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Project Management 100 Success Secrets

Project Management 100 Success Secrets


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Addresses the top 100 consultancy and education forum questions, with tips and success factors on investigating, evaluating, attaining and capitalising on Project Management best practice frameworks, tools, methodologies and professional certification. There has never been a book like this. CRM 100 Success Secrets is not about the long-winded ins and outs of Customer Relationship Management. Instead, it answers the top 100 contemporary questions that we are asked and come across daily in professional forums, consultancy and education programs. The author uncovers the questions that matter, with straightforward, highly accessible tips that have never before been offered in print. This book is not about exhaustive best practice and standards details. Instead, it addresses the key strategic points you want to know to be successful in CRM. The Secrets are right here – reach out and grasp Success with both hands. 9780980459906 Paperback 9781742440750 ePub

Addresses the top 100 consultancy and education forum questions, with tips and success factors on investigating, evaluating, attaining and capitalising on Project Management best practice frameworks, tools, methodologies and professional certification. There has never been a book like this. CRM 100 Success Secrets is not about the long-winded ins and outs of Customer Relationship Management. Instead, it answers the top 100 contemporary questions that we are asked and come across daily in professional forums, consultancy and education programs. The author uncovers the questions that matter, with straightforward, highly accessible tips that have never before been offered in print. This book is not about exhaustive best practice and standards details. Instead, it addresses the key strategic points you want to know to be successful in CRM. The Secrets are right here – reach out and grasp Success with both hands. 9780980459906 Paperback 9781742440750 ePub

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Project Management 100 Success Secrets

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There has never been a book like this. Project Management 100 Success Secrets is not about the long-winded ins and outs of Project Management. Instead, it answers the top 100 contemporary questions that we are asked and come across daily in professional forums, consultancy and education programs. The author uncovers the questions that matter, with straightforward, highly accessible tips that have never before been offered in print. This book is not about exhaustive best practice and standards details. Instead, it addresses the key strategic points you want to know to be successful in Project Management. The Secrets are right here – reach out and grasp Success with both hands.

Table of Contents
Project Management is a Disciplined Activity...............................11 Trainee Project Management Positions For Future Leadership..12 Software Project Management – The Different Approaches to Project Management Software .........................................................13 Project Manager’s Project Management For Senior Management ...............................................................................................................15 SAP Project Management Tips.........................................................16 The Benefits Of Having a Job In A Project Management Nonprofit Publishing Media ............................................................17 Why Project Scope Management is Necessary ..............................18 How To Make Project Quality Management Plan Work For You. ...............................................................................................................19 Using Project Quality Management to Exceed Expectations.......20 What Is Project Program Management...........................................21 Account Management in a Project...................................................22 Operations Management of a Project..............................................23 The Manager for Project Management ...........................................24 The Project Manager and Director for Management ....................25 The Important Project Manager Skills In Management ...............26 Defining The Project Management Work Breakdown Structure 27 The Tools for Project Management..................................................28 A Description of Certain Project Management Techniques ........29

... 31 Project Management To Program Management To Operations PM................................ 30 Project Management Resume Tips And Reminders .................................. 39 What are the Project Management Methodologies .................................... 44 Great Opportunities In Project Management.... 40 The Components of a Project Management Life Cycle...................................... 46 Duties Of The Project Management Director................ 41 Jobs in Project management........................................................................... 42 The Institute for Project Management..................................................... 34 How To Be A Project Management Professional.........The Software for Project Management................................................................................. 35 Project Plan And Project Management Plan ...................................................... 43 The Project Management Information Systems Certificate.. 45 What to Look for In a Project Management eBook ................................................................................. 37 Project Management Metrics Founded on EVM System.......... 32 Project Management Professional Courses for Task's Overall Success .................................................... 36 Differentiating Project Management Objectives from Project Management Goals ..................................................................................................................................................................... 47 Project Management Degree: Why Project Managers Need To Take This Course.................................. 48 . 33 How to Get a Project Management Professional Certification.................................. 38 The Things You Need To Know of Project Management Methods ...........................

.............................57 Training on Project Management ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................62 Processes involved in Project Management .........................56 The Role of Project Managers/Directors in Project Management ...............................................................64 Project Management Methodology – The Project Management Life Cycle.......59 Project Management Templates – Standard Templates for Project Documentation ....49 Studying Project Management Case Studies Helps In Your Success .................................51 Operating within the PM ......................61 Let Palm do the Tracking...............52 Project Risk Management – Strategies to Handle Risk Elements53 Project Management – The Aim of ERP........................................................................................................Project Management Consulting Can Solve Your Project Management Problems..............................................................................................................................................................63 The need for a Project Management Office ..65 Essentials of Project Management Healthcare Services ......................54 What is a Project Portfolio Management .....................60 Project Management Skills – Setting Project Management Standards................................................67 ..55 The Difference Between Project and Program Management....................................................................................58 An Aid to Project Management Execution.........................

