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english 3 for islamic studies








IAIC Tasikmalaya
Kelas Rajapolah 2010/2011


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First we are obliged to examine the nature of the path so that we may ourselves realize what Islam is. The first pillar of Islam is Muhammad is the prophet of God. The approximate meaning of bearing witness there is no God other than God is this; God is the exclusive possessor of divinity, and none of His creation shares in any of the aspects or properties of divinity, and none of his creation shares in any of the aspects or properties of divinity. The first aspect of divinity is absolute rule, whence arises the right to legislate for his whispers, to ordain paths for their lives, to prescribe values on which their lives should be based. It is not possible to bear witness that there is no god other than God without recognizing that God alone has the right to ordain the path which human life should follow, and without attempting to establish that path, and none other, in human life. Anyone who claims for himself the right to lay down a path for the life of a group of human beings has claimed also the right of divinity over them for he claims the greatest of all aspect of divinity. So that we may ourselves realize that attribute of Muslim which we claim. This is possible only through bearing witness that there is no god but God and Muhammad is His prophet. This profession of faith is possible only by recognizing God as the sole possessor of divinity, and alone entitled to lay down a path for human life. We must attempt the realization of that path conveyed to us from God by Muhammad, the peace and blessings of God be upon him. We must do so for reason connected with the nature of the path itself. It is the only path which realizes the neberity of man grants him true freedom and releases man from slavery. It is the only path that enables him to liberate himself completely within the limits of his humanity and his services of God, for service of God releases man from servitude to others. There is no other path in the world possessing this quality. For Islam, by recognizing God Almighty as the sole possessor of the right to legislate for the life of humanity, leaves only one God and one Master for humanity. It prevents some men from being the gods of others with legislative and directive rights over them, as a result of the servitude of these who accord these gods the aspects of divinity. New Vocabularies : Oblige (v) Bear witness (v) Whence (adv) Legislate (v) Ordain (v) Prescribe (v) Convey (v) Implement (v) Hence (adv) Attribute (v)

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Ebook - English 3 for Islamic Studies

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mengharuskan bersaksi dari mana membuat undang-undang mentakdirkan menentukan menyampaikan melaksanakan karenanya sifat

englishclinicclub.com // www.English 3 for Islamic Studies 2 .com Ebook .blogspot.Entitle (v) Lay down (v) Grant (v) Leberate (v) Servitude (n) : : : : : memberi nama menetapkan memberi memerdekakan perbudakan/perhambaan maulanarubidaku@gmail.

Of course if this habit was destroyed this significance of prayer and carelessness in following the injunction of the messenger of God has resulted in depriving the Muslims of the true sense of prayer. increase amity and love among themselves. And when the time allotted for training. discipline and obedience.englishclinicclub.com // www. are public squares of the Muslim. Prayer in essence means obedience. and the Muslim in any community should cooperate to build them and make them tidy. as was the case during the era in which the prophet (Peace be upon him) lived.blogspot. Which should receive utmost care. for prayer eliminates anything ugly and immoral. and this obedience in turn aims at the organizing of society in a perfect manner. And is not the mosque intended for anything except this? In fact the mosques are more than that for the time of training is more than that and the motive for coming are stronger. then. fulfill God’s duties. and should go before the time of each prayer so that everyone is ready when the Muezzin calls for prayer. New Vocabularies : Pretext (n) Congregate (n) Amity (n) File (n) Row (n) Allot (v) Barrack (n) Ebook . and the arenas of training and places where soldiers gather at appointed times during the day.UNIT II We should consider the fact that prayer is permitted in any clean place as a pretext to neglect establishing special places for prayer. and they all do certain harmonious movement. at the end of the prayer everyone goes to his work. and go to them before the with a single signal would ask them to stand in one file or in many and well arranged rows. therefore. The prayer unifies the Muslim. should be kept clean. recite the Quran. In this we see a unique manifestation of order.English 3 for Islamic Studies 3 : : : : : : : dalih berkumpul. For every Muslim should go to the mosque live times every twenty four hours. This is why these place are called masaajed (mosque). for all of them say and do the same thing and follow the same leader (Imam). they . for they constitute the tie that bind them and make them get together. asrama maulanarubidaku@gmail. which is derived from the word sujoud (kneeling to the ground). Mosque. the trainees (soldier) go back to their barracks or to their jobs. God Almighty says: “Prayer prevents sin and evil. or jawame (gathering) where people congregate. berkerumun hubungan baik baris deretan memberikan barak. where Muslims congregate and pray while they are sure of the cleanness and purity of these place and meet and know each other. Mosque in reality are general camps for training on order and discipline for all members of the society.com . and discuss the general affairs of Muslims.

com Ebook .English 3 for Islamic Studies 4 .englishclinicclub. menghilangkan yang sepenuhnya merupakan maulanarubidaku@gmail.blogspot.com // www.Unify (v) Injunction (n) Deprive (v) Immoral (adj) Constitute (v) : : : : : mempersatukan perintah mencabut.

which means that you have admitted that each and every one of his orders and prohibitions are from God. and otherwise your Islam will remain in complete. To become a complete Muslim one has to fully carry out in practice the instructions given by Muhammad (Peace be upon him) as ordained by God. and in the Holy Quran as His last book. But by a mere vocal prophession alone. alone is your God. therefore you will be a full-fledged Muslim only when your practice is consistent with your profession. Belief in one God who has absolutely no associate with Him in His divinity. By this belief you profess that Allah. you have admitted Muhammad (peace be upon him) to be God’s messenger.englishclinicclub. After this admission. and it is obedience to God which constitutes the religion of Islam. That He is your ruler. Belief in God’s Angles. 4. This means that you have admitted all the contents of Quran to be from God. Thus it becomes your bounden duty to accept and obey whatever is contained in it. if you are refuse to obey Him you are a rebel on your own admission. obedience to Him becomes your duty. Now let us see what code of conduct Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has taught as ordained by God Almighty. one does not become a complete Muslim. After having acknowledged Him as your Master and Ruler.com . the one God.English 3 for Islamic Studies 5 New Vocabularies : Article (n) Associate (n) Make up (v) Bedrock (n) Mere (adj) Vocal (n) Profess (v) Rebel (n) : : : : : : : : pasal sekutu merupakan landasan belaka ucapan menyatakan pendurhaka maulanarubidaku@gmail. 3. Belief in God’s Books. Belief in God’s prophets. that He is your Master. Along with that. and you are His slave. This first and foremost things in this respect are the ‘Ibadat – the Primary Duties which must he observed by each and every person processing to belong to the Muslim community.UNIT III The prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has enjoined us to believe in five articles of faith: 1.com // www. and this means that He is your creator and you are His creature. Belief in life after death These five articles make up the bedrock of Islam. One who believes in them enters the fold of Islam and become a member of Muslim community. 2. and in Muhammad (God’s blessing be upon him) as His last and Final Messenger. you believe that the Quran is God’s Book. 5. For belief in God makes practical obedience to Him incumbent. Along with faith in God. Ebook .blogspot. and you are His object.

blogspot.Admission (n) Incumbent (adj) Full fledges (adj) Incomplete (adj) Foremost (adj) Constitute (v) Bounden (adj) : : : : : : : pengakuan wajib penuh tidak sempurna terpenting merupakan wajib maulanarubidaku@gmail.English 3 for Islamic Studies 6 .com // www.com Ebook .englishclinicclub.

