Business Writing Circulars

• A circular letter is one which is sent out to many people at the same time • Used both within organization and for sending out information from organizations • The letter may be prepared once only and then duplicated • With modern technology, however , it is more likely that each letter could be personalized to look like an original

Situations Circulars
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Introduce a new product /service Opening of new branch Change of address Seasonal discounts Increase in price, etc Obtaining an agency Change in constitution of the firm

Salient features / Guidelines
• Contains a heading, date, circular number and signed by the authorized person • Attention – getting or exiting opening • Keep it brief, otherwise it may not be read • Ensure the letter is informative and direct

Salient features / Guidelines
• Must be worded in a personal style
• Use individual terms, e.g. ‘you’ and not ‘all of you’ or ‘you all’ • Use singular expressions

• Persuasive approach
• Tone of the circular is always in the form of a request instead of a command

A Circular announcing seasonal discount

BHAVANI ENTERPRISES 153, Commercial Lane Bangalore-26543657 Date: Oct 20, 2008 Dear ………. Come October 20, and all roads lead to Commercial Lane

Like every year, once again we are here to offer you our vast range of garments at unimaginable prices. Haven't you been awaiting this annual event? Hurry and pick up your choice before diwali or till the stocks last. Just to give you an idea of our unmatched offer we quote some prices below:

Gents shirts Rs 200 – 350 Cotton Sarees Rs 200 – 400 Gents trousers Rs 250 – 450 Sweat shirts Rs 100 - 150 Jeans Rs 250 – 400 Shorts Rs 75 - 150 We look forward to seeing you on October 20. Sd/Vijay Kumar (Manager Sales)

Circular informing change of address
LAKSHMI FURNITURE MART 15Th October, 2008 Sir/Madam, Today onwards we would be functioning from the following premises: 12/159, Victoria Road Bangalore – 54 Our new telephone numbers are: 25675489 25675488 Our new address has brought us to the heart of the city .We are sure it will be much easier for you to visit our new and spacious outlet. We look forward to your next visit at the earliest convenient time. Kindly ensure that all your correspondence is sent to the above address. Sincerely, Ramesh Rao (Manager, Personal Relations)