.......... 68 Project Management Course – Maximizing Resources towards Project Management Certification .......................................... 69 What is Project Construction/Civil Engineering Management? 70 Project Management Certificate – Becoming Certified Project Management Professionals ...................... 73 Best Practices in Project management .....................................Project Management Courses – Preventing Potential Risk Concerns in the Organizations.......................... 75 Gantt Chart – A Project Management Bar Chart ... 76 Articles to Read on Project Management............................................................... 77 What Does Construction Project Manager Engineer Management Entail?............................................... 83 ..... 78 The Tasks of a Construction Management Project Supervisor Engineer............................................. 80 Electronic Project Management For The Training Manager... 79 Director of Project Management – Leading the Way towards Project Success ....................................................................................................................................................................................................... 81 Energy Power Management – Project Management for Energy Conservation................................................................................................................................................................................................ 82 Functions of a Project Manager or Director in Project Management .......................................................................... 72 Project Management Body of Knowledge – Learning Project Management in an Instant ...........................

.................................................84 Decide the best PM software for Free .89 Is It Possible to Get Free Project Management eBooks From the Internet?.....................................................................96 A Short List of Project Management Topics................................87 An Introduction to the History of Project Management ..................94 IT Project Management – Tips in Finding Project Management Tools...98 Managing Projects through Image Processing ......................92 The ABC's of Healthcare Project Management.........................................100 Software made Easy for Project Management ...........102 ...........................................85 Requirements for the Position of Director Project Management 86 Project Management Engineering and Construction – The Seven Phases of the Project Life Cycle..................................................................................................91 The QA Manager: The IT Project Management Action Figure .......99 Lean Customer Service Process Improvement .................................................................................................................................................101 Know Your Project Activities Online...............................................................................................90 Project Management For Engineering .........................................................................93 How to Guarantee Success in Information Technology Project Management .......95 Guide To The Project Management Body Of Knowledge: The Best Solution For Your Project Management Queries .................Executive Management Program: Your Project On Leadership And Management .......

......................................... 115 Project Management Skills..................................................................................................... 113 What is Civil Engineering Project Management Construction Management?............................. 117 .......................... 103 Software in Project Management ............................................................................................. 111 Project Management Consulting Engineering – Finding Solutions to Project Management Problems ........................ 110 Get Ahead! Go Online On Your Project Management Software .............................................................................. 105 MBA Program: Receivables Project Management.................................................... 109 Online Project Management Degree: The Convenient Way To Earn Your Degree............................................................................................Project Management – Meeting Objectives by Managing and Organizing Resources. 114 Project Management Information ............................. 107 Software Project Management For The Construction Industry 108 How Microsoft Project Management Software Can Aid Project Managers ...................................................................................... 104 Tools For Project Management.. 106 Online Project Management – Online Trainings at its Finest ....................................................................... 112 Display and Print the Project Management Flow ............

Also from Emereo Publishing: Project Management with PRINCE2 Best Practice Handbook: Building. Risk Analysis. Plan and Project. templates and other organizational resources. Running and Managing Effective Project Management – Ready to use supporting documents bringing PRINCE2 Theory into Practice Professional technical roadmap to PRINCE2 Project Management. with Role and Responsibility. . Strategy. Resource Planning and Service Level Management guidelines.

To achieve the best results of your endeavor is to have a good project management. time and cost constraints. This project will entail series of actions to be undertaken so as to bring an end result of what you wanted to achieve. 2 . Product oriented processes where people within the project management specify and create the project's product. Managing resources refers to people and money. Thus. Project management refers to new projects and not on going projects. The project success will depend on how it is managed. In project management. Project management is defined as the act of organizing and managing resources in a disciplined way so that a project at hand would be completed within the defined scope. creating a project for such a new idea may be necessary. It can also be considered as a project if and existing product or service needs to have a product development that requires study and evaluation. quality. project management should be in placed. plan and choose the best project management to handle it.Project Management is a Disciplined Activity If you are into bringing changes in your organization and you want to make a difference among your competitors. a project performance can be into two categories: 1 Project management processes where people within the project management team describe organize and complete the project work. Let your ideas come into a reality. It is a temporary activity and a one-time endeavor performed to create a product or service that is expected to bring beneficial change or value.

While managing a project requires a project manager to identify the requirements of the project. and closing of a project through applying of knowledge. time and scope. and cost. and tools with the intent of successfully and efficiently implementing a project and its requirements according to specifications. This is all made possible and is the responsibility of the project manager. skills.12 Project Management Trainee Project Management Positions For Future Leadership Project management is the process of initiating. . controlling. and his team. They will directly be dealing with clients and will therefore have to self-motivated and confident on their experience with project management. Trainee project management positions prepare candidates for positions that will make them future leaders in their own project management. This will include the items mentioned above as well as selecting appropriate processes discussed by the group in order to achieve objectives. and balancing the needs of scope. time. executing. monitoring. Trainee project management positions will require candidates to have some experience in best practices and an ability to work on their own initiative in the event the project manager is not available especially in cases where problems need immediate resolution. the trainee project management positions will handle some other parts of the project that may be assigned to him by the project manager. planning. and then again balancing it with the requirements of the project manager in terms of cost. his trainee or assistant. skills. and techniques. techniques. Trainee project management positions are equally as important as project management because this position is directly responsible for inputs and outputs of knowledge. adapting product specifications in order to meet the requirements of the project. establish a clear and measurable objective.

