interesting to tell you. I (really) want to tell you about this.000 in 1999. About Yourself I'm happy to be here. (to a point/number) (by increment) (noun usage) (verb usage) There was a 20% rise in immigration. Taxes continued at 15% for two years.000 in 1999.Slightly Gradually Sharply Dramatically Minor Movement over Time There was a gradual decline in sales.000 in 1998. There was a 4% increase in enrollment in 1997. Static (non-movement) Description Sales stood at $1. Here are some phrases you can keep in mind when preparing for and giving a presentation. Immigration rose to 800. (percentage) Taxes remained the same from 2000 to 2001.

C." 4. . . . . you would like to solve a company problem. . B. First. ." 3. You will be interested to know that . Why do you want to work for us? "You wish to be part of a company project. 1. . I will tell you about . This shows (you) . . income.About Your Audience This is something I think you should know . image." . . .. you should state that you would like to know more. What do you know about our company? Know products. This is important (to you) because . You will benefit by knowing this . . management talent. What can you do for us that someone else cannot? "Relate past experience that represents success in solving previous employer problems that may be similar to those of the prospective employer. reputation. Don't say you do not know much . . Tell me about you. These are the main points/supporting ideas . It will help you understand my topic . . size. . Look at this. problems. 2. . . . goals. people skills. The best way to understand this information is . . you can make a definite contribution to specific company goals.. About Your Subject/Material The information is as follows: A. management style. history and philosophy.

a growing. Had you thought of leaving your present position before: If so. what would she/he say are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? This 'threat of reference check' question almost always produces honesty but also perspiration. How long would it take you to make a meaningful contribution to our firm? Be realistic and say six months to one year. the employer will get a faster return on investment because you have more experience than required."Our office is closing". Talk about the opportunity to perform and be recognized." 14. Give a 'group' answer if possible . Emphasize your interest in a a longterm association. but it's gone now. How do you feel about leaving all of your benefits? "Concerned but not panicked." 12.5." 10." 13." 6. in your response." 9. what do you think held you there? "Challenge. Why haven't you found a new position before now? "Finding a job is easy but finding the right job is more difficult. "Where people are treated as fairly as possible. to "be honest but not too negative." 11. Turn a negative into a positive answer: "I am sometimes impatient and I get too deeply involved when we are late." It is important not to bad mouth past employers or bosses. Don't change answers during the interview. How would you evaluate your present firm? "An excellent company that afforded me many fine experiences. Another possible answer is "We agreed to disagree. You may be overqualified or too experienced for the position we have to offer. energetic company rarely is unable to use its people talents. Describe what you feel to be an ideal working environment. It is important. experienced executives are at a premium today. Bad mouthing tends to reveal more about you than about those who are the objects of your comments. What do you look for in a job? "Keep your answer opportunity-oriented." . Strong companies need strong people." 7. What are your weak points? Don't say you have none. If I spoke to your previous boss. Why are you leaving your present job? Stick to one response." 8.

and methods of measurement? Where could a person go who is successful in this position and within what time frame? How is one judged? What accounts for success? Currículo em Inglês Thomas Crown Objective Seeking an International Sales Management position in Information Technology where my extensive sales experience will be used to the full London. Pretty successful with the usual ups and downs. National Sales Manager Increased sales from £60 million to £100 million. UK Experience 2003-present Intelel Inc. Normalmente no final da entrevista. What was the last book you read? Movie you saw? Sporting event you attended? "Talk about leisure books to represent balance in your life.15.tirar todas as suas dúvidas nesta hora.. deadlines. the market value of the job may be the key answer .'My understanding is that a job like the one you are describing may be in the range of .because questions can reveal as much about the applicant as answers.. o selecionador abre um espaço para eventuais perguntas do candidato..e deve . Você pode ." 18." 17. the interviewer would ask the applicant if she/he has any questions.. how successful have you been so far? "A sense of well-being ." At some point in every interview. How would you describe the essence of success? According to your definition. How much do you expect if we offer this position to you? "Be careful. Will you be out to take your boss' job? Not until I get the current job done. It is important that the applicant has some questions . .and some good ones . Confira as questões que você pode fazer: Why is this position open? How often has it been filled in the last 5 to 10 years? What have been the primary reasons for individuals leaving? What would you like done differently by the next person who fills this job? What is the most pressing problem? What would you like to see done in the next 2 to 3 months? What are some of the longer term objectives that you would like completed? What freedom would I have to determine my work objectives.'" 16.

Suggested new services adding £35m to revenue. UK Tel: +44 181 123 456 Email: London. Closed deals with 100 major new accounts. chess 17 King's Terrace.net . Won over 25 competitor clients . UK Sales Representative Increased sales by 300% annually.Implemented Internet sales grossing £25 million. Doubled sales per representative from £5 to £10 million. 1999-2000 ESS Holdings Cambridge.adding £50 million to revenue. Awarded company's top sales award each year. 1996-99 ESS Holdings Cambridge. 2001-2003 Teletrona Systems Edinburgh. UK Interests teacher@inglescurso. UK Senior Sales Representative Increased sales by 300% annually. UK Plymouth. rugby. Business Administration & Information Systems Captain of University Rugby Club 1988-92 St Andrew's School 4 GCE 'A' Levels President of school's Drama Society St Andrew's Board of Governors. UK Northern Sales Manager Increased regional sales from £95m to £200m. drama. Expanded sales team from 30 to 60 representatives. Education 1992-96 London University BA. Richmond. Developed 'Winning Presentations' training course. Surrey.

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