They want stardom. They want to be seen. You’ve got your agenda as well!
By Rob Tencer



TABLE OF CONTENTS Section A They want to date you Section B You want to date them Section C Image Style Section D Set some goals


Stop waiting to be famous™ and start dating to be famous

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I would like to dedicate this book to 2 press photographers that passed away during my work on the red carpet. They were truly wonderful people that should never be forgotten.

Miranda and Effie Naddel
Miranda If anyone of the photographers on the press line or any staff of the promoter asked, “who is that girl?” Miranda always knew who all the girls in the business were. There was nobody like her, and I always gave her a hug when I saw her.

Effie A press photographer, that somehow I immediately bonded with. He was so courteous and pleasant to work with that I recommended him for the last job he did, before he passed away. The other photographers told me, his body was flown back to Israel.

Effie Naddel
Photographer Effie Naddel shoots a lot of premieres and parties in Hollywood for Shooting Star photo agency. “When I am on the red carpet, there are lots of special moments. There is such an excitement-a mixture of business and passion. What always amazes me is when I get to see someone from the Hollywood of the past... You never know when you are going to see that celebrity again. It’s very bittersweet.”


Living dedication
To my children Tamir and Sapir, who I have not seen for many years, but have not stopped thinking of you and loving you. My darling children, I hope to see you very soon.


Michael Politz - You are always there for me when I need you most and because of your interest in publishing with the subjects of Hollywood, Celebrities, and Pop culture. Your kind words of encouragement and belief in my writing skills got me through to the final polished book. Bai Ling - Thank you for taking me out, not for work, but as a friend to a movie premiere at the Chinese Theatre. Whitney Kroenke - For your beautiful compliments of my work, as a publicist, and making me feel welcome in your house. Alison Harlow – for her strong belief in my work, and words of love and encouragement. Phil Viardo, Michael Goldman, Marie, Rabbi Netter, Rabbi Yossi Cunin, Rabbi Moshe Cunin - for opening his house during Passover, Nadia Rowinsky for giving me her shirt and Bra, Guido (ICM Agent), and Tom Marinaro for the sanctuary I found at your chiropractic clinic. Danny Sussman (Agent at Brillstein and Gray) for giving me advice to live by - to BRING A DATE! Disney Teachers Hand Awards for allowing my clients to present an Award to the most talented Teachers in America, and for allowing me and the clients, the use of Disneyland and the California Adventure theme parks and for putting us up in the Disneyland Hotel. GLADD AWARDS for allowing my client to present an award at your star studded event and give her the most wonderful experience of her life. Karen Robinowitz who co-wrote (how to be famous in two weeks or less) and was an inspiration in my PR work. Paula Froelich for writing her book "IT". It helped fill in the missing information in the business. She has become a great friend, and a go to girl. Finally, thanks to Tammie Sheffield for the advice to find a girl not in the business, and for inviting me to your VIP wedding reception, that was uncrashable. A private cruise in Marina Del Ray with VIP's like Mega Blockbuster director Michael Bay, and other celebrities. Jeff Vespa and all the press line Photographers for putting up with my antics. Hugh Hefner for allowing me to come to your wonderful Playboy Mansion on numerous occasions. Dave Levine ( for allowing me into your Saturday night after hour's house parties. I did'nt bring girls, but I did bring Booze and Chips. Asian Seth (Papa Bear) for allowing Sterling the use of any bedroom in the house. Michael Sutton, for inviting me to the Lodge. I also wanted to thank Nancy Davis for allowing me to be part of the Davis family Carousel of Hope. Hashem, Karynne Tencer for giving me my start in the business, Samantha Hill, Kylie Arakelian, My parents Frank and Mickey Tencer, Dean May, Ron Smith, Scott Shimmel, Amanda Sheer-Demme, Brent Bolthouse, Tommy Alestra, Prey, National, Richard Soria, Clinton Wallace, Andrew, Sanny, Nathan, Jackson, Michael Caulfield, Courtney Peldon, Jason Davis. Mike Esterman for getting my back, and giving me the truth. Ashley Margolis for inviting me to her birthday. Niki Shadrow for the fun and excitement. Jim Minnino and Lori Levine for allowing me to go to prom night. I missed it in high school, and you gave me my second chance. Lizzie Grubman, for bringing me some “Lee’s Ice cream” all the way to Beverly Hills. Donna Reid, for making me feel welcome at a party I didn’t know anyone. Brooke Blumberg for making me feel like I had a chance with you. Jada Pinkett Smith, for buying me gym shoes to run around during Oscars. Nicole Nassar for the Wrestling tickets. Tess Broussard for the BaTzedek Ball VIP tickets, and for your friendship. Joe Francis for the Halloween GGW parties, and everyone who said “yes” to putting me on your guest lists. Howard Stern for my morning entertainment. Brian Wallos and his Benchwarmer babes. My psychic for her encouragement.



