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Fostering Greatness!

Dominic Carter
Television Journalist Author of No Mommas Boy Survivor of childhood abuse

Presentation by Dominic Carter chronicling his triumphant struggle to overcome his mother's mental illnesshis years of shocking childhood abuse. Dominic also spent his life hiding a painful childhood secret, being a victim of childhood sexual abuse while growing up in a South Bronx Housing Project. Dominic has been described as a force to be reckoned with. He is a captivating speaker who will leave you feeling empowered to overcome the odds and foster greatness in others.

Two presentations will be given on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Shilo Inn and Convention Center 780 Lindsay Blvd. Idaho Falls, Idaho 12:30 3:30 Foster Parents, Child Welfare Social Workers and Community Partners 5:30 8:30 Teen Presentation (Adults are welcome) Light snacks and beverages will be provided Foster Parent training hours will be given for this event
Approval for CEUs for this event is pending completion of the application process

RSVP: 208 528-5900