The Muslims of this time were also curious to know the life history of the prophet. Jarir. and Akhtal were the outstanding figure in the field of poetry. geography. But during the earlier part of the Ummayad reign.blogspot.English 3 for Islamic Studies 7 . came to be introduced later on. Hasan alBasri and Shihab al-Juhara were prominent and attained much celebrity. Hammad.com // www. the Quranic interpretation (al-Fiqh). Special provision was made for appointing private tutors for coaching of children in a household. New Vocabularies : Elaborate (adj) : teliti.UNIT IV The prophet of Islam did not only encourage education but also made elaborate arrangements for religious teaching. Most of the schools were attached to mosques and endowed with property. Under the Ummayads more branches of learning sprang up. It is said that the culture compiled the first Arabic dictionary. where student from different parts of the of empire gathered for the purpose of learning Arabic pronunciation and recitation of mother tongue and knew how to swim and use bow and arrow were regarded educated men. Jamil. Badira (near Madina) was then the only seat of Arabian culture.com Ebook . Faradjak. otherwise called ‘Kamel’. This was probably the primary cause that led to the culture of history in those days. terperinci Recitation (n) : pengajian Initiate into (v) : menuntun seorang untuk memahami Bare (adj) : yang paling sederhana Provision (n) : ketentuan Endow (v) : membantu Monarch (n) : raja Patron (n) : pelindung Literature (n) : kesusastraan Compile (v) : menyusun Prominent (adj) : terkemuka Boast (v) : membanggakan Figure (n) : tokoh maulanarubidaku@gmail. history. Basrah and Kufa were the main centers of culture. Many of the monarchs were patrons of art and literature and built school in different parts of the empire. the same arrangement was continued with more elaboration and extensive application during this period only a few branches of learning namely. science. They boasted of a number of poets of whom ‘Umar bin Abi Rabia. He trained instructors and sent them to the various part of Arabia. etc. The system began to take much interest in education.englishclinicclub. and the study of pre-Islamic poetry came to be recognized. Abid and Wahab distinguished themselves as story –tellers and historians. such as grammar. no system of education was developed. Under the Khulafah-i-Rashidin. During this period the saying of the prophet came to be written and among the compilers of the Hadits. the Ummayads tool keen interest in literature. In addition to this.

distinctions of high and low among men. All these differences are natural variations.memproklamirkan keturunan. beliefs an principles. they spread all over the earth and as a natural result of their diversification and growth was divided into various tribes. Islam adds that if there can be any real differences between man and man it cannot be one race. color. color language. or upper and lower classes or natives of the soil end aliens as manifestation of sheer ignorance. But the prejudices which have groupings and organizations based on race. It doesn’t seek to wipe them out or to ignore them but affirms that their advantage consists in affording the only possible means of distinguishing one of another.englishclinicclub. national. one being in the East and the other in the West. though they may be equal from the point of view of common ancestry. The climate and environment of various places altered their color and physical features. The basis of the cooperative effort among men in such a society is not one’s birth but a creed and moral principle. will tread the same path in life if they have identity of ideas and moral behavior on the basis of this fundamental tenet. and nationalities. even though geographically and outwardly separated from one another by fast distances. Islam recognizes them as a matter of fact. country.com . But as their numbers gradually increased. After propounding this concept of equality and brotherhood of mankind. They do exist in the world of reality. Ebook .UNIT V God created a human pair to herald that the beginning of the life of mankind on the earth and all persons inhabiting this world today have sprung from this pair. On the contrary two persons. Islam seeks to build a principled and ideological society as against the racial.memperkuat prasangka maulanarubidaku@gmail. etc are disapproved by Islam. For some time in the initial stages to the progeny of this pair remained a single group. but of ideas. and their manners of living also become distinct from another.mode mengubah menghapuskan ketidaktahuan. nationality. and parochial societies existing in the world.kebodohan menegaskan.blogspot. Hence. It announces to all men in the world that they have sprung from the same parents and therefore brothers and are equal in their status as human being. Their languages become different. and language.anak cucu cara.English 3 for Islamic Studies 8 New Vocabularies : Herald (v) Progeny (n) Mode (n) Alter (v) Wipe out (v) Ignorance (n) Affirm (v) Prejudice (n) : : : : : : : : menyatakan. It had one religion and spoke the same language. Islam regards all. will have to go their different ways in life if their beliefs and moral conduct differ from one another. Two children of the same mother. their modes of dress varied. There were little or no differences among them.com // www.

sempit orang asing belaka maulanarubidaku@gmail.English 3 for Islamic Studies 9 .englishclinicclub.Shape (n) Propound (v) Outwardly (adv) Tread (v) Parochial (adj) Alien (n) Sear (adj) : : : : : : : bentuk mengemukakan.mengajukan pada lahirnya menempuh picik.com Ebook .blogspot.com // www.

bersifat tak memihak melarat tak beriman pedang terhunus kecermatan kehalusan budi bahasa keras. equality and truth were his motto. Friend and foes. an impartial judge. He was a constant friend of the poor and the helpless.UNIT VI Of all the prophets of the globe. Muslim and non-Muslim were all a like him and the eye of his law. an efficient administrator. He banished all tribal function and brought the whole of Arabian into one home genius unity. Modesty and kindness.com // www.English 3 for Islamic Studies 10 : : : : : : : : : : : : tokoh setia penuh kasih sayang adil. Justice. In this respect he was unique in the whole history of mankind and perhaps the world has never seen his like. austerity of conduct. he took in delight in forgiving and in showing mercy even to his each enemy. an affectionate father and sincere friend. “i served the prophet for ten years but he never said so much as “Uff to me” New Vocabularies : Personage (n) Devoted (adj) Affectionate (adj) Impartial (adj) Rectify (v) Impious (adj) Arch (n) Austerity (n) Refinement (n) Stern (adj) Pervade (v) Rivet (v) maulanarubidaku@gmail. Anas.) character. Within a short time of twenty years he transformed the barbarous and impious Arabians into a civilized and religious nation and lifted up his people from the depth of moral and spiritual degradation to a high consenclon of god.blogspot. refinement of feeling and stern devotion of duty were the distinguishing traits of Muhammad (sm. With the bereaved and afflicted he sympathized tenderly. He never sought revenge.com Ebook . He was a beloved orphan a devoted husband. He was a successful businessman. patience and generosity pervaded his conduct and riveted the affection of all around him. Hazret Muhammad (sm. it can be said about him that he left nothing untouched and touched nothing he did not rectify and improve. When the whole world was groaning under oppression and injustice. honesty and integrity. of morality and of justice. he came to this earth as a savior of oppressed humanity. the weak and the oppressed. a far-sighted reformer.teguh meliputi menumpu . Unlike predecessors he shared the joys and sorrows of human life. a skillful general. The nobelity of soul and purity of heart.englishclinicclub. He shared his food even in time of scarcity with others and he was eager to see the comfort of everyone around him. Moreover.) is the only personage every detail of whose life is thoroughly known to the world. his servant said. He was most humane to his inferiors. a brave warrior. a great statement and what not in all these roles he played his part with exemplary ability.

