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New York State Evacuation of Facilities in Disasters System (NYS e-FINDS)

During Superstorm Sandy, more than 13,000 patients and residents were evacuated from State-regulated and State-run facilities, including more than 7,100 from hospitals and nursing homes. When these storms struck, there was no statewide system in place to track vulnerable patients and residents who had to be transferred to alternative locations due to flooding, power outages or damage to facilities.
This system was deployed statewide to 3068 hospitals, nursing homes, adult care facilities and state-owned facilities in OMH, OASAS, OCSF, OPWDD and OTDA with ability to track 400,000 patients immediately. All facilities use barcode wristbands pre-printed with the facility name for all patients and facility residents. Patient and resident locations can be updated and tracked using handheld scanners, mobile apps, or paper tracking (if power and/or phones are out of service).

eFINDS Web Application Screenshot

e-FINDS Mobile Application

Released on 8/19/13 for both iOS and Android devices. Using Sencha Touch as application development framework based on HTML5 and JavaScript and PhoneGap as deployment framework for multiple device platforms. REST APIs for authentication and data services.

Single logon using the same Health Commerce System (HCS) ID and password for the e-FINDS desktop application

Record Lookup and Data Entry

Users can either enter the Barcode ID manually or scan the barcode to enter data for a new patient at evacuating facility or lookup the patient record at receiving facilities

Barcode Scanning
Users can scan the barcode using the device camera to enter data for a new patient at evacuating facility or lookup the patient record at receiving facilities

Data Update
Data can be updated from the device to the remote eFinds database over the Internet using SSL, no data is stored locally.

Asthma Tracker Mobile Application

Being developed as an native iOS application. This application will allow people to keep track of their Asthma triggers including
When Where Medicines

Getting Started

Data Entry for Each Incident