Shock usually sets in at the audition. There are women and men more beautiful than you! They
are better actors than you and have more talent than you. Rent is very expensive unless you come from a wealthy family. Even if you come from money, you still can’t buy your way into stardom. What it will buy you is an expensive appetite for fine or not so fine clothing, and expensive dining, and an assistant who does your errands. This book identifies what you want in your life and how to get on the road to getting it. To put it simply, “You want to be famous”, but you have no idea how, nor do you know where to start looking. The stages of your dating to be famous include: You will be famous first because of who you’re with, and then they will know you even when you’re not with him/her. The question is, how long do you need to be with your date, and how many times do you need to be seen with him/her, for the exposure to cause a lasting affect on your way to becoming famous. Until now, there has not really been a guidebook on dating to be famous. Actresses and Actors, and people in the entertainment industry, as well as someone just like you, want to learn or confirm the methods written about in this book.

“I wanted a book that could be used by either the wannabe actress or social climber or the person they have targeted, so that they can each know each others roll, and what to expect from each other.” - Rob Tencer (the Author) In my work, I have been paid to put the wannabe in the right place to meet, and then I would introduce each of them to each other, and finish the night with a photograph of the two of them. With that photo, your name in print can be included with a nice photo. Rob Tencer - matchmaker of social climbers and wannabe actresses as well as uber celebrity


They want to date you!
You’re either very good looking or you have a lot of money. If you have connections, then your every bit as desirable. Have confidence in yourself!
By being realistic on both sides of the hook-up, you will never be hurt, but you will be satisfied. The wannabe wants to use you to climb and reach their goals. By not forgetting her real motives, or believing whatever lie or stories she gives you, she is not into you. Once you realize this, and are ok with it, you can both have much fun. Remember, it won’t last forever, and you need to take advantage of the situation. SPECIAL NOTE: I am not describing in this book the one in a million chance that your hook-up is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.


You’ve got

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you got it, and don’t even know it! 1. Do you have a job? 2. Are you an agent, manager, publicist, and entertainment lawyer or do you work for them? 3. Do you work for a studio? 4. Are you a working actor? The game starts with self confidence! If you answered yes, then you have to feel confidence, and understand that there are people looking for you right now. They want to use you to build their career. They see success coming by stepping over you, and looking beyond you. But to get to their next level, they need you. Before you open doors for them, understand you have GAME!

With your game, A girl this beautiful is within reach!


This man has serious GAME (Phil Maloof – Palms Casino, Sacramento Kings, etc…)

All the rich playboys come to LA to find beautiful women. You just need to know who they are. They are usually in the private tables, and have many girls around them. They also have expensive cars, but the biggest give-away is that they always have drivers.


Game = confidence with attitude
You must build your confidence. Because they will walk all over you, and use your friends and connections and dump you quickly. Before they move on use them back.

They will accept your rules, if they feel its worth the sacrifice.

The Fat Guy from “LOST” Confidence is one thing, but you must have an attitude of using them. When you can feel comfortable saying no to people, you can control that negative voice in your head. Don’t let what other people say get you down. Don’t be afraid of failure. They need you much more than you need them. "You can be your own worst enemy, so be kind to yourself."