com // www.com Ebook .English 3 for Islamic Studies 11 .englishclinicclub.Bereave (v) Afflict (v) Humane (adj) : kehilangan : merundung : peramah maulanarubidaku@gmail.blogspot.

cleanliness.com // www. New Vocabularies : Prominent (adj) Covet (v) Charity (n) Sack (n) : : : : menonjol mendambakan sedekah karung maulanarubidaku@gmail. This mode of life was for choice. they live in the same simple manner. he loved simplicity and this quality of his manifested itself in his companions and follower as well. and the like. living housing. not the fabric. For example. All his occasions were characterized by simplicity and sincerely. gardens of Arabia are the most coveted form of property. A man belonging to the Gaffar clan came to visit the prophet who himself had nothing to eat. anything artificial was repugnant to him. he accepted it. On one occasion. all the prophet had in the house was a sack of flour. He would eat whatever was put before him without fuss or neither question nor he did wind with whom he took his meals. clothing.blogspot. Once the holy prophet was given seven beautiful gardens. although he might himself have real need of it. He had no objection to clothes made of thick coarse cloth. In regard to all other things such as food. it was not because he did not have the means that Muhammad lived like this. If he had got anything that someone else needed he would part with it at once. his wife Aisha showed the prophet the torn sheet and a shirt in which he had died. the holy prophet has preached moderation. A woman once offered the prophet a beautiful cloth to cover himself with. whether a slave or another. In his dress he was most simple. After the prophet breathed his last. All there in the house was a little milk and this he gave to his guest. The sack was given and there was nothing left in house of the prophet for meals. was that mattered most. himself having to go hungry to bed. very often he lived on nothing bud dried dates and water – and remember. their produce being expended in helping the poor. He would willingly wear an old patched garment and did not care when he went in it.englishclinicclub.com Ebook . they live in the same simple in his companions and followers as well. but instead of keeping them for himself he gave them in charity. but a man standing near admired the cloth saying “What a lovely cloth!” the prophet. As this was thing he badly needed. A companion of his was to be married.UNIT VII The spirit of sacrifice is most prominent in the character of the holy prophet. He taught Muslim to be simple in all things and not pompous or foppish. He was a king. The prophet told him to go to his house and ask his wife for the sack of flour. but he was a poor man and had nothing to entertain his friends with. seeing that the man also needed it gave it to him at once.English 3 for Islamic Studies 12 . He himself had put the instructions into actions. Simplicity was the keynote of the character of the prophet.

sangat inti.English 3 for Islamic Studies 13 .englishclinicclub.com // www.blogspot.Badly (adv) Keynote (n) Sincerity (n) Artificial (adj) Repugnant (adj) Fuss (n) Patch (v) Coarse (adj) Pompous (adj) : : : : : : : : : amat.com Ebook . garis pokok ketulusan hati palsu. tiruan menjijikan banyak bicara menambal kasar muluk maulanarubidaku@gmail.

(Ar-Rum.com // www.1) “Among His signs are the creation of the heaven and earth and the variation of your tongues and your colors. Trully there in are signs for all the worlds. so that the tasks of the viceregency of God on earth might be distributed among them.v. enmity and alienation among humanity. we have created you of male and female. Islam expanded over the wide area of the globe which embraced most race and colors. The most noble of you in the sight of god is the most God-fearing among you.13) “O people. and made of you peoples and tribes that you might recognize each other. being weak and baseless. God almighty addressed them thus in the noble Qur’an: “O people. all wise. and the outside world by loyalty to the country. nation. but merely so that man might recognize and identify each other. Humanity was unable to imagine any other kind of loyalty until Islam came and proclaimed to everyone that humanity is one. New Vocabularies : Peninsula (n) Stem from (v) Enmity (n) Alienation (n) : : : : semenanjung berasal dari rasa permusuhan. birth-place. It is true that the position of people of color in America and south Africa constitute a serious and obstinate problem. but practical situations. and the wombs. and in Europe too in a more concealed manner. Nonetheless.UNIT VIII The Arabian Peninsula was dominated by the loyalty to the tribe. “(Al-Hujarat. Fear God by whom you demand of one another.22) These were not theoretical principles. Inherited color. the sub tribe or even to the single family. and so that they might ultimately all return to God who has place them on earth as His viceregents. and melted them all together in the order of Islam. It is true that various minor loyalties and fanaticisms continue to exist: loyalties to the fatherland. fear you lord who created you from these two numerous men and women.blogspot. “(An-Nissa. is the root of all human thinking. color and language. to race. Surely God ever watches over you. race.englishclinicclub.English 3 for Islamic Studies 14 . kebencian perebutan maulanarubidaku@gmail. that difference of race and color. stems from the same source and is directed towards the same God. Truly God is all.v. class or lineage and did not prevent all from living together as brothers or the individual from attaming what his qualifications enable him to and his rank as human being imposed upon him. the concept of a single community still is an important element in the counsels of humanity today. of father and ancestry exist not to create division. delineated by Islam. from a theoretical standpoint. This concept. color and race.com Ebook . while petty loyalties are vanishing and diminishing.v.

English 3 for Islamic Studies 15 .blogspot. kekaguman maulanarubidaku@gmail.com Ebook .englishclinicclub. sempit ketakjuban. melukiskan picik.Viceregency (n) To address Embrace (v) Lineage (n) Impose (v) Recession (n) Conceal (v) Delineate (v) Petty (adj) Amazement (n) : : : : : : : : : : wakil berseru.com // www. beriman mencakup garis keturunan menentukan pengunduran menyembunyikan menggambarkan.

