Sulfur Ointment I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. Cold Cream I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X.

Category – Cream Synonyms – vanishing cream, Galen’s Cerate Container – 30 g cream jar Label – red Use – emollient, ointment base Formula – notebook Procedure – notebook Description – white semisolid, water in oil emulsion Computation – notebook Remarks Category – ointment Synonyms – Unguentum de Azufre, Unguentum sulfuris Container – 10 g ointment jar Label - red Use – anti-scabies, skin diseases Formula – refer to notebook Procedure – notebook Description – Yellow, sulfur-odored ointment Computation – notebook Remarks

Cinnamon Water I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. Category – aromatic water Synonyms – Cassia water, Saigon cinnamon water, Aqua cinnamoni Container – 30 ml narrow-mouthed amber bottle Label – white Use – flavored vehicle, antiseptic, carminative Formula – notes Procedure – notes Description – a clear, colorless solution with the smell of cinnamon Compputation – notes Remarks – should be stored in tight, light resistant containers an should be protected from excessive heat.

X. VI. IX. II. Liquor Calcii Hydroxidi.Lime Water. VIII. III. VIII. anti pruritic Formula Procedure Desc – clear colorless solution with the minty odor of camphor Computation Remarks Calcium Hydroxide Solution I. Category .A clear colorless saturated solution with a characteristic odor of peppermint. IV. IV. VII. Computation Remarks . X.Concentrated Peppermint Water I.Full well closed containers should be stored in a cool 5 . III.20°C dark dry environment away from sources of ignition. flavoring diluent Formula Procedure Description .Vehicle forinternal aqueoussol. V. VII. IX. II. X. II. VIII. Carminative. Aqua Menthae Piperitae Container Label – white Use . VII.medicated water Synonym – Aqua Camphorae Container Label Use – vehicle. VI. Category – aromatic water Synonyms – Aqua Mint. Milk of Lime Container Label Use Formula Procedure Desc Computation Remarks . III. V. IX. Liquor Calcis. 90% ethanol – preservative Purified talc – dispersing medium Camphor Water I. Category Synonym . IV. V. VI.

II. X.Saline cathartic. IX. Category Synonym – Lugol’s Solution Container Label Use – anti infective Formula Procedure Desc Computation Remarks 14 Magnesium Citrate Solution I. II. IX.13 Strong Iodine solution I. X. IV. III. IV. III. VIII. IV. II. VI. Category Synonym – Lemonada Purgante Container Label Use . V. VII. VI. IX. Category Synonym Container Label Use Formula Procedure Desc Computation . laxative Formula Procedure Desc Computation Remarks 15 Dakins Solution I. VII. V. VIII. III. VI. VII. VIII. V.

base Formula Procedure Desc Computation Remarks 17 Chocolate Syrup I. IX. VI. yellow solution . Category – simple syrup Synonym – syrupus simplex. V. V. syrupus sacchari. IV. III. syrupus albus Container Label Use – vehicle. II.white Use – flavoring agent. VIII. III.Mucilago Acaciae. VI. IX. II. X. VIII. VII. VIII. III. suspending agent. X. Mucilage of Gum Arabic Container Label Use . VII. VI. Remarks 16 Simple Syrup I. Category – flavored syrup Synonym – Cocoa syrup Container – 15 ml narrow-mouthed amber bottle Label .X. VII. viscid. vehicle Formula Procedure Desc – slightly viscous/think brown solution with the taste and smell of cocoa/chocolate Computation Remarks – an ideal syrup should have the concentrations of 85% w/v or 65% w/w for self preservation 18 Acacia Mucilage I. excipient in making pills and troches.and as emulsifying agent for cod liver oil Formula Procedure Desc – thick. IV. II.Demulcent. Category – Mucilage / Demulcent Synonym . V. IV.