Gain confidence and know, you deserve a beautiful date
(I purposely picked photos of the fattest and ugliest people in Hollywood to increase your confidence, and to show you that if they could do it, you can to!)

12 If you don’t have a real


For short term experiences (maybe lasting no more than 1 night) Lies could be the ultimate answer to having your way with your date. It could be the answer to spending all night, having them call you all the time, and having someone to take with you to future parties. In short:

You can even go as far as fake business cards, cell phones for the ruse, etc… whatever builds your game. Figure out what lies will compel them. (push their buttons!) Promise them work. Promise them trips. Promise them the world! Before you get worked up about my suggestion, you must understand that they will lie to you and promise you everything, and deliver nothing (if you let them). So it’s either you or them or both of you getting what you want! To allow you to understand more about making things even: Understand that the girls, who want to use you, are not interested in you. Don’t avoid these girls. Instead use them in return.

(Note: when someone is drunk or high, the lies are more believable.)


Girls to use for parties, that aren’t interested in you. These kinds of dates work out for your image, but remember your dealing with flakes and girls that know everyone at the party, and don't need you. Can you and her be happy just spending some time with each other? In my experience, I had many girlfriends that wanted nothing to do with me, except going to a party that I got them into. You will probably never sleep with them, nor will you ever be considered a friend by them. But they look hot, dress well, make you look good, and it's better to take them, then to come alone. Use the moment wisely, and get phone numbers of other girls envious of you, and think you must have GAME. NOTE: Are you strong enough to see them tonguing another guy at the party? Be prepared, because you will see it.

Your date’s entry is not free!
If you’re extending an invite to a hot ticket event, she/he should know that there are strings attached. The strings are up to your imagination as to the worth of entry. Just remember: you have value, and don’t let them talk you into that thinking that the entry has no value. There is always someone that wants in, and is willing to pay any price.


Selective amnesia induced by drinking alcohol, is a very common phenomenon in LA. Going to parties, you come across open bars and after the networking is over, or depending on the situation you come across many drunken people, and they are also on some type of drugs. Someone not drinking and of full faculties can take full advantage of the situation. The drunks believe what you say and are open to suggestion and are ready to fuck. Does your conscious allow for this? Are you married? Rules: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Have a place to take them. Be prepared – and it will happen Find out about the after party – its even easier to find the one night stand Wear protection!


Are you a player?
Be prepared for trouble! You will get in trouble if you have a girlfriend, Because your date is going to get you and her photographed and in the press. Now, how’s that going to look to your girlfriend?


How to use the tools
Easy levels Money Don’t use your money to impress them, they already know about you and desire you very much. Of course all they want is to use you, so be prepared for these gold diggers.

Connections They need your connection. Take it slow, give them one at a time or nothing at all, but make sure they always give you something in return. If your connections are good, then you can demand the world of them. Date Beautiful girls/guys are fighting to get into your life. If you’re offering, to let them in, you will get a date.

Find them One hot actress told me that certain casting locations are loaded with the hottest guys and girls on the planet. She once mentioned the location on La Brea and second, above the lamps plus store.


Dating rules
Be seen with a beautiful girl/guy and your image is built.
REMEMBER: Treat it like that, because she is really there for something else. You must have rules before you take your date out. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. If you meet someone – it must be mutual introductions – no alienation If you know someone – introduce your friend (be courteous) Your date must leave with you (avoid potential psychological damage) No bumming cigarettes from strangers (while on your date) Your date must not get phone numbers from guys (rude and insulting) Always have her talk you up (Mental masturbation) Don’t embarrass or annoy your date (maintain your image) No talking on cell phones during date (very disrespectful and insulting)

My personal experiences: After I learned my lesson by having girls break every one of the rules above, the next one I said to myself would be under my control, with my rules. It started out bad, in that the girl talked on her cell phone all the way to the event, which I thought was ok, as long as it wasn’t at the event. When we were in line to check in, she was still on the phone. That’s when I started following my rules. "Turn your phone off, or your not getting in, and you can find your own ride home." I then took my phone out and separated the battery. I said I am not a hypocrite and will turn mine off. She started to cry, eventually turning her phone off. I didn’t get anywhere with her that night, but I was seen with a hot girl. Stay in control and don't let them call the shots. Don't let them dictate when you leave the party either, unless she is going to be with you all night. Many girls like to have multiple dates on the same night, with someone for a booty call that might not be you. (By letting her talk on the phone or read and send text messages from other guys - she is making plans after you drop her off) How does that make you feel?