(e) Collaborative . These software applications are typically used for more complex projects. communication has gone from sending email to instant messages. just like any other computer programs. Project management software is one of the breakthroughs in technology that has various uses and functions. You just have to have the usual web browser. shopping can be done online with just a click of a finger and work can be carried out easier and faster though the introduction of different tools and software applications catering to every need of mankind. There are also different approaches to project management software applications. Because of this. budget management or administration system to name a few. Files can be retrieved anytime for as long as the user has given the rights to do so.100 Success Secrets 13 Software Project Management – The Different Approaches to Project Management Software Due to advancement in technology. Project management software can be for quality management. Here are some of them: (a) Desktop desktop project management software is something that is installed on the computer itself. This usually depends on the company’s current system. (b) Web-based web-based project management software can be implemented as a Web application and can be accessed using the computer’s default browser. (d) Single User A single-user system means that only one person can access. it seems that almost everything is possible. (c) Personal A personal project management software is the one that is used at home to typically manage lifestyle or home-based projects. One of the advantages of using Web-based software is that there is no need for you to install any program. Confidential data and information are usually stored in a central database. modify or update the project plan. scheduling.

.14 Project Management A collaborative system means that multiple users can access. modify or update the project plan.

A project manager’s ability to link random thoughts of ideas into an understandable project charter will help senior management in the evaluation of the plan of what specifically the team wants to accomplish in its project management. and communicating everything from the financial side. implementing and monitoring of all projects. . This is important because a good project management implementation will require senior management to track down and have a deeper look into key issues. to the human resources. there are still tasks that need to be done like archiving and documentation of the many experiences encountered during the project’s term. overdue tasks. he will have to contend with tracking. monitoring. Once the project management has come to its completion however. schedules and quality as defined in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) of the Project Management Institute (PMI). organizing. The initiation process will naturally include brainstorming and through project charters. concerns. He will also have to report to the senior management regularly to update them on costs and schedules versus the original plan. Project managers also have to constantly collect information on their deliverables and submit it to senior management to control and monitoring. The project charter is a part of project management and senior managers who are directly involved will be looking for this. It would be ideal if the senior management is directly involved in the resourcing. to the deliverables. and many more that could hinder the project’s completion. Keeping the senior management informed and up-to-date is one of the major requirements of good project management. a good project manager will be able to keep senior management up to speed on the status of the project from its inception to completion. A project manager has to submit this to the senior management with a detailed analysis. Throughout the project’s term. risks.100 Success Secrets 15 Project Manager’s Project Management For Senior Management Project managers have the challenging task of always optimizing best practices in terms of cost. However.

16 Project Management SAP Project Management Tips SAP project management is a big challenge for any organization. A good SAP project management will not really require a lot of technology savvy manager. Trainings. all the basic procedures of project management can be applied in SAP project management. SAP project management also requires a good communication line from the project manager. and to everyone else directly or indirectly involved in the project. A 100% completely successful. Hyping things up never hurts in SAP project management. The technology transfers involved in SAP will demand a lot from employees who have gotten used to the “old” system. By everything we mean from it’s inception to completion. Always keep a positive outlook and show it to everyone so that they are always motivated and excited for the change. Deliverables are sure to be handled by the right persons and accountability is clearly defined and there are less chances of everyone pointing a finger at one another for system glitches. And speaking of communication. to the employees. will surely have its own share of risks because most of the technology used has not been tested to its full capacity. SAP project management requires everyone to be prepared with a lot of brainstorming on what the project will entail. . and workshops are all part of the SAP project management. Therefore. Every SAP project. Another benefit of good communication is that the role of every individual will be clear and measurable. Having a clear business goal and communicating this goal to all employees is a sure-fire way to make employees understand the benefits of the new technology. demos. stress-free implementation is like a dream for every project manager. seminars. Of course preparation is still the key to every project’s success. This ensures that a good collaboration of ideas and system design is always at hand. And don’t forget to document everything for future reference. a good SAP project management plan should always have a good deal of contingencies for technological problems. as with any IT project. to the stakeholders.

