Hi, this is Nick Ortner, Creator and Producer of The Tapping Solution and the 2013 Tapping World Summit. I’m so delighted that you’re with us today. Today it’s a real honor to be where I am. I’m sharing this lovely couch in sunny San Diego with a mentor and a friend, Louise Hay. Usually with these kinds of interviews you have a whole long bio. I was doing a little research about what to say about Louise, and the bio is a little bit long for this. I’m holding her book here, You Can Heal Your Life. You might have heard of it. It sold I think at last count 50 million copies.

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Worldwide. Worldwide. I’ve got to break this down. Usually we call someone a bestselling author. So you’re a bestselling author, but 50 million copies, do they give you a new title for that? I just find it amazing, and I feel I didn’t have anything to do with it. Once I wrote the book a life said, “This book must go out,” and took over. How many things in our lives do we want to have happen like that and they don’t? What’s the difference? What did you do differently with this book that other people aren’t doing? I didn’t do anything with the book. I just wrote it, and wrote it because I wanted to help more people than I could do in a workshop. Louise has helped people around the world with Hay House Publishing, which I don’t know how many books you’ve sold through Hay House Publishing. Do you have that number? No. Hundreds of millions. You’ll have to ask Reed for that. Reed knows the answers. Thank you so much for joining us today. You’re welcome. This is a really special moment for me. The Tapping World Summit, this is the fifth annual one. Every year we just do the same thing that you do, put out content focused on helping people and sharing something that’s really powerful. I know you’ve been doing a little tapping. You know something about tapping. I’m a newbie to tapping.
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What is happening right then. So if your back hurts it’s what’s
 . Do you remember what your first experience was with tapping? Was it Cheryl sharing it with you. like exercising and drinking green juice. after so many things that are so challenging for us. Then when you do that. “Something this simple and easy could really work? That’s great. what I like to call the truth.” and the whole audience tapped with us. I’d rather just do affirmations right away and I want to be positive. but why is it important to take a look at what’s happening? If you’re going to clean a house you have to see the dirt. Have you ever been scared of looking at the dirt? Oh sure. What is happening in the moment.TheTappingSolution. Did you think it was as weird as I thought it was when I first found it? No. “Let’s tap. you have to see the dirt that you’re cleaning. which is a lot of the same thing that happens in your book. I thought it was delightful. if you’re going to do the dishes. I didn’t think it was weird.
 Nick: Louise: Nick: You’re a newbie with tapping. of course. One of the things that I love about tapping is that we’re taking a look at what’s going on in our lives and we’re taking a hard look. One of the things that I say about tapping is that it works so well and so fast. If you’re going to clean a turkey pan. But Page 2 of 13 Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: 
 www. Why do you think people are scared to look at the dirt? I can’t speak for others. I get a lot of pushback from people who say. I got myself in a little trouble. We did a big tapping on the last session that we had that we spoke together. Beautiful. We take a look at what’s going on and we tap on what’s called the negative.” Right. You do that. then you can do lots of good affirmations. “I’m scared to go look at that. If you’re angry it’s what’s happening. I said. and really taking a look at – it’s oftentimes easier to do the other things in our lives that are important. and so she pulled me out of it. yes. But it requires a degree of honesty and truth.” Of course I know you believe more than anybody in the world about being positive. She said. Cheryl Richardson? Yes. I think we all are. I do that. It’s what’s going on.

I just finished a book for Hay House that’s being published in April. Then you’re doing it in a positive manner that sends another signal to the mind. There’s a certain population that wants to know what’s the Western science. A lot of the work that you teach talks about you can hear your life going back in the past and thinking about your parents and your childhood and the things you haven’t let go of. You and I are kind of like we’ll do whatever. It’s not as pretty as this. You’ve done a little bit of tapping with Cheryl. What’s it called? It’s called The Tapping Solution. I call them my inner D.
 that’s actually easier to do than it is to say.TheTappingSolution. which is sending one signal to your body. which is that fight or flight response center of the brain. We did a little bit of tapping on some neck pain and that kind of thing. I’m right with you. Tell me a little more. a lot of what we deal with on a daily basis is that stress response. Not because we necessarily need it. As you well know. If you talk to Reed we might make it
 . “Do I finally forgive me mother or father? Am I going to let go of the anger that I have?” Louise: Nick: Do I admit that I was part of it? Yeah. but it’s a good looking book. The latest research is pointing to the fact that when we’re doing this tapping on these meridian points we’re sending a calming signal to the amygdala. the meridians. Fear. Somehow it works. But I don’t have to know. So you’re obviously touching the right places. I’ve spent the last ten years using tapping and not knowing exactly what works and different theories. In the book I’ve done a lot more research to find out what’s the real science behind it. that fight or flight response. There you go. Why is it so important to do that in our work? A lot Page 3 of 13 Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: 
 www. absolutely. and I haven’t a clue. Why do you think it works? What’s your understanding of what’s going on with it? You’re touching the body. there’s something that’s coming up. I know. You think it’s fancy and pretty? We’ll see. Fear.