the pure natural state of Islam). Pleasant name and its head should be shaved. thirdly. A third set of rights comes under socialization. New Vocabularies : Injunction (n) Implication (n) Vanity (n) Temptation (n) Hasten (v) : : : : : perintah tegas maksud. It points out that children are joys of life as well as sources of pride. false pride. Christian or pagan. The Qur’an recognizes very clearly that parents are not always immune from over protectiveness or negligence. seeds of vanity and false security. But it hastens to stress the greater joys of life as well as sources of the spirit and caution parents against over – confidence. it has. Nor can a parent intercede on behalf of his child. one of the most inalienable right of the child in Islam is the child’s life is the third commandment in Islam (6:151. In a very suggestive statement. No child can absolve the parent on the Day of Judgment. Secondly. Interest in and responsibilities for the child’s welfare are questions of first priority. cf. This should be made a festive occasion marked with joy and charity.com // www. the nature of fitrah (i. relates to God directly and is independently responsible his deeds. it is a divine injunction that no child may become the cause of harm to the parents (Qur’an: 2:233). First.com Ebook . Educational needs and general well-being.UNIT IX Islam’s general approach to children may be summarized in a few principles. or misdeeds that might be caused by children. The religious moral principle of that position in that might be caused by children. parent or children. According to prophet’s instruction. its parents later make it into a Jew. by the seventh day the child should be given a good. According to these guidelines. and more specifically. by implication by that the parents should reciprocate and cause the child no harm either. 17:23) Another equally inalienable right is the right of legitimacy. and general care to take good care of Islam.blogspot. along with all the other hygienic measures required for healthy growing.e. The religious moral principle of this position in that very individual. established certain guidelines and pointed out certain facts with respect to children. upbringing. fountain of distress and temptation.englishclinicclub. Finally. pengertian kesombongan godaan bertindak dengan cepat maulanarubidaku@gmail. which holds that every child shall have a father and one father only. The prophet was fond of children and he expresses his conviction that his Muslim Community would be noted among other communities for its kindness to children and he express his conviction that his Muslim community would be noted among other communities for its kindness to children. it is charity of higher order to attend to their spiritual welfare. On the basis of this recognition.English 3 for Islamic Studies 16 . Islam is strongly sensitive to the crucial dependence of the child’s personality is clearly recognize in Islam.

didikan patut dihargai keyakinan.blogspot. pendirian maulanarubidaku@gmail.com // www.Absolve (v) Intercede (v) Decisive (adj) Malleable (adj) Pagan (n) Inalienable (adj) Preservation (n) Upbringing (n) Commendable (adj) Conviction (n) : : : : : : : : : : membebaskan mengetengahi menentukan dapat ditempa penyembah berhala tak dapat dicabut pemeliharaan asuhan.English 3 for Islamic Studies 17 .englishclinicclub.com Ebook .

Unless this grasp of Kalima is developed it cannot become fully effective. it should necessarily make us avoid. you cannot realize the real importance of this doctrine. mere chanting of a medical prescription cannot heal the disease. atheism. Unless you know the real meaning of the phrase “there is no deity but Allah” And the bearing of its acceptance on human life.blogspot. This is the natural dictate of belief in the unity of God. It is the expression of this believes which differentiates a true Muslim from a Kafir (unbeliever). Evidently the mere utterance of a phrase or two cannot bring about such a mighty difference. This is expressed in the primary Kalima of Islam as Laa ilaaha illallah “There is no deity but Allah”. For the believers there is unhampered progress and resounding success in this world and in the hereafter. But the difference which occurs between the believers is not the result of mere chanting of a few words. its foundation and its essence.UNIT X The most fundamental and the most important teaching of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is faith in the unity of God. New vocabulary Differentiate (v) Unhampered (adj) Resounding (adj) Ignominy (n) Lot (n) Chant (v) Evidently (adj) Stipulation (v) Adherence (n) Bear (v) maulanarubidaku@gmail. responses true belief in it. The real force lies in the conscious acceptance of this doctrine and its stipulations and complete adherence to it in practical life. kejahatan kumpulan dengan. The revolution in thought and life can occur only if a person grasps the full meaning of the doctrine. Mere repeating of the word “food” cannot dull the edge of hunger. in belief as well as in action. realizes its significance. terang menghasilkan syarat. if the real meaning of Tawheed is fully grasped. In the same way if Kalima is repeated without any understanding of its meaning dictates it cannot work the revolution which it is meant to bring about. It would never become effective unless these essentials are achieved. The believers in it become one single community and those who do not believe in it form the opposite groups. ketentuan kesetiaan.com // www. This beautiful phrase is the bedrock of Islam. we keep away from poison because we believe that it’s us kills a man. a Mushrik (one who associates other with God in His divinity) or a Dahriya (atheist). The acceptance or denial of this phrase produces a world of difference between man and man. Similarly. ketaatan memikul . while failure and ignominy are the ultimate lot of those who refuse to believe in it.com Ebook . and accepts and follows it in letter and spirit. and polytheism.English 3 for Islamic Studies 18 : : : : : : : : : : membedakan tak dirintangi gemilang ketercelaan. We avoid fire because we have a realization that it burns. every form and shade of disbelief.englishclinicclub.

englishclinicclub.com Ebook .com // www.English 3 for Islamic Studies 19 .Dull (v) Prescription (n) Heal (v) Dictate (n) Repose (v) : : : : : mengurangi.blogspot. perintah meletakan. memberikan (kepercayaan keyakinan) maulanarubidaku@gmail. menghilangkan resep menyembuhkan petunjuk.

It is related on the authority of Aishah who reported the prophet (peace be upon him) to have said: “Whoever cultivate land which is not the property of anyone has a better title to it” (Buchari. Since Islam recognizes the noncultivator ownership of land. the fertility of soil. Thus the holy Qur’an draw attention to the necessity of turning wasteland into gardens by making arrangement for watering it.com // www. I (the reporter) said to Rafi.English 3 for Islamic Studies 20 : : : : : : : Kesuburan sumber menyetujui kegunaan dorongan pemanenan tanah kosong maulanarubidaku@gmail.blogspot. and growing good crops.com .g. of which their cattle and they themselves eat” (XXXII. 41:11). it recognizes the creation of only those utilities which can maximize the economic welfare of the community welfare which takes into account the basic principles of economic ethics. “There is no harm in taking dinnars and dirhams” (Buchari. The Qur’an says: “Do they not consider that we drive the water to a land having no herbage. there is no evidence to prove that Islam does not approve of this definition of modern economics. e. So the prophet (peace and blessing of Allah be on him) forbade this. In classical writing land. The method of utilization of land as a factor of production in Islam is unique in the real sense of the term.27). and then bring forth thereby seed produce. etc. includes all the natural resources used in the process of production. While Islam recognized land as a factor of production. True. Ibn Umar reported the messenger of Allah (peace and blessing of Allah be on him) granted (the land of) khaibar to the Jews on condition that they work thereon and cultivated them and they should have a half of the produce (Buchari.UNIT XI Islam has recognized land as a factor of production not exactly in the sense it is used in modern times. but it is as the same time recommended that a person who can afford it should give land free or rent to some of his poor brethren. 41:15). the surface of earth. “How is it if it is done on payment of dinnars and dirhams?” Rafi said. it is allowed to let it to another person for cultivation for a part of the produce or for money. Again. which was regarded as an important factor of production. Both the Qur’an and the Sunnah lay much emphasis on the proper cultivation of land. it is related on the authority of Rafi who reported: They used to have land cultivated in the time of the prophet (peace and blessing of Allah be on him) taking grew on the water courses or anything which the owner of the land reserved for himself. 41:19).englishclinicclub. We have evidences to indicate that impetus in given to cultivation of wasteland. New Vocabulary Fertility (n) Resource (n) Approve (v) Utility (n) Impetus (n) Cultivation (n) Wasteland (n) Ebook . The Qur’anic law and the Tradition of the prophet are clear about it. properties of air and water and mineral resources.

