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- Granada x English Words by Dorothy Dodd Music by Agustin Lara Moderato Colla voce I'm fall - ing | un-der your spell, you could spenk what a | {as~ cin ~ at~ ing tale you would tell, oe age —_ the world has | long for - got - ten, @ tempo si-lent mag - icinGra-|| na -da to -| day. oy § mosso ten the | sky greets the |day with a |sigh for Gra- is |done and the jsun starts to | set in Gra E c C6 Cmaj7 be she can re-|mem-ber the | splen-dour that | once was Gra en -vy the [blush of the |snow clad si-| er-ra Ne I wan-der a-long Cmaj7 ce Em ctranc'd by the | beau-ty be -|| fore me, En -|tranc'd by a | land full of For | soon it will | wel - come the stars while a | thous-and gui | tars play a | soft Hab - an-| er F Fm c Fmé c Broadly Then | moon-lit Gray na-da will | live a~gain,__the | glo- ry of é Q Fm Ee yes-ter-day ro} man-tic and} gay. G7 Fm6 C Fm6 CG 7 Cc 9