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Location: School Conference Room Our guiding question: How can you use what you experienced to build

faculty understanding of and excitement for EL ? Time: 2:45-4:30 Agenda: What did you experience? (45) -burning clarifying questions (more what was ____? rather than how do we do___?) (5) -Meet with dimension groups--What were 3 standout moments or images? How do they connect to your focus dimension? (Reference CP books) (10) -Share: images/moments, connection to your dimension (20) -venn diagram of Evergreen and Irmo: in small groups, then whole group. (10)

So what? (20) -Was there anything you expected to see but didnt? -Which differences (from Venn) do you think matter-- not to be feared but honored and kept in mind as we work together? (Discuss in triads, whole group share) -Which similarities seem important? Encouraging? (same)

Now what? (20) -CM/RJ lay out plan for photoessays--now that we have the material, are there any adjustments to the plan? -Individual reflection: Whats going to rattle around in your head as an area to push your own practice first? The schools? Invitation to share. Closing Circle: (10) I got___ I need___. (Chiji cards?)