II. VIII. V. Computation Remarks 19 Terpin Hydrate Elixir (oral soln) I. saturated alcoholic solution with citrus odor . Category – medicated elixir Synonym – elixir terpin hydrate. X. IV. III. VIII. II. VII. V. X.expectorant Formula Procedure Desc – colorless solution with visible striations and should contain 43% alcohol Computation Remarks – The method of preparation used is by direct method. 20 Iso-alcoholic elixir I. benzaldehyde as preservative. IV. Dilution with water causes precipitation of terpin hydrate thus occurrence of turbidity is observed. VII. II. VIII.IX. III. IX.white Use – flavoring agent Formula Procedure Desc – clear. III. IX. V. Category – non-medicated spirit Synonym – spiritus Auranti compositus Container Label . Category – non medicated elixir Synonym Container Label Use – general vehicle for various medicaments that requires solvent of the different alcohol strength Formula Procedure Desc Computation Remarks 21 Compound Orange Spirit I. VI. IV. and glycerin and syrup as thickening agent and sweetening agent. Orange peel tincture as a flavoring agent. VI.white Use . X. terpinol elixir Container Label . VII. VI.

VIII. IV. VI. IX. fungicide Formula Procedure Desc – reddish brown colored solution and will produce stain on skin Computation . V. Category . germicide.digestive aid or carminative. II.topical tincture Synonym – Tincture of Iodine. X. X. X. V. should be stored in tight light resistant container at temperature not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. Computation Remarks – should be stored in a tight light resistant container and in a cool place. VI. Solutio Iodi Container Label Use – anti infective. VII. II. II. III. VI.Essence of Peppermint. IV. VIII. III. VIII. IX.IX. 22 Peppermint Spirit I. Category – Medicated Spirit Synonym .white Use . VII. IV. Category – Medicated spirit Synonym – Smelling salt Container Label -red Use – to prevent and treat syncope or fainting Formula Procedure Desc – clear yellow solution with strong ammonia odor Computation Remarks – by chemical reaction. V. Spiritus Menthos Piperitas Container Label . 24 Iodine Tincture I. VII. for nausea and vomiting Formula Procedure Desc – clear. Tinctura iodi. brilliant green solution with odor and taste of peppermint Computation Remarks – tight light resistant container 23 Aromatic Ammonia Spirit I. III. IX.

local anesthetic for sprains and rheumatism Formula Procedure Desc – clear colorless or yellow solution with the odor of camphor Computation Remarks – Prepared by agitation without the aid of heat. Category . V. V. IX. IV. VII. VIII. II. starch glycerin Container Label Use – topical vehicle. NaI acts as solubilizing agent. VIII. If soap is made from animal oils. protectant Formula Procedure Desc – transluscent jelly-like mass Computation Remarks 27 Chalk Mixture I. Remarks – Prepared by simple solution and should contain 49% diluted alcohol. 26 Starch Glycerite I. IV. IX. X. II. This preparation should be stored In a tight container 25 Camphor Soap and Liniment I. VII. liquid opadel doc Container Label Use – rubefacient. VI. gelatinization may occur. VIII. VI. VII. III. antidiarrheal Formula Procedure Desc – whitish mixture containing suspended chalk .white Use – antacid. Category – Medicated Mixture Synonym – Mixture de Creta Container – 15 ml flint bottle Label . soap liniment.gel Synonym – GlyceratumAmyli. III. Category – alcoholic-based liniment Synonym – Linimentum camphores el saponis. V. IV.X. III. X. II. counterirritant. VI.

X. V. external use only. VII. X. Use – astringent. III. II. Glycerin acts as viscosity/suspending agent 28 Mineral Oil Emulsion I. VII. Computation Remarks – Method: simple hydration. VII. V. Category . X. V. II. topical protectant.IX. Appears to be pink in color because of the presence of FeO3. IV. VI. IX. III. IV. Category Synonym Container Label Use Formula Procedure Desc Computation Remarks 29 Aluminum Hydroxide Gel I. VI. treatment for ivy poisoning.Emulsion Synonym – Lotio Calamine Container – 30 ml narrow mouthed amber bottle Label . VIII. IX. soothing lotion for sunburn. VIII. III. antipruritic. II. VIII. Category Synonym Container Label Use Formula Procedure Desc Computation Remarks 30 Calamine Lotion I. skin protectant Formula Procedure Desc – pink liquid suspension/dispersion Computation Remarks – shake well label. IV. VI. Calamine and zinc oxide acts as protectant while the . store in tight containers. IX.

The method of preparation used are levigation and trituration. .latter also gives an astringent effect. Glycerin acts as humectants while bentonite is a suspending agent.