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Published by: cathe on Jul 21, 2009
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Often, many people just ask how they can make more money, how to be

successful. They just wanted to know how instead of knowing why. Now, the

proper question to be asked here is why you want to make more money? Why

did you want to be successful?

The Millionaire Insider

The Millionaire Secrets
Shawn Lim

You must know the reason first before you start to learn how. Just like most

people go to school, get good grades and work for the whole life. If you are one

of them, did you even know why you are doing so? If you want to become a

Millionaire today, you must first make sure the reason for you to achieve it.

Once you know why you want something so badly, you will do whatever it

takes to achieve it. If you don’t have the reason that you want something so

badly, frankly, I don’t think that you are going to achieve it. Even if you know

how to make money online, but if you don’t have the drive, you are going to

give up the moment you face obstacles, because you’ve got NO REASON to

keep on.

This is why we should know why before we know how. The reason can keep

you motivated and keep you moving all the time. It is the drive, the hot button

that is going to turn you on. If you lose the drive, you are not going to achieve

what you want even if you know the way.

Have you ever felt that you lack the drive, have you ever feel that you used to

have a drive but along the way you lost it? Now this is going to be very useful

to you. What drives us in life? What is the thing that drives human behavior?

Why some people so driven but some people are not. Is it the desire? But what

creates desire? Is it emotions? But specifically what kind of emotions? Let me

ask you this, do goals motivate you?

I know some people, they set all their goals; they say they want all these things,

but they don’t feel like doing. Goals do not motivate you; goals only give you a

direction of where to move towards. Goals only give you a benchmark of where

to hit but it is not going to get you there.

Let’s imagine you are a spaceship. This is you and you set a goal. You say

The Millionaire Insider

The Millionaire Secrets
Shawn Lim

your goal is to reach the moon. So by setting a goal you give yourself a

direction. Gives you a benchmark of where you are going to hit. But what gets

you there is not the goal. It is the thrust it is the push and this comes from the

fuel. In a human being, what is this fuel that pushes us everyday? What

creates that fuel? PASSION and DESIRE.

It is the purpose that drives you to take charge towards your goals and dreams.

It is the strong and burning desire that is going to make you take all the

necessary actions.

You know Donald Trump? What do you think drives Donald Trump? Winning,

he is a man who loves to win. Why it is there are a lot of people who are not

motivated in life. It’s because their goals are not aligned with their passion and

desire, their purpose.

Therefore, look for the reasonsthat you want financial freedom so much

before you start your journey to success. Find out the strong burning desire

behind you; know the reasons that keep you going.

You have to know why before you continue. Without a strong purpose, you will

never achieve what you want in your life. Once you have found out the reasons,

it is time to…

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