PURCHASING Bidding/Negotiations Acceptance-5 38c.

Purchases—Response (Favorable) /~ [DATE] [Name/Title] [Business/Organization Name] [Address] [City, State ZIP] Dear [ ]

Your recent letter of [date] put our executive team in a bit of a squeeze. How best can we continue serving good customers when we ourselves are caught in a financial bind? After a review of your purchase records and a reexamination of our good past relationship, we have decided that loyalty and service mean more than short-term profits. Regarding [name of product], we would be delighted to make your firm a special offer of [price] per unit, a discount of [percent] below the advertised price. In order to help us keep our books in order, we ask that you purchase eighteen gross rather than twelve gross. The additional quantity will help offset the loss of income we will realize from this discount. If these terms are satisfactory, do nothing more. The eighteen gross will be shipped on [date]. If there are special shipping instructions, please call [name] at [telephone number] immediately. [He/she] will be happy to assist in making the necessary arrangements you will need. Payment, as always, will be net due in thirty days. Thank you for inquiry and your willingness to work with us through hard times. Sincerely,

[Name] [Title]