(Remember – You’re in control, and should not forget it!)


Dating follow-up

“I just dated the hottest girl in my life!”
If they are good looking, then good luck having them ever call you back. Unless you got into their head somehow, that they need something you have exclusively or if you have looks, or money, and if they know you can get them a job. If you don't have the goods, then they probably won’t ever call you back. Important note: (make them think you got the goods)

Carmen Electra with the author Rob Tencer

Getting her to call you back (mind control)
How to get a call back from someone you met at a party.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. You must be compelling enough to remember. You must be loaded with money, or connections. They must not be drunk, or all your efforts are wasted. If you have a big house, expensive apartment (and she know about it.) Write down her number in your phone, call her cell, and see if it answers. Have an offer for another date ready. LIE like crazy, and hope she believes it.

She will compare the offers, from all the men she allowed to have her number. If your offer is best, or if she really likes you for some reason, then you get the date.


Fair weather friends hurt less, when you expect nothing from them.
Can you be happy going with a fair weather friend? In my experience, I had many girlfriends and guy friends that wanted nothing to do with me, except going to a party that I got them into. Are they really friends? No they are not, but it is better not to go alone. If these rude fair weather friends of yours, need to have the deal sweetened, forget them, as they are worthless. It might be better to go alone then with people that could bring your psyche down. However if you want to get into a party with them, and then separate. Then I highly recommend it. Make one rule for them though. Have them pick you up, and pay for parking.


You want to date them!
You have heard the story about being discovered at the corner drug store, but in the world we now live in, we find workaholics who never seem to be out. When they are out, it’s off on an exotic vacation. What you are left with is, living close to them, shopping where they shop, or traveling to where they are working. Looking beyond the direct contact, can lead to being fixed up with family or friends of the one you want to meet. Regardless of where your living, be it New York or Los Angeles, I will prepare you for hooking up.

By being realistic on both sides of the hook-up, you will never be hurt, but you will be satisfied. Your motives are specific, concerning your goals. You want to use your hookup to climb and reach your goals. By both of you knowing the real motives, and that your only in contact with the guy for his help and that your not really into your hook-up will stop the hurt. Once you realize this, and are ok with it, you can both have much fun. Remember, it won’t last forever, and you need to take advantage of the situation. I am not describing in this book the one in a million chance that your hook-up is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.


How to mingle with a celebrity

Start off with a little conversation or hello with celebrities. Say something that is different and off the wall, not weird but enough for them to remember you by. The next time you see them, build on your last hello. Keep building it.

Repetition works!
If you’re hot, and you want to date them, then after many events, get their contact information and email them. You can defeat the handlers this way.

22 Important note: You will notice that the crowd remains fairly similar at all events. Become friends!


This Director is a good target


Another good target, also a director
Michael Bay – Director In my interview with Michael Bay, When I asked why he doesn’t put our mutual girlfriend in one of his movies, he told me he does not hire friends for his movies, but he does help them get work. He told me he helped her get parts in commercials and other industry jobs. He is notorious for dating and likes the playboy playmate types.