” I love and adore of myself or I love and approve of myself. to tap and say affirmations in front of the mirror. We’ll have people do it also. I really. Do you want to do a little tapping for the crowd? Sure. “I’m not good enough about this. if you do it over and over again for awhile it’s like you connect on a different level with that inner child who’s been waiting for years and years and years for you to acknowledge it. Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Yes. It pushes through. You had a little neck pain the last couple of days. “I love you.
 of people say. They have all these messages back here that say. “Even though I have.” after they’re done doing the work they can go and tap on those issues. You do the mirror work it brings up the things that are bubbling.
 .” whatever the problem is. but I have learned that people who do their affirmations in front of a mirror make much quicker progress than other people. “You forgot to shave today. Page 4 of 13 
 www. What people can do when they do that mirror work. is to look in the mirror and look into your own eyes.TheTappingSolution. Start with something really simple but difficult like. But once you can do that. your makeup isn’t on right or. Maybe that will be the next innovation.” Most people can’t do that at all because it’s just too painful. Something happens. Or maybe you can even tap in front of the mirror. so we did some tapping. I accept myself. “You’re no good. it brings up so much stuff. Nick: Louise: Nick: Yeah. What I can see.” Louise: Nick: Louise: Well. I hear that. if something specific comes up like. My childhood was miserable and I never want to think about it again. really love you. “I love and forgive myself. That’s to me like the mirror work that I do. “I don’t want to look at the past. The tapping setup phrase is.” or something. then it’s very important that you start forgiving because forgiveness sort of wipes the slate clean so that other things can come in. So sort of combine both together. and I couldn’t tell you what it is.

 Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Yes. I think that’s important because we do have a tendency in this society to just want to be fixed. It was a way of life for me and was one after another. Beautiful.TheTappingSolution. To clean up or maybe just to punish myself one more time. My thought was for some reason it’s time for me to let this go. What does that mean to you? As a child I was punished so much. It was like I wasn’t allowed to have that goodness. absolutely. Tell me. Just before I break through to something really wonderful it’s like I do something in my body.
 . I was just pounding away at myself. I realized that this went back to a time when I was five years old and my step father used to hold my head under water and he had his thumb in that particular place. is still doing her work. Some problems are more sticky than others. I’m sure it’s really reassuring for people around the world to hear that Louise Hay. how deep do you want to take me? For people who weren’t with us. let’s talk about the neck pain and what was going on and our conversation. Page 5 of 13 Nick: Louise: Nick: 
 www. because I wasn’t doing very well on it. How deep do you want to go? Well. That’s been a pattern of mine for a long time. I haven’t figured that quite out. probably the last couple of sessions. At 86 I’m still willing to go for it. sold 50 million copies of her book. When I first entered the metaphysical world I discovered that every single time I did something nice for myself I would hurt my body. Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: To clean up. and I had to do a lot of work on dissolving that. the queen of affirmations. The thing is how to find out how to do it. but we can always do a little more. It started as some spasms. Yes. you said to punish yourself one more time. It’s better. I was feeling tremendous pressure back here and on my neck. it started as some spasms that wouldn’t go away.

How do you see that memory now? Do you feel tension in your body? Is it a picture you see? Is it just something you remember? It’s a feeling. You think. When I get over this problem this will be it. When you think of that memory now. Let’s both close our eyes and just sort of connect. what do I do?” Instead of. You’ve got a bit of money. And that’s it. “Leave me alone. and how life works for me is that when I get to a really good level then it’s like. Thank you. and then that’s it. I don’t know about that. I’m glad it doesn’t hurt. no. So it doesn’t hurt right now. they’re spasms. We’ll ignore everybody else out there and we’ll close our eyes. Your magic presence. now we’re going to deal with this thing. “Alright that’s fine. A lot of us just want to stop when we hit a safe place. You have a good house to live in. so that was good.” Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: The neck pain. I’m not going to touch anything
 . Not since you walked through the door this morning. It’s always easier to tap when we can see a difference. And there’s another thing. I want you to think back to that memory if it feels safe to do so. You’re okay.” But I have watched me. “Okay. What’s the feeling? Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Page 6 of 13 
 www. They can connect with us.TheTappingSolution. I’ve done a little by myself. It’s a feeling. I’ll never have to deal with anything again.” I’ve learned to just say. how do you feel? What comes up for you? It isn’t as strong as it was. Exactly. Which I’m glad it doesn’t hurt. We dropped like 50% in that tapping. but it’s not the same thing as working with a real pro. okay. Don’t talk to me about that. right? Not at this moment. You’ve got some nice friends. “Okay. We did a little bit of tapping on what happened when you were five years old.
 Louise: Nick: Louise: Yes.

