Baroness Thompson PSY 360 Cognitive Psychology Module 5 Project 2

Complex Stimuli VS simple Stimuli

The sales person is responding to a fixed behavior. Fixed behavior will usually lead to predictable response. If the salesman is unable to pick out the right shoe, he may need a visual imagery. He can put posters above the area of each shoe. He can use this poster to remind him, of the different sizes. This could be associated with simple stimuli.

Our visual neurons respond in the real world. Natural Visual stimuli have been reported to evoke neural responses with brief, intense firing events. This has important implications for how visual information is encoded. A recent experiment measured the responses

A major part of vision research builds on the assumption that processing of visual stimuli can be understood on the basis of knowledge about the processing of simplified, artificial stimuli. Recent experimental advances, however, show that a combination of responses to simplified stimuli does not adequately describe responses to natural visual scenes. The Visual system is specifically adapted to the properties of its everyday input and can only fully be understood when probed with naturalistic stimuli.


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