The Survey
A survey at casting offices and acting school’s of 1000 beautiful girls and 1000 beautiful guys. • • • • • • • • a. b. c. d. • a. b. c. d. e. f. g. • • Your age 13-18 / 18-25 / 25-30 / 30+ If you could date any guy/girl in the world, that would help you with your career, who would it be? Do you care more about your career, or about a man/women who is rich? What is the lowest level employee from an agent/producer/director/writer/studio/casting director/lawyer/manager’s office that you would approach to get the connection necessary to advance your career? Would you offer sex for the connections? For getting the part? If they were dishonest, and he/she lied to you, would you try again? How quickly would you dump the low level person that got you in the door? Are you getting money from: Your parents A sugar daddy I have a job Fill in:______________________ If you’re working: I have an office job I am a stripper I am a bartender I am a waitress I walk dogs I am a porn star: includes web work Fill in:__________________ Do you think that skill and talent are more important than connections? Do you think that luck has anything to do with your chances?

From these answers, we could get the opinion of not just the author, but of actual wannabe starlets. It takes away the negative connotation of the author has his own opinion’s not necessarily the view of reality. The statistical questions are not skewed for specific answers, and only deal with the subject matter. Take the survey yourself and send your responses to:


They’re either hot, have a lot of money or have all the connections.

How to use the tools
Money Buying your way into the event works, but make sure the event is worth your money and time.

Connections This will open most doors for you. Some of the people with the connections have low self esteem and don’t know the value of what they know or whom they know. They can at times be easily manipulated. If on the other hand, they are strong but with the connections, you will have to decide how far your willing to go, to get it from them.

My value

Remember beautiful girls/guys are fighting to get in. If you push to hard, they will replace you. Now that you have access to the event, what are you going to do with it?



Dating rules
When you start being seen with the celebrity, your image is starting to be built. I have instructed your hook-up to watch out for multi-dating and bootie calls that do not include them. So if that is your prerogative, then you need to be super sneaky.

Rob’s rules of dating etiquette.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. If you meet someone – it must be mutual introductions – no alienation If you know someone – introduce your friend (be courteous) Your date must leave with you (avoid potential psychological damage) No bumming cigarettes from strangers (while on your date) Your date must not get phone numbers from guys/girls (rude and insulting) Always have your date talk you up (Mental masturbation) Don’t embarrass or annoy your date (maintain your image) No talking on cell phones during date (very disrespectful and insulting)

If you let your date know, that you want to get work and get famous, and that you need their help on introducing you to his friends, (and you show your appreciation in multiple ways) then he should be ok with that. I would ask his permission throughout for receiving phone numbers or taking a meeting with his friends. It could be perceived as a date, and you should at least invite him to your meeting. In most instances, he will decline because he is to busy. You should always be willing to introduce your date to your friends, but keep in mind that they will try to steal him and that if you please him and take care of him, then he will still be with you. If you leave with someone else, then don’t ever plan on being in your hook-ups life again.


Lies could be the ultimate answer to having your way with your date, and by getting everything you want out of him/her.

Figure out what lies will compel them. (push their buttons!) As an example: Promise them sex. Promise them more sex Promise them the world!

“When someone is drunk or high, the lies are more believable!”


Jealousy – He’s fallen for you.
Your hook-up was never meant to be taken so seriously, before you get mad, get sad or get jealous, its time to step back and lighten up! Don’t you realize how many more people there are to hook up with!
How you treat him, will be the difference for help in the future and him trying to get you fired.


Your real relationship
Will your real boy/girl friend understand that to get anywhere in the business, that hard work and auditions is not enough. You must shmooze the pants off (literally) of your date. Will they understand what you must do to get the job and make the connections?


Getting ready
(Get prepared with these tips) Your target is old, ugly, and has a low self-esteem. Or a high self esteem. How do you make it seem believable that you’re interested in him/her? Use your skills as an actor/actress!

The Fat Guy from “LOST” Don’t let what other people say get you down. Don’t be afraid of dating someone this ugly, or fat or old. Just spend a lot of time at his place. Indulge him, cuddle him, have sex with him. But make sure you get what you need from him/her. "You can be your own worst enemy, so be kind to yourself."