blogspot.englishclinicclub.English 3 for Islamic Studies 21 .com // www.Bring forth (v) Thereby (adv) Brethren (n) Grant (v) Reserve (n) : : : : : menimbulkan dengan (cara) demikian saudara dalam agama/keyakinan memberi. mencadangkan maulanarubidaku@gmail. mengakui menyediakan.com Ebook .

the universal way of modernization and justice. The truth is that such a one alone can show to the children of Adam. that of man’s to produce it by his own grown intellectual effort. Creation of the heavens and the earth. his psychological traits and his natural urges in a complete and comprehensive way.UNIT XII In this world of immoderation and excesses. my hearts bears evidence that the maker of the law could only be the one who created and designed the universe. It is absolutely impossible that a man made law should be free from himself. memberitahukan sifat-sifat keinginan. unless he is exceptionally talented with straight thinking. who is the knower of the seen and the unseen. 39:46) New Vocabulary: Immoderation (n) Excess (n) Excel (v) Duly (adv) Minor (adj) Acquaint (v) Traits (n) Urge (n) Keep in view (v) Attainment (n) Man-made law (n) One-sideness (n) Layman (n) Comprehend (v) Equire (v) maulanarubidaku@gmail. It keep in view the will of nature in the creation of all these aspects and provides for each one of these attainment of these objects leads to the attainment of the higher object. I do not praise this law because I find it perfectly balance coordination and harmony with the laws of nature. a layman cannot even fully comprehend the wisdom of this highly moderate.” (Al-Qur’an. balanced and perfect law. his human nature.com // www. Thou alone can judge the disputes of thy servants.com Ebook . who easily drift into by-paths.English 3 for Islamic Studies 22 : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : ketidakwajaran keterlaluan unggul seharusnya. When I see this. dorongan tetap dalam pandangan hasil yang dicapai. sepatutnya kecil memperkenalkan. pencapaian undang-undang buatan manusia kesepihakan orang awam memahami mendapatkan . and has acquired knowledge and experience through long years meditation and serious though. his animal instinct. who heat knowledge of the seen and the unseen.blogspot. there is only one social system that excels in immoderation and balance that provides duly for each aspect of human nature even for its quits minor aspects.englishclinicclub. This system acquaints one with man’s physical structure. Say: “Lord.

blogspot.English 3 for Islamic Studies 23 Moreover Besides Furthermore In addition Although Even though Though ( + clause ) Despite In spite of ( + phrase ) However But Nevertheles Yet Still When While As Otherwise Unless Or If not And Selain itu.com // www. Meskipun. Disamping itu Walaupun. Menyatakan hubungan sebab akibat maulanarubidaku@gmail..so. Akan tetapi. Begitu. Lantaran Dan Whereas Padahal .. sementara Jika tidak. Jadi. kalimat yang mengikuti kata hubung ini harus menyatakan akibat-sebaliknya kalimat yang hadir sebelum kata hubung ini harus menyatakan penyebab. Sehingga. . So Agar So that Hence Because Since As For Karena.menyatakan konsesi (kontra duga) . Namun demikian Fungsi Menyatakan hubungan sebab akibat.that. Sebab... Consequently Makanya... Kendatipun Walaupun.that..menyatakan konsesi (kontra duga) .menyatakan pertentangan Menyataka pertentangan (kontra fakta) Ketika.menyatakan pertentangan . Meskipun.englishclinicclub. Kendatipun Tetapi. Terlebih-lebih...... bila tidak Menyatakan kedua kegiatan yang terjadi secara bersamaan atau saling menyela Menyataka kalimat bersyarat atau pengandaian. Menggabungkan dua buah kata/kalimat/klausayang entuk dan fungsinya sama dan setara Menunjukkan kontra harap dengan rujukan pembuktian fakta sebenarnya. pada saat. Kunjungsi & Terjemahan Conjuction Terjemahan Therefore Oleh karena itu.. Menyatakan tambahan informasi . Menyatakan hubungan sebab akibat.such. .KLAUSA ADVERBIA (Adverbial Clauses) A.com Ebook ... kalimatyang mengikuti kata hubung ini harus menyatakan penyebb sebaliknya kalimat yang hadir sebelum kata hubung ini harus menyatakan akibat.. Namun.

he will has a baby.  While I was walking home. as long as. I was walking home.  I had left before he came.. the first time..  Once he got married with Anna.until.  The next time I go to Bali.  As soon as she finished her study.. everytime. as soon as. She will go to America. as. ..  We stay here until she arrives.  The last time I met him.. Menyatakan dua atau lebih peristiwa yang terjadi berturutturut (berkronologis) 2.  When it began to train.blogspot. she stopped smoking. untill. Verb Form in Time Clauses Time Verb in Main Clause Verb in Time Clause Expressed Future Present tense Future tense (or future quivalent) Present Perfect tense Present Tense Future Perfect tense Present Perfect tense Past Simple Past tense Past Progressive tense Past Progressive tense Simple Past tense Past Progressive tense Past Perfect tense Simple Past tense Conjuctions : When. Baru. he could not to join the lecture. till..com Ebook .not. once. the next time. I say hello. the accident happened yesterday. he was boss. the last time. after.English 3 for Islamic Studies 24 B.. it began to rain. since.setelah.  She cried for her money while his father was in the garden.. I went to TMII. Klausa Adverbia berkonjungsi Kontras (Concessive Clauses) Klausa ini digunakan untuk menunjukkan suatu hal yang kontras dalam kalimat yang komplek Conjuctions : maulanarubidaku@gmail..  Whenever I see her. I will visit your house.. Klausa Adverbia berkonjungsi Waktu (Clauses of time) Klausa kalimat kompleks yang menunjukkan hubungan waktu dapat berposisi sebelum atau sesudah induk kalimat.englishclinicclub. Examples :  After she has finished his study at the Best School Yogyakarta. for.  I haven’t met Iwan since he moved to Bandung. before.. by the time. during.  By the time the plane landed. whenever.  John never speaks to Dona as long as I stay here.com // www.  She rented the house before she came to my house. while. Jenis Klausa Adverbia 1.  As he was sick.  The first time I went to Jakarta.

