Log File for the SecurityCmdLnApp.

10-12-2012 17:07:42 In ResetSQLAccounts In GetSAPassword Machine Name is SCLABCBIO045 ActInstanceName is \ACT7 Opened myConnection.ConnectionString in GetSAPassword. In GetSAPassword, retrieved encrypted string In GetSAPassword, HexEncoding for encryptedPwd In GetSAPassword, myUtil.Decrypt for encryptedPwd In ResetSQLAccounts, retrieved sa Password In GetFromResources, retrieving SecurityCmdLnApp.SetSQLServerEnvironment.SQL Resource successfully extracted SecurityCmdLnApp.SetSQLServerEnvironment.SQL ActInstanceName is \ACT7 In GetFromResources, retrieving SecurityCmdLnApp.sp_rct_retproc.sql Resource successfully extracted SecurityCmdLnApp.sp_rct_retproc.sql ActInstanceName is \ACT7 In GetFromResources, retrieving SecurityCmdLnApp.sp_rct_envrmt.sql Resource successfully extracted SecurityCmdLnApp.sp_rct_envrmt.sql ActInstanceName is \ACT7 ActInstanceName is \ACT7 In ResetSQLAccounts, opened myConnection.ConnectionString 17:07:43:0 executing rct_envrmt. In ResetSQLAccounts, executeScalar for newPwd In ResetSQLAccounts, myUtil.Encrypt. In ResetSQLAccounts, hexEncoding. 17:07:43:141 executing sp_rct_retproc. In GetSAPassword with no args Machine Name is SCLABCBIO045 ActInstanceName is \ACT7

In GetSAPassword.CreateMasterDBObjects.SQL Resource successfully extracted SecurityCmdLnApp.Decrypt on encPwd for encryptedPwd In GetFromResources. retrieved encrypted string In GetSAPassword.ConnectionString in GetSAPassword.SQL ActInstanceName is \ACT7 End of Log File for the SecurityCmdLnApp.Opened myConnection. HexEncoding for encryptedPwd In GetSAPassword. retrieving SecurityCmdLnApp. myUtil. ********************* .CreateMasterDBObjects.

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