MCQ September 2006

1.Unstimulated salivary flow A.0.02ml B.0.2ml 2.Brancheal cleft cyst located at A.Anterior border of sternomastoid B.Visible moving when swallowing C .In front of the neck 3.Compared to natural teeth the displacement occurring in the denture supporting mucosa under functional load A.Ten times more greater B.Ten times less greater C..One half 4.In a flouridated toothpaste with 0.304% monoflourophospate the ampont of flouride ions A.400ppm B.1000ppm c.1500ppm D.4000ppm 5.The type of dentin not formed due to pulp pathology A.Reparative dentin B.Secondary dentin C.Primary dentin 6.In children a disease with enzyme deficiency A.hypohpospatesia B.Cyclic neutropenia C.Juvienile periodontits 7.Patient with sickle cell anaemia which is not true A. Abnormal cell type(not sure) B. Be more prone to infarct C.Have wide bone marrow spaces with narrow trabeculae in the alveolar bone in oral caivity D.Resistant to malaria parasites 8.Regeneration of odontoblast after a pulp pathology is from A.Regenerate from the left odontoblast B.Regenerate from undifferentiated mesenchymel cells C.Regenerate from ectodermal cells D.Regenerate from the undelying nectrotic tissue

9.Which type of dentin is not formed immediately due to a pulpal trauma A.primary B.Secondary C.Reparative D.Tertiary 10.Normal prothrombin time & increased partial thromboblastin time seen in A.Haemophilia A B.Thrombocytic pupura C.Leukemia D.Won willibrand disease 11.In reversible pulpitis A.There will be linging of pain after the stimulus is removed B.Not localised C. Will have peri apical involvement in x’ray 12.In irreversible pulpitis A. Sudden throbbing pain B. Pain cant be localised when it reaches the peri apical area 13.Brushing is encouraged in public to A.. Reduce dental caries B. Reduce gingivitis C .Gingival massage 14.After oral prophylaxis A. Acellular pellicle is formed immediately after B. Cellular pellicle is formed immediately after C. Acellelar pellicle formed after 48 hours D. Cellular pellicle formed after 48 hours. 15.Number of teeth present on a 9 year old child A.16 12 11 21 22 26 46 42 41 31 32 36 B.12 11 21 22 42 41 31 32 6.Titanium used in A. Cast restorations B. Implants C. Orthodontics D. All 17.Sharpness of a radiograph depends on A. Small focal spot B. Large focal spot C. Close patient source distance

18.Flexibily of clasp depends on A Taper B. Material used C. Length D. All

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