contributors just get paid at a minimum and some in fact give their services for free. . You can help non profit organizations in organizing and managing the different projects.100 Success Secrets 17 The Benefits Of Having a Job In A Project Management Nonprofit Publishing Media If you are pursuing a career on a non profit media publishing project management this is great way to enhance your skills in management. This also includes improvement of system and application to easily carry out the different tasks in project management. You can help in and completing the tasks in a defined scope and budget constraint. Although nonprofit media publishing cannot give you a rewarding salary compared to what private institutions can give you. You have to realize that nonprofit organization’s main objective is to actually support a concern or public issue and not for any commercial or public interest. this can be a stepping stone to give you formal training and experience in project management. Most of the nonprofit publications generally do not make money. The job of the project manager is to see to it that objectives and goals of the project are met. Involving in non profit publishing media does not focus on monetary concerns or how to get lucrative benefits for the organization. Project management in a non profit publishing media is a fulfilling job. So take advantage if you have a job in a non profit publishing media for it will give you experience and prepare you for other challenging tasks in the future. They are normally run by volunteers and others as paid positions. This will also allow you to meet and work with people in different departments.

Precisely because Project Decision Makers need to manage project resources well. In Project Scope Management. This is also where the work will be broken down into subprocesses. The processes or steps that Project Scope Management entails are: Scope Planning. Scope Definition. undergo verification. Components Division means that the work which was earlier broken down into sub-processes will be further subdivided into more manageable steps or portions. • Under Scope Planning. In Scope Verification.18 Project Management Why Project Scope Management is Necessary Project Scope Management is a required component of any Project Management effort. Project Scope Management should be undertaken as well. with formal acceptance assured. It may be observed in practice that the steps do not occur in the order they appear here. with unnecessary work totally excluded. Components Division. a plan will be created wherein the scope will be thoroughly defined. Scope Control is the final step and means that any changes to the project scope will be managed here. but may overlap or be interchanged as the Project Decision Makers see fit. the project deliverables will be completed and delivered. Scope Definition requires creating a well-defined scope statement so that project decisions later on can be based on this statement. because without it the project would proceed everywhere and nowhere fast until resources run out. This helps clarify the scope or coverage of the work for all concerned parties. steps are undertaken to assure that only necessary work will be completed in the duration of the project. • • • • Each of these steps may require input from just one person. where necessary. Scope Verification. and be controlled. and Scope Control. or from the entire team. .

This also includes Inspection Testing. This helps attain the quality in the project. The project quality management plan must be written well. 3 4. Purchasing defines the quality requirements and quality control of getting the services of subcontractors. Project quality management plan recognizes which of the quality standards are applicable to your project. Documented quality management system is very important because it deals with the existing procedures and processes of the organization that has been used already. templates and other standards. Document control is equally needed in this procedure to control and manage the documents on every project stage. These are the elements that will help you in creating your project quality management plan: 1 2 First you have to describe the management responsibility of the stakeholders. The tasks are actually based on the excellent standards that are placed by the organization. Project quality management plan is a series of planned activities right at the start of the project. Quality Records. Corrective Actions. This will also identify how you will be able satisfy your customers.100 Success Secrets 19 How To Make Project Quality Management Plan Work For You. The procedures and standards will make it more available to your team. Nonconformance. One of the main purposes of project quality management plan is to identify the tasks that carries the products and at the same time satisfying your client’s quality expectations. Quality Audits and Training. It must include the objectives to give the project managers and staff an troublefree access to the requirements. . It also consists of the execution of quality events by using various tools such as checklists. 5. These are just some of the elements that are needed to be considered in any project quality management plan. Design control identifies the design changes and design review of requirements.

The third principle is more on prevention – where a set of steps for a particular process is followed to ensure that there is minimal or no mistake made at all. By using quality materials and following a quality-assured process. No matter which type of product or service your company offers. First. the purpose of project quality management is to ensure that the end product will meet the requirements and ensure the quality of the output. There are three basic principles involved with project quality management. In an advertising company. minimize risks and mistakes during production and gain better control of the overall process.20 Project Management Using Project Quality Management to Exceed Expectations Each organization has its own set of rules to follow when it comes to the completion of a project. using these three principles for project quality management will help you improve the quality of output. The second principle is maintaining the efficiency of the overall process by correcting the errors real time and checking on the outputs as they are produced. for example. one account may prove to be more difficult to handle than others. So how would you define the leeway between a company's individual set of rules to the general rules involved in project management when it comes to the completion of any type of task? Project quality management may just be the answer that you are looking for. there will be uniformity with the outputs that you produce. to oversee the quality of a project. there should be an efficient way to handle complaints and fix problems. . All in all.

. Project program is needed to manage various existing projects that you have.project settings are done all at the same time. The multi-project organizations today. Although this type of management discusses a wider scope in project management it is equally essential in effectively managing your project. tend to start new projects along with the existing ones without realizing the capacity of the organization. So it is important for multi-tasking companies to provide a good project program management to avoid unnecessary tension and inconsistencies in your projects. This will soon result to conflicting conditions and situations. thus making it very difficult to manage. A good project program management is planned and organized. there are a lot of requirements that are needed to be done in this kind of environment.100 Success Secrets 21 What Is Project Program Management In any project and management program you have to realize that it is important to “just do the job”. you have to concentrate on the job and see to it that it is done right. In some companies who already have established project programs management. Typically. Creating project program management is also important. different multi. Meaning. Project planning also includes creating a project plan which defines your objectives and goals in the project. This type of management emphasizes in prioritizing and coordinating resources from different departments. To accomplish a certain target in team effort like building new system in application needs thorough preparation and development. projects and organizational body. And having several projects and programs produces a great number of priorities and resources.