You need to be seen to get famous!
If your reason is credible, and you have a reason to be there, then you have confidence. If you’re just starting out or your a D-list actor or popular because of some other reason, then have the confidence in yourself. An aura of self-confidence attracts attention. This is not a long process to have others see you the way you want them to see you. It will happen quickly, so be prepared for it. Charity events A worthy cause, and something for you to bond with, when meeting the person that will help you reach your goals. Overexposure By planning the events you attend, and limiting the times your seen, you create a higher desirability. Hanging out at the clubs every night will create a name for yourself, good or bad. My recommendation would be this is bad. People will talk about you regardless, but if you were out of control and drunk on occasion, then you would not even remember doing those things. Others will remember.

You can also review the other books included on this CD, namely “Instant Celebrity”


Identify your talent.
If you’re not talented as an actor / actress, but you’re beautiful, a great liar and great in bed, this might be enough to get your break. Use the skills and talents that are your best. To be successful and confident, you must use your talents. 1. Learn to remove self-defeating behavior patterns. 2. Learn to overcome habitual negative thoughts 3. Develop a sense for opportunities

The world is full of people Just looking for others to admire.


Get in the mood for the event
“Music will get you in the mood.”

A good song can put you in a good mood. A good night sleep can also help. A good TV show or movie keeps you there. Keep your mood positive, and give it your best, at all times!

Only let them see your “A-game”


Dressing for the party
Appearance – if you want people to buy you as a star, dress and act as if you are already a star. (Check the magazines to see how stars dress) Looks and style are critically important, to be taken seriously. Wherever you are – you must present yourself in the best possible manner. “Once you dress the part, you become the part.” NOTES: 1. Take pride in how you look 2. Change appearance to add freshness 3. Cut hair, change color 4. Smell good 5. Shine your shoes

Carry mints (breath freshener)


Always consider how you look, and be thinking about your style. Not only how you look, but also whom you’re seen with. If you’re seen with the right people, it’s a definite positive. Remember, in Hollywood:

“Perception and superficiality is everything.”


Figuring out how to dress and prepare for the event

All these details, dictate how you will dress.
If it’s a movie premiere –
Ask these questions: What type of movie? (Comedy, drama, etc…) What’s your age? Look at the invitation. Where’s it at? Who’s performing at the after party? What time of day is the movie? What time of year?


If it’s an Award ceremony –
Ask these questions: What type? (You may need to wear a tux or a gown.)

My Recommendations: If the event is:

Oscar / Golden Globe/ Emmy / Grammy

Tuxedo / Gown

38 If the event is:

You should wear: Hip / Trendy

Another key is to get the tip sheet, and figure out who is going to be there.

A tip sheet is a list of celebrity guests expected to attend an event sent to media by publicists.
Important tip: Men, buy yourself a TUXEDO now, and have it ready.

Do I really need to buy a tuxedo?

In my personal experience, I needed a tuxedo about 4 times a year. It’s much less expensive to own your own, then it is to rent. If you hit the charity circuit hard, or catch a couple award ceremonies, and parties then you will need it much more then my 4 times. Throw in a Wedding or formal ceremony, and now you see how important it is. If you spend the time to get a good-looking tuxedo, it will make you look stunning, or at least a big improvement from jeans and a t-shirt.


Blacklisted Already?
(Lying will also get you blacklisted) How to ruin your future of attending events, is by being out of control with drinking, fighting, or somehow pissing off the promoter. This will certainly remove you from all guest lists, and the sight of you, will also get you tossed.
If you lie, you will guarantee run into the people you lied to again and again. Image is everything, and they will spread the word and damage your reputation. If you get on the wrong side of the promoter, forget going to one of their promotions ever again. I am not giving you fear, but realties of the business. Make them want you and what you can do for them. Inviting you is a small thing for them but always be thankful and grateful you were invited send a thank you and maybe a gift. NY press gets attention and notoriety

What affect does getting printed in the press have on counteracting the blacklist affect? Does it put fear in their heads?


A note about DISTANCE
Location = distance to the west side of LA. If its to far away, no one will show. The more distant to Hollywood, the less desirable the event, regardless of how good it is. This limits the location, and why most events are in w. Hollywood, Hollywood. I would not recommend going to an event outside of those areas. The exception to this rule is LA fashion week, which happens only 2 times a year. You will have to travel to Culver City, and fight the traffic. One other exception is any event in Malibu. Just make sure your travel is worth the time.

