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Finding your date
By Rob Tencer

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Shock usually sets in at the audition. There are women and men more beautiful than you! They
are better actors than you and have more talent than you. Rent is very expensive unless you come from a wealthy family. Even if you come from money, you still can’t buy your way into stardom. What it will buy you is an expensive appetite for fine or not so fine clothing, and expensive dining, and an assistant who does your errands. This book identifies what you want in your life and how to get on the road to getting it. To put it simply, “You want to be famous”, but you have no idea how, nor do you know where to start looking. The stages of your dating to be famous include: You will be famous first because of who you’re with, and then they will know you even when you’re not with him/her. The question is, how long do you need to be with your date, and how many times do you need to be seen with him/her, for the exposure to cause a lasting affect on your way to becoming famous. Until now, there has not really been a guidebook on dating to be famous. Actresses and Actors, and people in the entertainment industry, as well as someone just like you, want to learn or confirm the methods written about in this book.

“I wanted a book that could be used by either the wannabe actress or social climber or the person they have targeted, so that they can each know each others roll, and what to expect from each other.” - Rob Tencer (the Author) In my work, I have been paid to put the wannabe in the right place to meet, and then I would introduce each of them to each other, and finish the night with a photograph of the two of them. With that photo, your name in print can be included with a nice photo.

Rob Tencer - matchmaker of social climbers and wannabe actresses as well as uber celebrity publicist.

Now we are ready to find our date:
One hot actress told me that certain casting office locations are loaded with the hottest guys and girls on the planet. She once mentioned the location on La Brea and second, above the lamps plus store. (Besides reading my other publications on where to find the hottest girls and guys on the planet, you can also meet them just about anywhere in LA.) Note: If you find them not at work and its mid-day, they are high maintenance, because someone’s got to pay their bills.

Find your date at the most appropriate party
This is a very important part to starting your dating and becoming successful at becoming famous. The people in the industry might know about one, but I am giving you a more comprehensive list of finding out the parties going on in Los Angeles. Most of these listings are a subscription, but the value outweighs the cost. You cannot be without them, unless of course you have your own publicist, who not only has the list, but the ability to get you into most of the events on them. Good luck, and make sure and send me feedback of your results…

For a weekly list of events
Hollywood news calendar – purchase a subscription 15030 Ventura blvd. Sherman oaks CA 91403 818-986-8168 818-990-5945 This list is about 60% complete, with events going on in LA. They do not list all charity events, nor do they list private house parties, nor VIP parties. Still, it’s a must have.

Robson report – purchase a subscription Rob 310-990-9112 Karen Ostlund 310-927-1752 Robson and his gang of scouts, have their eye on every event imaginable. If its going on, they will not only know where, but who’s there, how many people, what kind of food, if there is a open bar and even what’s in the gift bags. Well worth whatever he charges. He changes his number frequently, so contact the author for updated numbers.

Los Angeles Masterplanner - is the only complete calendar of the upcoming year of benefits, openings and special events. Monthly in print and updated online.

Daily Variety - DATEBOOK to submit datebook items contact Addie Morfoot 323-965-5394 Don’t overlook the information of listings. They are more movie and TV based, and sometimes its industry only. But maybe you need to meet a group of directors, producers, or people to get you parts.

You can also find events, parties, and premiers at the following places:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Get invited Ask your friends Ask a press photographer Purchase “Where’s the party?” see order form at end of book Hire a publicist Mercedes Benz fashion week website Film festivals web sites See the list of required reading – included in this book

One good trick is to call a pr firm and ask for the RSVP line. They will list the event for you in the recorded message.

John and Vince at the LA Film Festival

Not every celebrity is beautiful

You must build your knowledge and keep up with the action of what’s going on in Hollywood. Who’s hot? Who is the current “IT” person and the current “HOT” clubs, restaurants, etc… Note: Pay particular attention to what they wear so you can fit in better. .

OK Star In Touch US Weekly People Life and Style Playboy National Enquirer Distinctive LA Magazine Angelino LA Confidential Town and Country Distinction
Esquire magazine Vanity Fair Esquire Jane TV Guide

NY POST Page six (also online) NY DAILY NEWS Daily Dish – RUSH/MALLOY (also online) LA Times calendar section (also online)

Internet Drudge report

Hollywood Reporter Variety Billboard

Set some goals and

What is your life plan for your career? What are your goals? What do you do after you have attained wealth, success, happiness, and even fame? You find out where the party is at. Learn from Rob Tencer’s tools of the trade. The inside scoop and secrets that will get you into places. Rob is all about actions and fulfilling goals. He is available as a consultant, publicist and expert speaker on the subject of press and getting into key places. Never through dishonesty, but through legitimate channels. He can always be reached at:

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