This ensures that each of the sales representatives has a clear understanding about the management of profitability. Other companies are structured naturally which leads on one sale to another sale. Relationship ranges from the partnerships within customers to the management of product flow. The second element is the account relationship selection wherein the selection of relationship can either make or break an account’s profitability. The third element is the path of product migration. coaching. Account plans that are well conceived offers a basis for measuring the progress of the project. The fourth and the final element is account planning. and to guide in a systematic way each account into its most profitable buyer and supplier relationship. The focus of an effective account plan is to position the account for stronger sales to continue. The objective of account planning is for the sales representatives wisely manage the decision making process of the account. and solving particular problems.22 Project Management Account Management in a Project A project’s account management is a science that has four elements. The products and services of most companies are structured in such a way that the migration paths are clear and thus deepening the account relationship. . The sales representative must work in a process that is well structured and not simply selling products in an unmanaged way. one is profitability management which is the first and the most important element. analyzing. The art of selling relationship is to really have knowledge and understand where each of the relationship within a project will end up.

100 Success Secrets 23 Operations Management of a Project The job of an operations manager is to be responsible for several projects. The success of a particular industry depends on the ability of each organization within it to focus and prioritize its operational resources to meet the expectations of its customers. improve. The changes within an organization depend on the improvement of its operations. Understanding the manager’s capabilities and their limitations will improve the current utilization and give inputs to the decision making strategy about the organizations future plans and resources. and employees. The projects will range from big capital projects to the application of new systems for information. It has been known that the various disciplines of an operations manager is arranged in all areas where the organization is trying so hard to attain its goals. The success of the operations manager is influenced by his skills in project management. . The operations management of a project involves the process of decision making. Operations management in a project must be able to clarify strategic goals into a clear operational goal and to design. and implement the products and the processes that are delivered. Strategic decisions of either the public or the private sector should contribute to the better understanding of the operations manager on how the various components of the package for operations can be associated to achieve what the particular strategy is aiming for. shareholders. The operational resources are expressed basically on the strategy of the organization. Operations management is about the effective building of inputs into the organization’s desired output. Managing the projects effectively will mean delivering them within the allocated budget and on time.

. They are responsible for planning and executing the project that is related to the construction industry. People who are interested to obtain certifications on project management may take one of the available offerings from different organizations. and architecture. making sure that each participant in the project has an opportunity to voice out their opinions and express their concerns. Some other fields like in production. It is the duty of a project manager to ensure the success of a particular project by reducing any risk all throughout the project. Project Management is a complex task and therefore requires competent project manager for the job. He must significantly reduce risk by using policies of open communication. Some issues in project management arise from the risks of the project. the project manager must consider the vital roles and the chemistry of each of the workers in addition to their technical skills. To build an effective team. service industries and design also require project managers.24 Project Management The Manager for Project Management A project manager is a professional when it comes to the field of Project Management as the name implies. detect assumptions that are not stated. This can be done in a formal or informal method. A project manager usually asks questions. software development. and resolve conflicts by using a more systematic skill in management. A project manager is the one responsible in deciding big or small decisions in a way that the risk is monitored and controlled. An effective project manager is someone who prioritizes risks as a major concern.

He administers the work by coordinating on the financial. He must have a vision on where the work will go and the ability to articulate specific plans about the project. materials. He is the link to bigger organization. Enthusiasm that is initiated by the manager is contagious and natural born leaders know that for a fact. There are lots of qualities a p0roject manager must posses. Directness and openness has a great value for the manager. The project director must have broad knowledge and skills in the technical and the managerial aspect of the work.100 Success Secrets 25 The Project Manager and Director for Management The nature of the work of a project manager and director involves the responsibility in planning and coordinating in the administrative work. personnel. People do not like directors who are negative. A project director and manager must direct the team as a whole. He serves as a role model for other employees. It is also his duty to record and monitor the progress of any project. He must also have the ability to communicate with different people. They easily bring the team down. and engineering requirements of the project. He has the ability to plan and implement programs and maintain a healthy working relationship with the customers and his co-workers. . It is the nature of his career to create ethical behavior and standards for him to become a manager with integrity and to maintain a good image in the organization. The project director and manager must also have the integrity and the enthusiasm in doing his work.