LA Fashion week is twice a year.


(What band do they have?) Celebrities base their attendance sometimes on which band will be performing at the event. If they have a hot band, then people will come out of the woodwork to be there.

Hot DJ Sky Nellor


What time do I arrive?
If you’re a man – the rule is to always get their early. If you bring beautiful girls, then you can show up later. (To get into a celebrity event) If you’re a lady – and your D-list or an unknown. You must get there early to get the attention of the press. (Your publicist works best in this situation) If the venue is small – get their early, as the fire marshal will close the party off. If you’re on a hit show and people recognize you – it does not matter if you’re a man or a woman. Get there when you want. Remember: – you are the one who makes the event worthy. You are the commodity, and they need you to promote the product / event.

You give it a buzz. You are valuable!


You must build your knowledge and keep up with the action of what’s going on in Hollywood. Who’s hot? Who is the current “IT” person and the current “HOT” clubs, restaurants, etc… Note: Pay particular attention to what they wear so you can fit in better. .

OK Star In Touch US Weekly People Life and Style Playboy National Enquirer Distinctive LA Magazine Angelino LA Confidential Town and Country Distinction
Esquire magazine Vanity Fair Esquire Jane TV Guide

NY POST Page six (also online) NY DAILY NEWS Daily Dish – RUSH/MALLOY (also online) LA Times calendar section (also online)

Internet Drudge report

Hollywood Reporter Variety Billboard


For women only!

Private table etiquette
Some of the perks of being a hot lady is the ability to walk up to a private table, that is loaded with drinks, bottles, cans, etc… smile at the guy who bought the table and start pouring yourself anything you want. It boosts their ego, that you paid attention. They got a chance to let you know how well off they are. It also gives them a chance at hooking up with you. This all depends on their aggressiveness at keeping you at the table. They may offer drugs, coke, etc… or after parties. This is your introduction, and the party is just beginning.

45 Setting goals

What is your life plan for your career? What are your goals? What do you do after you have attained wealth, success, happiness, and even fame? You find out where the party is at. Learn from Rob Tencer’s tools of the trade. The inside scoop and secrets that will get you into places. Rob is all about actions and fulfilling goals. He is available as a consultant, publicist and expert speaker on the subject of press and getting into key places. Never through dishonesty, but through legitimate channels. He can always be reached at:


Stop waiting to be famous and start…

The hook-up guide to dating celebrities and famous people while on your climb to stardom. The guide teaches both sides on getting the best out of your time together.
By Rob Tencer A featured expert on celebrity dating and hook-ups as seen in US Weekly.

• Can you be classified as a social climber, whore, and that you will do whatever it takes for stardom? • Do girls know you as sugar daddy? • Are you the one they seek to make their mark? Do you know what to do for them, and what to do to them? • You are being given the key’s to unlocking the door to becoming a celebrity and having a career. Matches made in Hollywood, with a chance for success!
Gain an insight to hooking up with exactly what your both looking for. • Money – sometimes they come from money, but they will still spend your money. • Sex – If your date wants what you got, then you have something to work with. • Jealousy – He fell for you. It was never meant to be taken seriously. lighten up! • Beauty – If you hot, and everybody wants you, then your match does as well! • Your match is a celebrity – they kiss ass of celebrities, and take notice of you! • Rob Tencer – gain the insights of a celebrity publicist and IT maker!

For those that the wanna-be’s are approaching
• • YOU GOT GAME This book teaches you how to use your game, to get what you want out of dating, and how to use your date for your own agenda. With this book, you have been given the tools necessary, and your knowledge and confidence will be expanded. There is more people who want in, then are already in.

Even if you’re an average looking person, or someone very overweight, or your downright ugly. I will build your confidence. You need to read this book to unlock the doors to using the Game you don’t even know you possess.


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