 Anang will love Krisdayanti in the event that she is beautiful. Klausa Adverbia berkonjungsi Syarat (Clauses of Condition) Klausa ini menunjukkan syarat-syarat dalam kalimat kompleks Bahasa Inggris. Klausa Adverbia berkonjungsi Sebab (Clauses of causes) Conjuctions : [1] because.  I will quit my job immediately if only I win the lottery. maulanarubidaku@gmail. with the result that. [2] so that. on the other hand. in case that. yet. hence.  Since she was sick she could not come to the party.. [3] dispite and inspite of. [2] (Adversative Clause)however.com Ebook . 4. such+.  Tom went swimming despite the cold weather... whereas. but. Letak konjungsi yang pertama bisa di awal atau di tengah. Conjuctions : If. she fails the exam. Letak kalimat penghubung pertama bisa di awal atau diantara dua kalimat. or. provided that.adj+noun.+that yang terletak di tengah. However.  Despite the cold weather. 3. since.English 3 for Islamic Studies 25 .  Die to the bad weather.  If she doesn’t study hard. so yang selalu terletak di tengah. so .  He visits Indonesia for he studies in this country. yang terakhir adalah fleksibel tetapi harus diikuti oleh nomina atau frasa nomina.englishclinicclub. Tom went swimming... accordingly. Examples :  Because she shaved with a blunt razor he didn’t make a very good job.+that. [3] in order to. letak yang kedua adalah diantara dua kalimat yang disampung. consequently.  He is stupid while his friend is clever. only if.[1] (Clauses of Contrast)although. Anang will not loe her. sedangkan yang kedua letaknya di awal dan diikuti oleh nomina dan frasa nomina. if only. still. he cancelled his flight. Tom went swimming. in the event that.  She will die unless she has the poison. other wise. even if. in other that.  Krisdayanti is beautiful. providing that.  It was cold..  He does not have money though his father is rich.com // www.adj/adv. Otherwise.blogspot. 5. due to. [2] because of. even though. nevertheles. thus. she attended the lecture. Conjuctions : [1] therefore. Klausa Adverbia berkonjungsi Tujuan (Clauses of Purpose) Untuk menunjukkan tujuan dalam suatu kalimat kompleks bahasa Inggris dapat digunakan beberapa kata hubung. for. Examples :  Although she was sick.. while. as. though. Examples :  I will be happy if I win the lottery.. on purpose to yang selalu diikuti oleh nomina atau frasa nomina. unless. owing to. on condition that.

afterwards he drank.Inc. [2] in addition to.  He spoke to me as if he was the boss at Best School Yogyakarta.  He ate. Examples :  She spoke English as if she had been in America for many years. 2004.blogspot.  In order to take the first train. subsequently. Darno looks after the garden. he left earlier. O.  Besides doing the cooking. Klausa Adverbia berkonjungsi Tambahan Untuk menambahkan atau melengkapi ide. 7. Examples :  Let’s go for drink and then go home. people always welcome him. she always brings her camera with her. Modern English.  They are so clever that they can complete their task on time. maulanarubidaku@gmail. he looks after the garden.  It is such hot coffee that I can’t drink it. 8. in turn. in addition yang selalu diikuti oleh klausa. Yrama Widya. furthermore. CV. besides yang diikuti oleh nomina. Besides. berikut konjungsi yang sering digunakan seperti then. Marcella Frank. dapat digunakan konjungsi seperty : as.Examples :  Ali studied English very hard that he can speak it very fluently.englishclinicclub.English 3 for Islamic Studies 26 . Bandung.  Besides Darno does the cooking.  Jim locked the door.  Wherever you go and whatever you do. Yogyakarta. Klausa Adverbia berkonjungsi Urutan Untuk menyatakan urutan. later. Prentice-Hall. dkk. Examples :  Darno does the cooking.  They slept as though they were in a place.com Ebook . subsequently he went away. Referensi : Irham Ali Saifuddin. as if dan as though.  Shall we stop where the road ends?  Every where he goes.  We have to work smartly in order that we can get our share.  Wherever she goes. afterward. DIVA Press.  He walked so quickly that i couldn’t go after him. 2009. he looks after the garden. New Jersey. 1972. pendapat dalam bahasa Inggris dapat digunakan konjungsi : [1] beside. moreover.  She studies in order that she passed the test. Setiawan Djuharie.  The drug causes dizziness. Klausa Adverbia berkonjungsi Lokasi (Clauses of place) Untuk menunjukkan lokasi atau tempat dalam kalimat komplek bahasa Inggris dapat digunakan kata sambung : where dan wherever. after that. which in turn causes unconsciousness. Teknik dan Panduan Menerjemahkan Bahasa Inggris – Indonesia. I’ll come along with you. Buku Pintar TOEFL.com // www. 9. Klausa Adverbia berkonjungsi Cara (Clauses of Manner) Untuk menunjukkan cara dalam kalimat komplek bahasa Inggris. 6.

if + Simple Past Bentuk ini menunjukkan ketidakmungkinan atau pertentangan dengan fakta dengan acuan waktu masa mendatang.. he will answer them easily. if + Past Perfect Untuk mengekspresikan fakta atau realitas yang berlawanan dengan waktu lampau.C. kita dapat menggunakan kalimat kondisional jenis ini. Examples :  He would go out if his brother came. Catatan: Dalam real present conditional. Unreal Future Condition (Improbable) Would . Kemustahilan atau kemungkinan merupakan suatu yang bisa diusahakan. I will wait. Menyatakan hasil Ilmiah Examples : If water freezes.  If she has enough time.English 3 for Islamic Studies 27 .  They will tread the same path in life if they have identity of ideas and moral behavior. Kalimat pengandaian jenis ini digunakan untuk : a..com // www.  If you invite us. b. 3. tetapi kalau tidak maka hal yang mustahil dapat terjadi. they will wither and die.blogspot.  She would come if we invited her. we will come to your wedding party.englishclinicclub. Examples :  If I finish work early. 2.V1. I will play tennis. dalam unreal present conditional penutur menduga yang mungkin terjadi..  He will go out if his brother comes  They will have to go their different ways in life if their beliefs and moral conduct differ from one another. if + Simple Present Berbicara suatu yang mungkin dan mustahil dalam bahasa Inggris dapat dilakukan dengan menggunakan kalimat jenis ini. it become a solid If children are healty. Future-Possible Condition (real or factual Condition) Will . If orange blossoms are expected to very cold temperature. they learn to walk at about eighteen mont old.com Ebook . I will stop by on my way home if they have a good sale. Conditional Clauses (if Clause) 1.. We will come to your house if we have time.V1.  They would complete their exams if they had still much time.. Past Unreal Condition (Imposible) Would have + past participle.. she will come to your house. maulanarubidaku@gmail. If he listen to the question carefully. Artinya bahwa sesuatu mungkin terjadi secara rasional kalau dan kalau syarat-syaratnya dapat dipenuhi. Menyatakan hasil yang mungkin dimasa depan Examples : If you want to go to campus with me.. si penutur menduga apa yang akan terjadi.

