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Name Gender Facial Structure History Psychology Class Morality Difficulty Urdnot Wrex Virmire Survivor Rachni Queen

Zhus Hope ME1 Romance Final Team Saren Arterius Battle of the Citadel Terran Councilor ME1 Notable Deaths ME1 DLC Tali & Legion Argue Maelon Talis Father The Geth Heretics Biotic God Miranda & Jack Argue Morinth Favorite Stores on the Citadel Loyalty Missions ME2 Romance Normandy SR2 Upgrades

The Suicide Mission

Vent Specialist Secondary Team Leader Normandy SR2 Crew Biotic Barrier Secondary Team Leader Escort Holding the Line Final Team Collector Base ME2 Notable Deaths ME2 DLC The Genophage

David Shepard Male Default Spacer Sole Survivor Infiltrator Paragon Normal Persuaded to destroy Sarens cure Ashley Williams Set free Colonists saved Fai Dan commits suicide Ashley Williams Ashley Williams & TaliZorah Driven to suicide Council saved Captain Anderson Kaiden Alenko None Both settle their differences Survives and flees Tuchanka Mordin Solus keeps a copy of data Tali judged innocent Experiments never revealed Reprogrammed Took a nap Miranda told to back off Killed by Samara 3 All completed All crew except Miranda & Zaeed loyal None Shields Weapons Hull TaliZorah Garrus Vakarian 50% survival rate Jack Thane Krios (dies) Grunt All survive Mordin Solus & TaliZorah Destroyed Thane Krios Firewalker, Zaeed, Normandy Mordin Solus gives his life Mordin Solus sings & mentions seashells Genophage cured Eve lives

Major Kirrahe Conrad Verner Garrus Citadel Shootout Jacks Students Rannoch

Samara Sanctuary Liaras Time Capsules ME3 Romance Final Team Effective Military Strength Admiral Anderson The Illusive Man New Solution ME3 Notable Deaths

ME3 DLC Trilogy Notable Deaths

Urdnot Wrex rules Tuchanka Killed by Kai Leng Shot by Cerberus operative Garrus wins All saved and assigned to support roles Admiral Koris saved Geth server shut down Geth & Quarians united Stopped from committing suicide Henry Lawson killed by Miranda The honest truth Ashley Williams Ashley Williams & TaliZorah Very high Shot by The Illusive Man Shot by David Shepard Synthesis Mordin Solus Legion Admiral Anderson David Shepard Extended Cut Kaiden Alenko Thane Krios Mordin Solus Legion Admiral Anderson David Shepard