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Promotions Team Leader Position Description and Application Procedure

About The Justice Project Macarthur The Justice Project Macarthur is a community action group concerned about global issues of poverty and injustice. The group began in 2010 and has hosted successful events such as 'The 40 Hour Famine Gig' showcasing local musicians at Camden Civic Centre and 'Summer Nights' outdoor cinema showing the films 'The Human Experience' and 'Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea' at Camden Town Farm. We also take opportunities to promote Fair Trade at local events, particularly in Fair Trade Fortnight in May. The group is focused on raising awareness in the Macarthur community of social issues such as hunger and food security, slavery and treatment of refugees. Our goals are empathy: encouraging the community to engage with and consider issues of poverty and injustice; education: raise awareness of social issues and give opportunities for locals to become better informed; empowerment: explore ways of responding and encourage active engagement. Promotions Team Leader Role The Justice Project Macarthur has recently started operating under 5 specialized teams; Event Production, Art & Design, Education, Media, and Promotions. This is to provide a structure that will enable the group to work more efficiently and allow greater scope for people to participate. General meetings are open to any individuals to attend and dates are set according to the availability of team leaders and/or the majority. Meetings are set by the JPM Coordinator. We are seeking an enthusiastic individual to head up our Promotions Team, giving direction, advice and strategic planning to help us raise awareness of The Justice Project and our events in the Macarthur community. The Promotions Team Leader will be responsible for overseeing the operations of the Promotions team. The Promotions team are responsible for social media and print media advertisements for The Justice Projects events, as well as networking, recruiting volunteers and online dialogue of issues. The Team Leader will assist in the strategic planning for marketing and promoting The Justice Project and events. The Promotions team are likely to work alongside the Art & Design team (for the graphic artwork) and the Education team (for the online dialogue). This is a volunteer position and requires at least 4 hours a month.