Secondary Research backed up by P +rimary research at Vaishali
Customer reaction to failures in the follow four service stages: 1. 2. 3. 4. Reception Ordering Meal Consumption Checkout The study found that in both casual dining and fine dining restaurants, service failure in stage 3 (consumption) most strongly diminishes overall customer satisfaction, followed by stage 4 (payment and exiting), stage 2 (order taking and delivery), and finally stage 1 (greeting and seating). The relative impact of service failure on behavioural intentions varies by service stage and restaurant type. In casual dining restaurants, service failure in stage 3 had the most effect in diminishing diners’ intent to come back and willingness to recommend the restaurant to others, followed by service failure in stage 4. On the other hand, for fine dining restaurants, service failure in stage 2 was the most critical influence on diners’ likelihood of returning. Additionally, stage 4 was the most important determinant in fine restaurant diners’ willingness to recommend the restaurant to others. PRIMARY RESEARCH ANALYSIS

Step I • Reception

Step II • Ordering

Step III • Meal Consumption

Step IV • Checkout

For the primary research, we went to restaurant named Vaishali at FC road and met the manager Mr. Iyer, who was busy with his work but spared 5 minutes for us. As rightly mentioned in our secondary research that the most service failure took place at level 3 i.e. meal consumption and he told us the same that customers are least bothered about how they are wished by the guard or the door keeper, and are concerned more about the meals i.e.    How does food taste? Is it cold or hot? Whether it is fresh or not etc.



he knows from the past experience that one has to wait before getting a table. Without them it would be a mess because everyone wants to dine first. So there is standardization in terms of the taste to prevent Service Failure.The difference in prices of the food shapes the value-price equation of the customer. Check-out was again not the major point of failure as the people visiting the restaurant are frequent movers that included students and executives and have not solely come with a purpose of party usually at the day time. The waiter asks you that shall I bring the bill and depending on your reply. So there are very less chances of service failure in Step 3. Needs Satisfied: . He may have heard about the food and service from friends etc. Also a routine steps are followed for payment of bill. Also different set of customers will have different value proposition in their mind. Also the customers are not dissatisfied with the serivcescape. They have ISO certification and being a regular customer to the restaurant. When a customer visits Vaishali for the first time. Price: . customers come to have a good food. They do not have airconditioned dining area etc. but they think that they are getting the best value for money in the service. he brings the bill. he may want to go to another restaurant etc. But there is a chance of Service Failure in Step 1. For e. GROUP-3rd PGDM-II . Also minute flaws in service can be overlooked in Vaishali. the taste of food doesn’t change. he will have different perceptions about the restaurant.IMDR SERVICE MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT Similarly they are least bothered that how did the guard wish them or if he greeted them at all.g. but it is moderately good.The servicescape at Vaishali is not very fancy.At Vaishali. So if the waiting time is high. Also Step 1 and 2 are also in a way Standardized. So our primary research at Vaishali proved that people are not much interested in other three factors where to meal consumption still was a point of concern and a major point of service failure perceived by customers. As generally in Vaishali you have to wait before getting a seat with other customers. In Vaishali the prices are economic and so customers do not expect a very high standard of services. And one or two persons stand to allot you a seat. I can say that every time I go. So chances of service failure are very less for him at Step 1. Servicescape: . then it would be treated as unfair and can be a point of service failure. Also the value-price equation set in the mind of Customers comes into play. The Customers who are coming to Vaishali have a set of perceived expectations about the restaurant which is generally good South Indian food. But when a loyal customer will visit the restaurant. So he may be more susceptible to service failure at Step 1 then the loyal customers who often visit the restaurant. This set of needs has to be taken care by the organization to satisfy the customers and prevent service failure. a customer who is visiting Vaishali for the first time and a loyal customer of Vaishali. So Step 4 is also standardized in Vaishali. So if the person by mistake or intentionally allots someone a table before you and that person actually came after you.