One of the important factors in the success of project managers is associated with the Emotional Quotient (EQ). the use of the 4 quotients are very important. . Inspired leadership should be instilled in every project manager. These are: Intelligence Quotient. Likeability Quotient and Technical Quotient. These 2 elements are interrelated.26 Project Management The Important Project Manager Skills In Management In today’s industry. To be able to attain common goals in a project or any business. A project manager should possess mental toughness in management. The Technical and Intelligence Quotient are the ones who make an expert manager out of them. In achieving the objectives of project managers. It is important for a manager to handle himself properly before he will be able to manage other people. The first one refers to the “self management skill” and the other is the skill to “relate to other people”. Emotional and Likeability Quotient refers to the leadership capability of the manager. Managers should see the uncertainties in the project. And knowing the potentials of to be a great manager is essential to fully understand and improve your performance. Mental balance is essential in the most difficult and stressful situations. project conscious enterprises depend on project managers. They should go through a personal process of transformation on self awareness. Emotional Quotient. project managers should encourage and uplift his staff to motivate them to work hard and well. This will enable the manager to think of ways to change and transform project related issues. Project manager requires two elements of skills.

When creating a WBS. if a deliverable-oriented WBS is formed.) The WBS is helpful for identifying the overall project scope. Planned actions are harder to estimate and predict. external. On the other hand. so it can be estimated or predicted with a fair degree of accuracy. On the other hand. An outcome is the desired end result of the project. A Product Breakdown Structure is to be used for any new product development projects. this would apply to projects that deal with professional services and encompass integration of any planned deliverable into the WBS. using a tree hierarchy structure.100 Success Secrets 27 Defining The Project Management Work Breakdown Structure In Project Management. A Feature Breakdown Structure is applicable for creating WBS for feature-based software development projects. It is important the Project Manager creating the WBS should avoid any ambiguity in defining the elements. as part of the creation of a WBS based on planned outcomes. compared to planned outcomes. because then the coverage of the WBS would total more than 100%. there is the planned action which should not be included into the WBS. A planned action of any kind should be integrated into the project plan instead. then breaking that down into planned outcomes. This is inclusive of any deliverables (defined as interim. to prevent any unnecessary overlap. it is necessary to understand and adhere to the 100% Rule which means that all the work that is delineated by the project scope will be part and parcel of the WBS.) This means all work that is not part of the Project should be left out. there is a concept known as the Work Breakdown Structure (often denoted by the acronym WBS. and internal. .

Good plans for each phase of the project include time analysis and the distribution of tasks. team building and software on Project Management. The framework of the project. and the justification of the business case are essential in a project. the analysis of the risks. Choose the right team for the project along with the right and appropriate tools for each phase of the project. the overview of the framework of the project. updating risk analysis needs a special tool. This revolves around the strategic areas of a project and allows the project manager to make intelligent decisions. score cards.28 Project Management The Tools for Project Management The key in selecting the right tool for project management is to understand well that various tools are needed in each of the stages of the lifecycle of the project. business plans and milestone reviews are in the lead. The resources that are useful in the lifecycle of every project must have the necessary tools to maximize the function of each resource. . The control and execution phase. Another resource is the business case justification. One of the resources is the business plan. During the analysis of risks. the project manager must not only focus on the risks that are technical. Other resources include the project charter. the initiation phase. During each of the phases of a particular project. The project manager must know everything from the start of the business case. Businesses that are strong should be built carefully since it can lead to a conclusion of revealing the success and some risks from the end of the project.

This shows the competence of the Project Manager. as well as other pertinent information that you should address. This gives the latter an impression of whether the Project Manager and his team are reliable or not. and how to gain their much-needed support. The aim of Stakeholder Analysis is to find out who should be convinced as to the purpose of the project. you have the names of the stakeholders listed down. This is because the Project Manager has to know whether to use a simple or complex management tool. and maybe the Project Manager can even ask for a better rate for his team and their services. Profitability is also affected because reliability can influence the pricing of the contract – a project delivered on time will mean more business later on. needed support from stakeholders. any required Messages. Action and Communication undertaken. It is only by identifying the right stakeholders who will be affected by the project that the Project Manager can assure that he is communicating to the right people the right information. and present status of project support. required Project Role. desired Actions. not only does he waste time and energy but may also wind up getting confused as to the results of his computation.100 Success Secrets 29 A Description of Certain Project Management Techniques One of the most crucial of Project Management Techniques is precise time estimation. . there is Stakeholder Management as well. The third on our list of Techniques is the Stakeholder Analysis step. As a corollary to Stakeholder Analysis. These information should include: Problems and Issues related to the Project. Differentiating the scheduling of projects into either simple projects or complex projects is another vital Project Management Technique. A Project Manager who can estimate time to be used for the entire project can give a relatively accurate estimate of when the project results are to be handed over to the concerned end users or customers. In Stakeholder Management. If he uses a management tool that is not applicable.

