*Dr. Amera Kamal Khalil BDS., MSc ( Oral Pathology) Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery College of Dentistry Hawler Medical University Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

**Dr. Ali Sultan Al - Refai BDS., MSc. (Oral Biology), PhD. (Anatomy) Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery College of Dentistry Hawler Medical University Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Preface to the first edition
Oral Pathology is an important branch of dentistry and although there are few atlases available in the subject, “ A Color Atlas of Oral Pathology For Dental Students” has been written with a views to present the subject to the students in a more simplified but comprehensive manner. We hope the book will fulfill the need of the students by giving them relevant guidance in their day – to – day learning process as well as during their preparation for examination and above all, with the book in hand, students will feel the subject easy to handle. As no one is perfect in absolute sense. We also humbly accept our limitations regarding shortcomings in the book and therefore we sincerely welcome the valuable suggestions from our senior colleagues and students regarding what further should be done to improve this book in other editions.

Dr. Amera K. Khalil Dr. Ali S. Al - Refai 2008

Special thanks for presidency of Hawler Medical University, and the Dean of College of Dentistry,Assis. Prof. Dr. Omer Surchi, Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, for their support and encouragement. We would like to convey our sincere regards and thanks to our teachers Prof. Dr. Nazar Al – Talabni and Prof. Dr. Suad Al – Ani for their scientific efforts. A special thanks is extended to Prof. Dr. Nazar Al – Talabni, Prof. Dr. Ali Al – Zubydi and Prof. Dr. Salim Al – Samarai for their guidance, vision and support in making the book a really successful one. We thank all the management staff of College of Dentistry, Hawler Medical University, for their support and encouragement.

1. Dental caries--------------------------------------------------------------1 2. Diseases of the pulp-----------------------------------------------------11 3. Periapical lesions--------------------------------------------------------16 4. Infections of the jaws---------------------------------------------------28 5. Cysts of the jaws and perioral tissues--------------------------------33 6. Odontogenic tumors and tumor like lesions-------------------------60 7. Developmental disturbances of the oral region---------------------77 8. Disorders of bone------------------------------------------------------114 9. Regressive alterations of teeth---------------------------------------126 10.Non – neoplastic hyperplasia of oral mucosa---------------------133 11.Oral ulcerations and visculobullous diseases----------------------141 12.White and red oral lesions-------------------------------------------153 13.Viral, bacterial and fungal infections of oral mucosa------------170 14.Benign and malignant neoplasms of oral cavity------------------188 15.Diseases of salivary glands------------------------------------------237

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