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all whole

all whole

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Grammar and exercises about "all and whole"
Grammar and exercises about "all and whole"

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Published by: Malvarosa on Jul 19, 2009
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1- I´ve been waiting for you my……life a) whole b) all 2- …my life I´ve been waiting for the perfect teacher a) whole b) all 3- The storm destroyed….neighborhood of the city a) all b) whole 4- She spent….day with her new boyfriend a) the whole b) all the 5- The….time she was in France, she never bought a baguette a) whole b) all 6- He thinks that… the people in this city are poor. a) whole b) all 7- …..town was destroyed by the tornado a) all b) the whole 8- I can´t believe I ate…..salad a) the all b) the whole 9- I can´t believe I ate…..strawberries a) all the b) the whole 10- I´ve travelled across… Germany a) all of b) whole of

1- They spent _____ time arguing. a) all b) whole c) the d) the whole 2- They argue _____ time. a) all b) whole c) all the 3-____ people at the meeting were bored. a) all b) whole c) all the d) whole the 4- The book is ____ about the royal family. a) all b) whole c) the all d) the whole 5- The ____ family was there. a) all b) whole 6- He is ____ responsible. a) whole b) wholly 7- That's ____ point. a) all b) whole c) the all d) the whole 8- ____ in ____, it was a success. a)all ... all b) whole…whole 9- I'd travel ____ world to find her. a) all b) the whole 10- It's ____ in the mind. a) all b) the all c) the whole d) all the

Key A1- whole 2- all 3- whole 4- the whole 5- whole 6- all 7- the whole 8- the whole 9- all the 10- all of B1- the whole 2- all the 3- all the 4- all 5- whole 6- wholly 7- the whole 8- all….all 9- the whole 10- all

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