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The Management of Construction a Project Lifecycle

The Management of Construction a Project Lifecycle

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The quantity surveyor prepares schedules of quantities of the various project elements. In some
cases, this work is performed in conjunction with that of the cost estimator. In many places in
the world, a schedule of quantities is prepared for most types of construction contracts, including
lump sum and unit price; in other places the quantity surveyor prepares schedules of quantities
for unit-price contracts, while the quantity take-off work for lump-sum contracts is left to
individual tenderers. We shall consider this matter again later in this chapter during our
discussion of construction document development. Quantity surveys are conducted at various
points during the planning and design phase, not just during construction document
development. Depending on the stage at which a quantity survey is performed, the quantities
might include such detailed information as the number of cubic metres of a certain type of
concrete and the number of linear metres of a certain size of communication cable; with less
detail available, they might indicate the areas of different types of interior walls or even simply
the volume or area of a facility devoted to certain types of use.

Project manager

In Chapter 2, we described several types of project delivery systems that utilised parties
specifically vested to act on behalf of the owner in managing the project. When the project
manager form is used, this person and their staff become integral members of the team. It is
likely that the project manager will be engaged early in the planning process and will serve
throughout the project life cycle. Sometimes the party carrying this role is designated as
programme manager, the distinction apparently being that the latter has even broader
responsibilities. A project manager might be engaged somewhat later in the process, after some
of the preliminary planning and feasibility analysis is completed, especially if those early efforts
were conducted within the owner’s organisation. The programme manager will likely act on the
owner’s behalf for the entireproject and may serve in this role on multiple simultaneous
projects. We should also note that if a construction manager is part of the project team, it is
important to add that expertise early in the planning and design phase.

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