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Amazing Journey_Sked Suggest

Amazing Journey_Sked Suggest

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Published by Rodelio C. Catuy
DVBS Schedule
DVBS Schedule

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Published by: Rodelio C. Catuy on Oct 10, 2013
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$cHEDULE $U6G,E$TN0N' *,
67 S1a71N6 loanNly ro




$amptr ScHrputr toR luxron




Primary Classroom o Interest Builders Bible Story/Application 55 minutes



Junior Classroom Interest Builders
55 minutes

Middler Classroom



Bible Story/Applictrrc

. Bible Story/Application
55 minutes

Interest Builders


Snack Center 25 minutes



Center 25 minutes


Crafts Center 25 minutes


The star symbol indicates an all-school center implelierred by staff other than Junior teacher. Tgacher accompanies ci.as-. io centers.

The parts of this course may be put together in whatever :.ecrrence best fits the needs of your group. Ar option we strongly recommend is the Bible Times -{crn-rv Center Plan explained on page 7.
--,t t



2 hrs.

People Responsible LEADER

: I i i I I j I I I

Th. Assembly is done wirh all children in grades 1-6 together. Songt skits and other fearures are used to introduce Bible concepts and cha:a.ters and build excitement. ln each day's skit, Sassy goes back to Bible Times through a tunnel. At the conclusion of each day's assembly, ,v-cr ruy want to dismiss your students to their own Bible Times advennra by having them go through Sassfs tunnel. Or you may create a larges tunnel for srudents by darkening and decorating a hallway leading ou of the Assembly are4. (Opening Assembly plans and skit scripts are fiiund n the Skit Production Guide n rhe Director's pach, Sassy Wartalct's AmazingJournE to Bible Timessl{rt video is also available.)

15 min. 10 min.

Plans and directs assembly.

TEACHERS: with children; participate as d.irected

by leader.

COORDINATOR As each sfudent arrives in the classroom, inv-olve him or her in one of these enjoyable activities to stimutrate interest in the session's topic The Animal Center and Occupation Center activities described in this
section are the same for the Primary Middler and Junior age levels. you wi1l want to coordinate these activities so small groups of children (up '.o 75 at a time) rotate tlrough these centers. Set up these centers in a specral room or outdoor area, perhaps under awnings or in tents.
4 .n

Plan and implement 25 min.

i5 min.

all-school centers. TEACHER:
Each one leads one

activlly or assists



Each 'rter is stafled by a special coordinator and several helpers. lIBLE TI/TEs ACTIVITY CENTER' These activities are interchangeable in your schedule. Leads groups of children I Complete instructions for Bible Times crafts for all age levels are ':n in the Bible Tirnes Crafisfor Kids book (see back cover). see the Game Guidenrhe Urector's Pack. 10 min. TEACIIERS and IIELPERS: Assist as necessary for all activities. 10 min. The assembly may be lone with all children in grades 1-6 together or only tirose in Junior de)artment.or music activities). leads discussion. TEADER Plans and directs closing. and a large room or outdoor arsa f.'n and background information are provided 'n the Bible Times . 2 hrs. 20 min. rBrE TrMEs AAusrc (rNrrn 30 min. and (3) .\AES (narr (rNrrn 30 min. TEACHERS: Each teacher assists children as necessary.. People Responsible TEACHERS: Present story to snull Brnrr Sronv Each Bible story focuses on an important Bible character and an pect of God's plan for us. 20 min. 15 min. SNACK I I Children gather in kitchen or dining area to participate in preparing rd eating traditional Bible Times foods" Complete recipes. Chridien are involved in a variery of Hebrew music actMties. Instructions are given in each day's lesson plan and in Bible Times Muslc brochure 'n *te Arector's Pach. permanentiy-assigned 10 min. 10 min. other s[aff memben should sit among childrdn to assist with guiding children's behavior. Each lesson refers to a specific craft project and provides helpful nversation ideas. rsrE TT. conversa. Children rte tfuough these centers (up to 15 at a time). SONG TEADEK Lead groups to learn songs and movements as they rotate through music center. j j 1' I 1 l I 'tBLE Tt^nrs SNACTS 30 min. 5 . Leader :s Mini-Musicalevideo. allowng them to parrpate in all tluee during the alloned dme. focusing on the main truth to be emphaiized. 20 rnin. CMFTDIRECTOR Secures all zuppiies. . Telling the story in small class groups helps build teacher-child relationships. These ')on-corelated projects use a varieqr of readily availabie craft supes. (2) disrss the Bible Memory Verse which expresses that main truth. serving and cleanup. Use visuals from the Teacbing Resources while telling story. class OR STORYTEIlE& May teil story to department group in Bible story center.. a kitchen or dining area for icks.hrle COORDINATOR Secures snack . Set them up in ierent locations (a craft room or tent.nck Guide'n rhe Director's Pach" For active games that may be used snack is baking. audiocassefte and songbook to teach songs i movements.termine specific ways in which that truth can be put into practice in :i1y 15 min.rrr AppHCATIoN Teachers guide children in completng Bible Beat papers to (i) rerew Bible story. {roflNG Children gather for a closing time of praise which ties together the earning experiences of the complete session. in completing projects as they rotate through craft center. TEACIIERS: Sit with chil&en. but the story can be told effectively to the larger department group if staffing and space make small groups difficult. iiving.BI R I F qTORY/APPI ITATION zts- 21/2hts. T ingredients and oversees preparation. If one person telis the story to alarge group.

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