if + were Examples :  He would fly to her house if he were a bird.blogspot. Jadi rumusnya adalah : Unless = if . • She will buy the book if you do not give her one.V1. you cannot relize the real importance of this doctrine.. I would try it one more time.  if he were a king. saya akan marah. Tabel : Conditional Main Clause Future Simple Past Future if-clause Present Simple Past Simple Past Perfect Past Future Perfect Keterangan Mungkin Mungkin (kemungkinannya lebih sedikit bila dibandingkan dengan yang di atas Mustahil maulanarubidaku@gmail. I will get angry. kecuali kalau) Kalimat menyangkal bisa diungkapkan dengan menggunakan if atau Unless.com Ebook ... 2. 4. Examples :  He would have finished his work if he had started earlier. • It would never become effective unless these essential are achieved. I will get angry. not Examples : 1. Conditional Clauses with Unless (Jika tidak. • It would never become effective if these essential are not achieved.Bentuk ini menggambarkan kegiatan yang tidak pernah ada di masa lampau.  if I were you.  She would have read the letter if she had received it.  They would have been here if there had not been a traffic jam..com // www. Terjemahannya : If he does not return my book. . • If you do not know the real meaning of the phrase “There is not deity but Allah” and the bearing of its acceptance on human life.English 3 for Islamic Studies 28 D.englishclinicclub. she would be a queen.. 3 • She will buy the book unless you give her one. Kalau dia tidak mengembalikan buku saya. • Unless you know the real meaning of the phrase “There is not deity but Allah” and the bearing of its acceptance on human life. si penutur membuat perkiraan sudah atau mesti adanya suatu akibat bila peristiwa yang terjadi di masa lampau itu betul-betul terjadi.. Imaginary Would .. Atau : Unless he returns my book. you cannot relize the real importance of this doctrine.

English 3 for Islamic Studies 29 .Inc. Prentice-Hall. Marcella Frank.Referensi : A. Raymond Murphy. Bandung U. Kaji Ulang Kata Kerja Bahasa Inggris. Islamic English. 2002. 2009. Muhibbin Syah. Rosdakarya. Modern English. IAIN SGD. Cambridge University Press. Sachri Ramdhan. Irham Ali Saifuddin.blogspot. 2005. Buku Pintar TOEFL. English for Islamic Studies. New Jersey. Yogyakarta. Universitas Siliwangi. English Grammar in Use. Chaedar Alwasilah. Bandung. 1994. 1972. Komara. dkk. Angkasa.englishclinicclub. Bandung. Tasikmalaya maulanarubidaku@gmail. Let’s Practice English. DIVA Press.com // www.com Ebook . 1999. 1993.

 The head who we never respect is Bambang. Karimun.  The students [S] that came in the class very late is Eny.com // www.blogspot.  The singer who came here is John Lenon. that itu dapat menggantikan fungsi dan posisi which yang menggabung nomina benda sebagai subjek maupun objek adjektiva klausa.  The boy [O] that they appreciate is smart Budiman.English 3 for Islamic Studies 30 . Untuk kepemilikan dapat digunakan whose atau which. C.  The man who married me last year was died.com Ebook . which.  The pen [S] that writes well belongs to me. D. WHO dan Whom diganti dengan THAT  The man [S] who is working at the restaurant is Mr.  The scarf [O] that she borrowed from her roomate is red.englishclinicclub.  The students [S] who came in the class late is Firdaus. B. which untuk benda.  The waitress whom we notice is Anna. Sedangkan konjungsi whom digunakan dengan menyambung nomina yang berfungsi sebagai objek dalam kalimat dengan klausa adjektiva.  The reader who we appreciate is John. WHICH diganti dengan THAT  The pen [S] which writes well belongs to me. A. Dalam Klausa Adjektiva terdapat beberapa kata penghubung yaitu : who.  The scarf [O] which she borrowed from her roomate is red.  The man [S] that is working at the restaurant is Mr. Azwar. whose.  The boy [O] whom they appreciate is smart Budiman. that untuk kedua-duanya. maulanarubidaku@gmail. that. Jadi.KLAUSA ADJEKTIVA (Adjective Clauses) Klausa Adjectiva merupakan anak kalimat yang menjelaskan nomina atau Nomina. Kata penghubung who dan whom digunakan untuk merangkai nomina orang. Preposisi juga bisa menggandeng konjungsi untuk merangkai nomina yang dijelaskan dengan klausa adjektiva. Azwar. Klausa Adjektiva dengan WHO dan WHOM Konjungsi who digunakan dengan menyambung nomina yang berfungsi sebagai subjek dalam kalimat dengan klausa adjektiva. Klausa Adjective dengan WHOM  The president whom we should visit are Bush and Saddam.  The too egoistic man whom we never appreciate is PBI-S1 chair-man.  The girl who tired to flatter the kind boy is Monica. Klausa Adjektiva dengan THAT Konjungsi that dapat digunakan untuk menghubungkan nomina sebagai subjek atau objek manusia dengan klausa adjectiva. whom. Exaamples : Klausa Adjective dengan WHO  The boy who can sing a song is Kerry.  The teacher who visited sick Ana is Mr.

She borrowed them. LPBI “Progresif”.com // www. [OP]  The man whom [O] I talked to was helpful. Examples : The man [S] was helpful. Konjungsi tersebut menjadi objek preposisi dalam klausa adjektiva. Marcella Frank. Undang. dkk. Examples : The river [S] is polluted. It [S] flows through town.  The man to whom I talked was helpful. 2006. whom. 1994. English Grammar in Use. Prentice-Hall. Yogyakarta.com 31 . Gramatika Bahasa Inggris. Raymond Murphy. yang berfungsi untuk menggabungkan klausa adjektiva dan nomina yang berstatus posesif. The man [S] called the police.  The girl whose hair is long swam in the pool. 2009. DIVA Press. Buku Pintar TOEFL. F.  The man whose car was stolen called the police. Referensi : Irham Ali Saifuddin. and that yang berfungsi untuk menyatukan antesden nomina dan klausa adjektiva.englishclinicclub. The books [O] belong to Ali. Modern English. Cambridge University Press. Klausa Adjektiva dengan WHOSE Whose digunakan sebagai konjungsi yang menunjukkan kepemilikan. Dalam hal ini that dapat menggantikan fungsi which sebagai konjungsi. 1972.English 3 for Islamic Studies maulanarubidaku@gmail.  The man I talked to was helpful. G. Ebook .blogspot.E. Klausa Adjektiva dengan Preposisi Preposisi bisa bergandengan dengan konjungsi which. [O]  The books [O] which she borrowed belong to Ali. Tasikmalaya. I talk to him.  The river which flows through town is polluted. His [Pos] car was stolen.  The river that flows through town is polluted. New Jersey.Inc.  The books [O] that she borrowed belong to Ali.  The man that [O] I talked to was helpful. Klausa Adjektiva dengan WHICH Klausa adjektiva juga dapat memanfaatkan which sebagai konjungsi kalau subjek atau objek yang diterangkan adalah nomina benda.

