PURCHASING Bidding Acceptance-4 10b.

Bids—Accepting /~ [DATE] [Name/Title] [Business/Organization Name] [Address] [City, State ZIP] Dear [ ]

The [officers of Bonebreak Clinic] are pleased to accept your bid for [providing regular diagnostic services and cancer screening through your comprehensive facility at Meredith Hospital]. Many excellent providers approached [clinic physician and administrative staff], but none showed the sensitivity to our purpose that you have. Your rates, while not the lowest, certainly are competitive. But our main concern is [the welfare of our patients]. We feel you have demonstrated competence and compassion in the services you offer. We are pleased to welcome you to our [medical] family. [Name] will be in touch shortly concerning financial and operational arrangements. Your contracts will be turned over to clinic manager [name], who will handle all further business arrangements. We look forward to our growing relationship in better serving the patients of [names] counties. Sincerely,

[Name] [Title]

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