It’s a trapped situation. So it’s gone down. I deeply and completely accept myself. okay. It was so scary. It’s had it for so long. Even though my body doesn’t want to let go of this fear. I choose to release it now. When we tapped before it was much higher. but it’s still there because the child is very helpless in that point and can’t really do anything to get out of it. I choose to release it all
 Louise: It’s a feeling of fear. Where do you feel that fear in your body? In here. It’s not the terror that it was. Even though I’m still carrying this fear in my body From what happened with my step father. Now let’s go tapping through the points: Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: SH: Louise: Nick: EB: SE: UE: UN: CH: This fear in my body. very much. I felt so much fear. Five. Tapping on the side of the hand: Even though I have this fear in my body From what happened with my step-father. okay. How strong is it 0 to 10? Five. This fear about what happened. All this fear. And it needs it to stay safe. So many years ago. It’s been many years ago. Yes.TheTappingSolution. Page 7 of 13 
 www. Why don’t we do some tapping to move that fear.

That’s alright. Where would you say it is now? Two. Letting it go now. okay. Letting it all go now. Tune back into that feeling in your chest and shoulders. Let’s start tapping on the side of the hand. As always. And I choose to let this fear go. I am safe now. yes. Take a deep breath. And I didn’t really know what was happening or what to do. Letting it all go. okay. in positive affirmations. Let’s do this. We all have angels. It’s safe to let it go. and you have a special angel that is your own. I’m going to ask you to lead the way because I can’t lead the queen of affirmations.” What would be the positive affirmation for that? Louise: You know you have an angel. You just give me a positive affirmation. I feel like we can positive affirmation it out. In spite of all that you have gone through this angel has taken Page 8 of 13 
 www. because it’s only a 2. If you were talking to someone else and they said. any other memories or any other feelings? No. Two. It’s time to let it go. and see if it’s shifted at all. Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: It has shifted. The time has passed. we tune back in.TheTappingSolution. Nothing new. It was at a 5 before.
 CB: UA: TH: EB: SE: UE: UN: CH: CB: UA: TH: I was only five years old. Then did anything come up for you as we were doing that tapping. I didn’t know what to do. Was the memory very present for you when we were doing the tapping? It was
 . a dinky little 2. “I had this trauma when I was five years old and I felt so much terror.

Page 9 of 13 Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: 
 www. That was interesting. this issue of pain and fear.TheTappingSolution. People get caught up in the language.
 care of you and protected you all your life. It’s safe to feel safe. This angel will protect you for the rest of your life. The rest of this issue. I think it’s pretty much gone. It’s safe to let go. Let’s tune back into your body. and you know this angel is here. you activated it. We also have it within us to do it. This angel is with you. If you weren’t tapping along with us. But you have an angel now. tune back into that fear and see if anything’s left. Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: And so it is. There’s a great freedom and a great love surrounds you. kind sir. what the issue is. feeling all alone and frightened. and be who you were meant to be and be who you were born to be. You can run and dance and play. I highly suggest you rewind the video and do that tapping because that is really special to have that from you.
 . You can call on this angel now to help dissolve the rest of this issue. speaking what’s going on. It will dissolve any issues that you’ve been through. and then start putting in how you would like it to be. That’s one of the things that I love about tapping that I try to impress on people all the time. You say it so eloquently. Exactly. I didn’t know where that came from. and all is truly well in your life now. or being terrorized by life. And so it is. thank you. It’s time for you to be free now. “You say it so eloquently. First of all talk about what’s bothering you. You are safe now. What do I say?” Just connecting do the feeling and just speaking out a truth. It’s safe to be safe. Thank you. this issue of being helpless and not being able to have anybody take care of you. That was beautiful. See.