Project management software has different tasks.30 Project Management The Software for Project Management Software for Project Management is a subject that covers various types of software such as cost control of the project. systems of the administration. Some of the applications of Project Management are given in the list of software for Project Management. Another function of the project management software is to provide the necessary information. allocation of resources. to justify the amount of time spent in using the software. Another challenge is to arrange the schedule of the task to meet the deadline. And there is also a personal approach that can be used at home. The complexity of the work depends on how the software is used. and the documentation of quality management. Some of the requirements would include the overview of information on how a particular task will take to finish. This software is used for the complexity and the difficulty6 of handling large projects. one is the desktop approach and another is web approach via internet. Scheduling a series of functions and events is one of the most common tasks. budget management. scheduling. communication. Pick the one that you think suites your needs. one of these is scheduling. collaboration software. Included in the challenges of the work are the schedule of the people that will work and the resources that are needed by the different tasks. It needs to provide and give a lot of appropriate data to different people. There are different approaches to the software for project management. The different approaches depend on the needs of the user. .

leadership. . always remember that companies nowadays are more demanding and stringent in terms of matching your qualification skills with their needs. Because of this the demand for a project manager has been growing steadily over the years.100 Success Secrets 31 Project Management Resume Tips And Reminders Many companies today are growing either through expansion. education. certifications. the first rule of thumb is: pick the right project management job that matches your skills and abilities. Once you have found a company that you think will suit your qualifications. Having a certificate in project management will certainly help you in catching the attention of potential employers. and success rate versus original plan. then make a tailor fit project management resume that will match your skills with their needs. also include the total number of years managing projects and who you directly reported to. experience and education. branching out. Researching on job postings for project management should not be done in random order. If your projects required you to travel. Therefore. and certifications should be included in your resume. There are plenty of online job postings and you can easily select the ones that will match your skills level. If you are planning on creating a project management resume. mergers or takeovers. contact information. then include this also because this shows your potential employer that you are willing to be assigned in different areas. Common qualifications like budget handling. In your project management resume. seminars attended and facilitated. Include your major achievements in the projects you’ve handled like company budget savings and earnings. in creating a project management resume. and references is a given in any resume but the paragraphs above should be observed in creating your project management resume. Your project management resume should also be able to briefly explain the scope and complexity of the projects you have handled. Job objectives. awards received. This gives the impression that you can be given a diverse set of projects in a range of disciplines.

. a program is a collection of related projects that are coordinated and managed in such a way that the best benefits and control are achieved. A Program Management Office is suggested in every project management undertaking. It will provide standardized policies and procedures and will be involved in the direct management of the project or program to its completion. The Operations PM will manage all operational and service components of the program management in order to fulfill the objectives of the project management plan. tools. A program may consist of several associated projects and sub-projects that all contribute to the successful implementation of the strategic plan. This is the office of the Project Manger as well as the Operations PM and will also be responsible for overseeing the management of projects. and techniques. They may include elements that are outside of the scope of the original project but are still related to the program. Programs also involve revolving or repetitive projects. coordination. programs or both.32 Project Management Project Management To Program Management To Operations PM While project management is the process of efficiently finishing a project through the application of best practices. The job of the Operations PM is to manage the workload of managing the day-to-day activities of the project like tracking. Different fund raising campaigns for a similar cause are an example of a repetitive project. and documentation. it does entail a broader context which also includes program management among others. The Operations PM will also be called upon to improve the steps of existing operational processes. According to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). The Operations Program Manager (Operations PM) is responsible for this.

Managing Project Risk. This is basically what is involved in project management. definitions and responsibilities Take a look at the following courses included in Project Management: Project Management Processes. You will also learn about the basic principles. For your task's overall success.100 Success Secrets 33 Project Management Professional Courses for Task's Overall Success Whenever you take on any type of project. Stakeholder Management. . be it in the workplace or at home. stick to budget constraints and produce the desired output while effectively dividing the work between the individual team members that you have. Project management principles are especially helpful when applied in businesses since the success of the company depends on the completion and quality of output of each project handled. Managing Teams. cost and manpower involved in finishing a project. it will be beneficial to take project management professional courses. When taking a Project Management course. Project Structures. quality. Business Process Management Training and IT Service Management. Taking project management professional courses will help you achieve your desired output while overcoming the time. Project Quality Management. Whether you are a team member or a leader who will potentially handle a team for numerous projects. Issues on Project Management. which is the management and organization of time. time and cost constraints when completing any type of undertaking. you need to meet deadlines. cost and labor limitations for a more efficient accomplishment of tasks. you will learn how to effectively manage the scope. Overview of the Prince Methodology. it will be completed faster and more efficiently if you have a plan.

