Fayoum University Faculty of Engineering Department of Civil Engineering

Highway Engineering Part I: Geometric Design 1st Semester – 2012

Individual Assignment Project-2
Available Online: 23/10/2012 Submission Date: 20/11/2012
Notes: 1. Assume any reasonable data you may need 2. Answer should be neat and specific 3. Neatness and presentation will influence the grade of the project The following Figure shows the horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, plan, and cross sections of a portion of a 4-lane highway. Given the following:

      

Coefficient of side friction = 0.13 Coefficient of longitudinal friction = 0.30 Superelevation rate (on both horizontal curves) = 0.07 m/m Station of (P.I.1) of the first horizontal curve = 10+00 Elevation of (P.C.1) of the first horizontal curve = 0.00m Station of (P.V.I) of vertical curve = 12+90 Station = 100m

Find the following: 1. What is the maximum design speed that could be allowed in this portion of the highway? 2. Calculate the following: a. Elevation of (P.T.1) of the first horizontal curve. b. Elevation of (P.T.2) of the second horizontal curve. c. Elevation of highest point of the vertical curve. d. Elevation of point M shown on the horizontal alignment.

Best Wishes Dr. Mostafa Abo-Hashema

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