Do you tap on a daily basis? I do. You could. Do you do it in bed? I don’t think I do it in bed. “I can do it. though. It’s so important to be empowered. You could. absolutely.” Absolutely. and there’s absolutely a place for them in our society. but it’s challenging when it’s like. you can absolutely tap in bed. It’s hard to go to sleep if you’re angry at something your boss said at two in the afternoon and you’ve been carrying it around all day. Doing the tapping then. What we’re always doing is just calming the body. We go to doctors and psychologists and psychiatrists. all that stuff that’s built up during the day. I probably need a better wakeup practice than I have now. You start the morning with a tapping. I can do this.TheTappingSolution. It’s not just Nick that can do it. amazing people doing great work. Tapping before going to sleep is great because a lot of times nightmares and just not sleeping well.
 Louise: Nick: How do want to feel when it’s through. But yeah. I know that’s what we’re both about. It’s usually checking my email a little too quickly. the tapping session is through? You can tap and visualize. You can really connect it with anything. I need to go to this person to fix me. To me it’s almost like the affirmations just go in even deeper when you do the tapping with it. It’s like taking a deep breath and feeling the meditative space. “Oh.” As opposed to going
 . negative first and then positive. Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Page 10 of 13 
 www. I can do it. I can do it too. empowering people so they feel that they can go inside and do their own work. You can feel the difference. Then just start doing. The tapping just really balances the body and the meridians. We can say to ourselves. So we can tap before bed and just let go of the things that happened.

and I’m in good shape and I’m fine.” But there’s a difference between some things in our past where there’s just a memory. Figuring it out. The earlier part of the book where it really helps to explore the different things in your life. You’ve done enough. You know that. That’s it. and that’s really the work that happens in your life going back and doing that work. It happened and we learned the lesson and we move on. yes. Then I got to the place where now I’m always still tapping on things. From my personal experience with tapping is right when I first got into it I used it a lot. “It’s in the past. Page 11 of 13 Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: 
 www. Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: I need to give you a percentage of the book. I think every tapping benefits. It was the bad breakup that was still holding onto something. but I’m starting to – To figure out how it all works. Then you tap with other people so much too. This is all about what a wonderful day this will be. It’s affecting
 .TheTappingSolution. Most of the time when I tap on a daily basis these days it’s on procrastination. But I think I could put a little tapping in there. and that benefits you also. Not necessary. I like it. What am I doing?” I tell people that you’re carrying that anger every day whether you think about it or not. I do believe it makes a big difference. I recommend that people. I’m just learning about this. but they’re different kinds of challenges. I have this habit now of I bless my bed and thank it for a really good night’s sleep. You think about something and you’re like. “I’m still angry at that person I was angry at about 20 years ago. I basically went to all the things in my past where I hadn’t let go of. your relationships. I like to describe to people because people go. I did a lot of work in the beginning. Report back to us how that goes. beyond the list of things of if you have something with anxiety here’s a cause from it.
 Louise: I think I’m going to try doing it when I first wake up. But some of them our bodies react. Great. you can use tapping along with that really well.

Yes. “Even though I don’t want to do this. to make you happy?’’ I like that. Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Nick: Louise: Yes. because we don’t think about that.” or you recognize. I find the taping just brings you to a peace. Page 12 of 13 
 www. “If I go for a walk I’m procrastinating. which doesn’t seem like procrastination but it is because I’m reading the same email 14 times and just staring at it. and there’s other times you’re staring at the computer and you’re saying – When you procrastinate what do you usually do? I’ll either do emails. We want life to make us happy. “What could I do right now to make you feel good.TheTappingSolution. You can use tapping for that too. beautiful. What I love about it is if you do tapping for five minutes you get to the place where you go. and then you can make a better decision as to what to do. I think you could also go to the mirror and do a little tapping and say. but it’s all in here.” But usually what we do is we don’t have any clarity on our decision so we say. TV here and there. whatever. There’s times when you’re writing and it’s flowing. Any parting thoughts for our lovely audience out there? Love yourself and tap happy.” So we beat ourselves up for doing the exact thing that we need to do. I deeply and completely accept myself. I need to go for a walk. But what I do is I’m staring at the computer and I don’t want to work on this project or the book. I used it for writing my
 . If you just think about. Some people eat.” Sometimes just that basic tapping will move it. I don’t eat. a place of clarity. “I’m either ready to go into this. I’ve been writing this book way too much. “No. Yes. or going online reading news sites. I’ll say.
 Louise: Nick: Really? Yeah. “What could I do right now to feel better?” Yeah.

All is well. I’ll see you soon. Thanks everybody. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I
 .TheTappingSolution. thank you so much for having me in your beautiful home and thank you for your time. You’re welcome.
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