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My Dear Patricians Together with staff and students, I express our sincere gratitude to all Patricians for their

generous assistance for the Renovation of the College Chapel. The total cost is 2 million 2hundred and 39 thousand 775 Rupees (2,239,775.00) We thank all Patricians who have contributed for this project through their respective Alumni Branches and also individually. The photographs are attached.

Received From
AA. Colombo AA. (Melbourne)Australia AA.U.K AA. (Sydney) Australia AA. (Toronto) Canada OBA Jaffna OBA (Bergen)) Norway Total 400,000.00 430,500.00 1,104,255.00 202,120.00 134,166.80 50,000.00 50,000.00 2,371,041.80

Expenditure Incurred

Refixing Door & Windows with new hinges Anti. Termite Treatment Roof work Replacing Corroded Iron Bars Cleaning & Painting Iron Bars Electric Wiring & Bulbs Altar Celing Sheets Altar Renovation Painting Statues Painting Walls and windows Varandah Roof work

1,053,820.00 210,000.00 1,58,318.00 82,200.00 60,513.00 271,734.00 157,440.00 25,750.00 124,000.00 96,000.00 2,239,775.00 131,266.80 2,371,041.80

1. Varnish Paint for all seats is donated by Duglas Nijanthan Engineer Sri Lanka. 2. An Alter chandelier is donated by Mano Manuelpillai UK.

From. Fr Jero Selvanyagam