Klausa Nomina yang didahului pernyataan Klausa nomina yang didahului oleh that yang biasanya dikarenakan/ disebabkan oleh fungsi salah satu unsur adalah object. seperti :  I think that Mr.  I dreamed that I was on the top of a mountain. Do you know whether the bus stop here? I wonder whether Ann went to California. Jones is a good teacher. Sedangkan or not pada klausa whether bisa muncul di akhir atau bergandengan dengan whether.KLAUSA NOMINA (Noun Clauses) Klausa Nomina atau Noun Clause merupakan anak kalimat yang mengandung paling tidak subject dan predikat serta berfungsi sebagai nomina.englishclinicclub. Karena berfungsi sebagai nomina. Berikut ini beberapa verba yang lazim diikuti oleh klausa nomina : • • • • • • • • • • Assume that Guess that Learn that Realize that Conclude that Fear that Imagine that Pretend that Regret that Understand that • • • • • • • • • Believe that Hear that Notice that Suppose that Decide that Forget that Indicate that Read that Reveal that • • • • • • • • • Discover that Hope that Predict that Think that Demonstrate that Find out that Observe that Recall that Remember that • • • • • • • • • Dream that Know that Prove that Agree that Daubt that Figure that Presume that Recognize that Teach that B. Yes/No Question  Is John sick?  Did you pass the test? Klausa Nomina dengan whether – or not She wonders whether John is sick or not. or not sering muncul di akhir kalimat atau klausa.blogspot. A. I wonder if you are a teacher or not. If dan whether artinya sama dalam klausa nomina. maka klausa nomina dapat berfungsi sebagai subject. I’m sure whether or not you passed the test.com Ebook .com // www. komplemen.English 3 for Islamic Studies 32 Yes/No Question Klausa Nomina dengan if – or not . I don’t know if she is an artist or not. maulanarubidaku@gmail. Examples : Yes/No Question Klausa Nomina dengan If  Is John home?  Does the bus stop here?  Did Ann go to California? I don’t know if John is at home. Klausa Nomina yang didahului Yes-No Question Klausa nomina dapat dimulai dengan if dan wether kalu objeknya adalah Kalimat Tanya Yes-No Question diubah menjadi nomina klausa. object dan lain lain.  Is she an artist?  Are you a teacher? Catatan: Pada nomina klausa dengan if. She doesn’t know whether you are fine. Do you know if the bus stop here? I wonder if Ann went to California. Yes/No Question     Is John home? Does the bus stop here? Did Ann go to California? Are you fine? Klausa Nomina dengan whether I don’t know whether John is at home.

whose. whose. Klausa Nomina yang didahului WH Question Klausa nomina bisa didahului oleh kata-kata tanya seperti when. I wonder with whom she came here.English 3 for Islamic Studies 33 Yes/No Question Noun Clause . who. That Wati goes to school is okay. where. Yes/No Question  Are you a nurse?  Does she dance?  Has she come here? Noun Clause Whether you are a nurse or not makes me sad. With whom she got married is not matter. Examples : WH Question Noun Clause     Where does he live? What did he say? When did Ali come here? With whom did she come here? I don’t know where he lives. WH Question  What is she talking about?  Where does she live?  With whom did she got married? Noun Clause What is she talking about is okay. Examples : Kalimat Berita Noun Clause  The news is true. whom. klausa nomina dapat dimulai dengan that. Fungsi-Fungsi Nomina Klausa 1. The issue is that the news is true.  God exists.com // www. I’m not sure when Ali came here.C. if or not. if or not.  He satisfies her. Whether or not she dances is not my business. what. which. why. That Ali is sick is a problem for Ann. dan kata-kata tanya when. The case is not that God exists. Klausa Nomina sebagai Komplement (complement of sentence) Mirip dengan Subjek. The case is not you are single or not. whom. where. I don’t know what he said. That you are a teacher prides us. Klausa Nomina sebagai Subject (Subject of sentence) Sebagai Subjek.  Is his mother sick?  Was he married?  Are you single> WH Question  What do you want?  What are you looking for?  Where does she live? Noun Clause It is what you want. It is what you are looking for. which. who. which. why.  Wati goes to school. Examples : Kalimat Berita Noun Clause  Ali is sick. how.englishclinicclub.blogspot. who. whom. whether or not. The problem is not where she lives. Where she lives is a problem. why. dan kata-kata tanya when. whether or not. what.com Ebook . how. D. If she has come here or not is not really influential.  You are a teacher. where. maulanarubidaku@gmail. how. 2. whose yang masing-masing berbeda fungsinya dalam bertanya. The case is whether his mother is sick or not. komplemen klausa nomina dapat dimulai dengan that. The problem is if he was married or not. what. His hobby is that he satisfies her.

dkk. Klausa Nomina sebagai Objek Langsung (Direct Object of Verb/ Predicate Noun) Object verba menjadi klausa dapat diwujudkan dengan menggunakan konjungasi seperti if atau whether kalau klausanya berwujud pertanyaan yes-no question.  Marry is already married. 1972. WH Question  What is his book about?  When will she come here?  How long do you take bath? Noun Clause I am quite certain to what his book is about. 2006. He knows that Marry is already married. Marcella Frank. Undang. kata-kata tanya kalau klausanya berupa pertanyaan informatif dan that jika berupa kalimat berita. Yogyakarta.3. Klausa Nomina sebagai Objek setelah Preposisi (Object after Preposition) Examples :  Give the message to whoever is in the office!  We didn’t agree about what they said. maulanarubidaku@gmail.English 3 for Islamic Studies 34 .com Ebook .blogspot.  She is not sure her uncle. Tasikmalaya.com // www. 2009. New Jersey. Modern English. Examples : Kalimat Berita Noun Clause  I don’t know his book. They are not sure whether it is yours. I don’t know that the book belongs to him. Be certain to when she’ll come here! Make sure how long you take bath! 4. Prentice-Hall. She doesn’t know if you are single or not. Buku Pintar TOEFL.Inc.  Do they job in whatever way you wish? Referensi : Irham Ali Saifuddin. Yes/No Question  Is this his book?  Is it yours?  Are you single? Noun Clause I wonder whether or not this is his book.englishclinicclub. Gramatika Bahasa Inggris. I presume that the man is her uncle. LPBI “Progresif”. DIVA Press.

com // www. New Jersey. 2006. Referensi : Marcella Frank. LPBI “Progresif”. Past Participle (passive) Neglected child 3. Prefect Participle (active) Having completed the job They left early B.blogspot. Tasikmalaya. Gramatika Bahasa Inggris.Inc.English 3 for Islamic Studies 35 .PARTICIPAL PHRASES A. maulanarubidaku@gmail. Undang.com Ebook . Prentice-Hall. Bentuk Participle 1. 1972. Present Participle (active) Running water 2.englishclinicclub. Modern English.

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