It is big and no. 3. He told it is part of every business. He told some time manpower problem happen.IMDR SERVICE MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT Pankaj advertisement Pvt. Manpower shortage. 2. At that time all the works stop and he has to arrange alternatives. Ltd. 1 advertisement company in Gwalior. PGDM-II GROUP-3rd . Implication -: On asking regarding service failure and how you handle it. Their business is to give advertisement only in Newspaper and magazines. He also face problem regarding negative feedbacks. He told it is human tendency to find fault in work. Service Failure .: 1. Electricity problem. (Gwalior Madhya Pradesh) The owner name is Mr. Sometime shortage of manpower is there because of which other people face over work load. Negative feedback. Sometime they face electricity problem. He started this company about 15 years before. Pankaj. At last he said His business is doing well by god grace.

general advice on which securities or industries are bullish or bearish. They just continue to gain knowledge as to what went wrong and tries analysing technicalities and uncertainties. the advisees cannot go against the firm. future market growth. future govt. (3) Determines which recommendation or advice regarding securities should be given. the actions of all investment advisory services are governed by the Investment Advisors Act of 1940. Investment advisory services may interact directly with a client (e. or may provide passive. mutual bonds. (2) Manages accounts of clients. for compensation (1) makes any recommendations regarding securities. market scenario. or (5) Supervises employees who perform any of the foregoing. by managing assets). Since these are only predictions and not any guarantee. PGDM-II GROUP-3rd . Firm visited: Anand Rathi. Manager / IAR: Vikram Shah Service Failure: The IAR’s are the technical analysts who provide information about the future prices of shares. Importantly. Investment advisory services managing a certain amount of money must register with the SEC. Overcoming the service failure: There is no such specific mechanism to overcome the service failure.g. and to sell or buy their own securities to or from a client. etc. What’s an investment advisor representative? An investment advisor representative (often referred to as an "IAR") generally is defined by most states as a person who. fund management in case of bonds. (4) Solicits or sells investment advisory services. Marketyard. policies & regulations. it is a criminal offense for investment advisory services to provide false or misleading information.IMDR SERVICE MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT Investment Advisory Service Investment Advisory Service is a business that provides investment advice or counsel to an investor in exchange for fees. They make the predictions based on various aspects like past performance. The only kind of service failure that can happen is that the predictions may go wrong. bullion market.

so customers have to wait if they haven’t taken an appointment. She is running the parlour since 10 years.2 what kind of services do they provide?          Shampoo.4 Tell us about your Process of Services Delivery to the consumers?      Customer calls before coming. kajal etc. Q. Bridal make up. Facials. nail colours. Tell her which service they want.IMDR SERVICE MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT RIA BEAUTY PARLOUR Q . She has no help and she runs it on her own. Waxing. Q 5: How do they identify Service Failure and how do they overcome it? She said that sometimes the service failure is noted when the customers complain. Lack of change to pay to the customers. She attends only one customer at a time. Haircuts. There is no structure as such as she is the sole employee and the owner of this parlour.1 Tell us something about yourself and your Beauty Parlour?      She is a professional beautician. Also she notices some on her own with the way the customer behaves. certified. conditioners. conditioning. Q. Spa. Head massage and body massage. She is running it on her own. Customer comes. GROUP-3rd PGDM-II . Service is given Payment is accepted only through cash. face packs. Bleaching. It is located at Parvati. The service failures are:    Lack of space.3 How many Employees are there and typical structure of the parlour? She is only one working there. Cards are not accepted causing inconvenience to some customers. Q. Pedicure and manicure. There are some other merchandise that she keeps for sale like shampoos. It can accommodate only two customers at a time.

She also keeps magazines so that the customers are kept entertained during the waiting time. She tries to multi task sometimes as she cannot keep her customers waiting for long.IMDR SERVICE MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT   Can attend only one customer. The method to overcome is that when her customer comes for the first time she tells them that next time they come she can call before coming as they don’t have to wait for long . Locality in which it is situated is such that people don’t want to get expensive spa treatments. PGDM-II GROUP-3rd .also she makes sure she gets a lot of change from home to avoid an problems.

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