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The Fate of Empires

by Sir John Glubb

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I rst heard this short work mentioned in a sermon by Roger Forster back in the eighties and had always had it in the back of my mind as being a book (that turned out to be more of a leaet!) that I wanted to read for myself. However, it wasn't until recently (early in 2007) that I contacted Roger to ask him for the title and author. Although he remembered the book in question, I was unable to nd a secondhand copy on the web (a very rare thing to happen - you can usually nd what you're looking for) and, instead, found a christian book that relied heavily on the work, entitled 'When the Empire Strikes Out' by William R Goetz and was able to obtain a copy even though it's now out of print. The rst 57 pages of the book were the real powerhouse of the work (with chapters 12 onwards not worth reading, in my opinion) and it led me on to put together my own work entitled The Overthrow of Western Civilisation that tried to show a Scriptural reason for Sir John's earlier work. Roger Forster, however, had it in his mind to send me a copy of Glubb's work as I had told him that no copy seemed to exist and I received a photocopy through the post that was, in fact, two works 'The Fate of Empires' and 'Search for Survival'. This latter work was a follow up to the earlier one, a response to the many letters he had received after the publication of the rst article. I don't believe that this second work is worth reproducing here but the rst remains a classic. As it's no longer available in print or secondhand (although I understand that there has been a private reprinting of the work recently), I've scanned the photocopy to produce this web page that contains the text of Sir John's work. I'm currently waiting for the Executors of Sir John Glubb's estate to decide whether the web page can continue to be available here on line but, as it stands, I believe I have a short temporary granting of permission until they can all be consulted and a decision reached. It will be removed if it's felt that it's in the best interests of the Estate to do so. Until that time, I am solely responsible for choosing to put this web page up for the Internet Community and ahead of the decision being reached.