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Published by: Mitchell Davis on Oct 10, 2013
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Robert Reuschlein

Dr. Robert W Reuschlein
EdD Educational LeaderhiP
CPA Public Accounting

Testimonials: John Nichols of The Nation magazine once signed a book saying Bob Reuschlein knew the most about the military industrial complex of anyone he knew.
About Empire Economics video: "Thank you, Bobl This is great. I really appreciate your work!" Joanna Swanger, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor and Director, Peace & Global Studies Program, Earlham College (the top peace studies program in America) "For firture presentations, you should definitely use your Nashville power-point. It does the best job of explaining the topic and keeping people's attention." Mike Goodman. (Madisonian who always asks the best questions at any local meeting) About Peace Economics video: "Although other economists may dispute some of his conclusions, no one would wish to argue that his data have been chosen selectively or used to buttress an otherwise weak case. His documentation is far reaching and generally persuasive" William J. Hawkes, Former Vice President and Chief Statistical Officer, AC Nielsen Company; Chair, Business Research Advisory Council for the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, About Weather Wealth and Wars: Mr. Reqschlein was appointed a Professor and taught "Weather, Wealth and Wars" which was broadcast worldwide on our Radio For Peace International station from the campus of the United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica. His work was well received and the course was taken by more that 100 students with many more listening in but not signed up for the course. The course has been repeated from time to time, F. Richard Schneider, Ph.D, President, Chief Executive Officer, Institute for Global Studies.
Recent Client "Hi Bob: Just want to thank you again for your time and discussions here at YSU. The most

MBA Business Management BS Electrical Engineering

Created "Peace Economics" 1986 Email: bobreuschlein@gmail.com
Phone: 608-230-6640

Mail: 4930 Ascot Lane, Madison, Wl 5371


Iliography: Bob Reuschlein has taught college classes in several places, authored many books, lectured in dozens of conferences, wrote a monthly peace economics column, and served in many party offices for a Major Political Party of Oregon: he wrote the delegate selection plan, sered as national delegate, and was on the slate for the electoral college in 1984, He graduated from the third ranked in the nation electrical engineering program rnaking four honor societies. One person in 3000 had his mathematical ability as he won the math, science, and art awards in high school. He was in Mensa for a few years. In 1986 he rewrote macroeconomic theory, and in l99l he rewrote global warming theory. The world has little noticed this yet, except for his ability to amaze audiences with the many insights that result from basic research and accuracy. His two main speeches:

Empire Economics This Award Winning talk is about the main cause of decline of empires, high military spending. Resource diversion leads to a variety of social political and economic problems and tendencies that reinforce and delineate the downward spiral. Economics and history become more of a science looking at things this way. Global Warmins Cvcle: Weather Wealth &War Shows how temperature is actually on a linear baseline path upwards when adjusted for the 54 year cycle, and how this cycle affects natural events, the human economic cycle, and the timing of human cyclical wars. We aren't as free willed and independent as you might think.

important challenge of your presentations was to ge1 people to think counter-intuitively, that rnilitary spending rnay NOT be good for the economy, and in fact may be simply bankrupting and endangering our society." Keith Lepak, Director, Peace Studies, Youngstown State University.

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