Not only will a PMP certification make you eligible to meet the professional requirements in a business setting. If you already have a baccalaureate degree and you want to be PMP certified. someone who can efficiently manage a team of individuals who will work together on a particular project. but it will also teach you the value of delivering quality products or services while meeting the time. "Project Management Principles and Techniques". a lot of companies look for a Project Management Professional or PMP certification as part of a manager's credentials. time and manpower. there is a lesser number of hours required when it comes to leading experience. as well as other similar subjects. This is necessary because in today's competitive business industry. . without exceeding the cost limitations.34 Project Management How to Get a Project Management Professional Certification Almost every organization is in need of a project manager. There is a also a requirement to finish management certification courses such as "Managing Project Communication". you need to have a high school diploma and some years of experience as a project manager. For you to be a Project Management Professional certified individual. "Estimating and Managing Project Cost".5% correct answers to successfully obtain the certification. a leader should be able to produce the desired results with limited funds. To ensure that a manager or a supervisor is capable of overseeing a project. cost and resource constraints. The aim for each project is to meet the quality standards and complete the task within the specified time. The PMP test consists of 200 items where an examinee should have at least 60. resources.

a high school diploma is very important in acquiring this certificate. Although the qualifications and testing for this certification is difficult. To be a Project Management Professional. Besides that. you need to have recognized certification in project management. Second level is the Project Management Professional (PMP). The Criteria: First of all. a Project Management Professional should purse continuing certification conditions and requirements. There are advanced certifications that you can avail of. These professionals are supposed to pass the examination to objectively evaluate and determine the knowledge in project management. This particular certification is for Project Management Professionals that already have extensive experience. You have to start with Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) which is considered to be the fundamental level and its main purpose is to certify project team members. it is generally respected certification in Project Management. The individual must agree to hold to a “code of professional conduct”. People who already passed this certification test and met the requirements in PMI successfully are privileged to use the PMP abbreviation along with their name. To be a Project Management Professional you have to earn certain degree in project management. . The Project Management Professional exam and experience conditions and requirements actually concentrate on the different five process groups: Initiating. This certification is handled by the Project Management Institute and is established based on the PMP Examination Specification that is printed by PMI. Execution. you have to meet certain experience requirements and educational attainment. In this level of project management.100 Success Secrets 35 How To Be A Project Management Professional To be a Project Management Professional. Control and Closing. It is very important for professionals to continuously take up courses that will advance their skills and knowledge in latest technology. it is regarded as the standard certification in all of Project Management. Planning development. There are three levels of certification before you can earn this title.

measurable. identifying deliverables. how to implement everything and many. a plan needs to be drafted first. This way. Having a clear and definite task list will also help identify who is responsible for what and avoid finger-pointing if ever there are deviations in your project management plan. schedule. Up until now. At the same time. many more. where to begin. the project management plan also communicates every detail of the project to the stakeholders. realistic and time-bound (SMART method). The project management plan should include company responses to risk levels and probabilities. A project plan is the first step to making a project management plan which includes setting up goals. Identifying risks that may hinder the completion of your project is the last and most important ingredient of a good project management plan. Budgets and company resources can also be easily assigned for every task. and an estimate of time. The project management plan encompasses everything from the planning and monitoring to the final implementation of the project. creating a comparison between the project’s progress against budgets. Make sure that your goals and objectives are specific. resources and schedules will help your team in addressing current and future issues that may come up.36 Project Management Project Plan And Project Management Plan The key to a successful project implementation is a good project management plan. This plan defines who is accountable to what. and budgets. you will then have an idea of what your deliverables will be. why it is needed. What differentiates a project plan from a project management plan is risk. It is also important to identify the time and schedules of every specific task. Once the project is under way. Goal setting is the first step to a good project management plan. what to tackle first. we have already identified the essentials of a good project plan. Whenever there is a large project that needs to be started. achievable. .

Measurable (or perhapsevaluable) achievement.A. Thus. we could be following the system denoted by the acronym S.A. a project management objective ought to adhere to the S.R. while staying aligned with business goals. Basically.T. talking about objectives should be associated with the potential business value of the project to our organization. we are trying to clearly state the purpose of the project we are undertakingor what it should be able to achieve over a certain period of time. and then Timeterminated/-bounded activities. when we talk about project management objectives. system previously mentioned. even if both are used in one and the same project. Achievable/Acceptable.M. a project management objective would have more concrete proof of being accomplished. You maysay a project management goal will define the holistic context in which the project will exist and attempt to achieve its purpose. Inevitably. Realistic. then perhaps you set your management goal too low and should have defined it as a project management objective instead. While a project management goal may have abstract and broadly-worded language.R. .M.T. Some say that if you can define your project management goal and then accomplish it within one project cycle. The letters ofthe acronym stand for the adjectives Specific. A project management goal may be worded so broadly and have such a comprehensive meaning that it may be achievable only through successive projects being implemented. we alsohave a project management objective which breaks down the goal into definite measurable achievements (like creation of a particular product and/or service) which are the tangible results of undertakingsuch a project. compared to the project management goal.100 Success Secrets 37 Differentiating Project Management Objectives from Project Management Goals When we talk about Project Management Objectives. On the other hand. A project management goal differs from a project management objective.

metrics may surpass the list given because Project Management initiators need to answer certain basic questions about the project in order to determine what metrics to measure it against. The metrics themselves that fall under EVM are: schedule performance index. has the Risk Management system been upgraded over time? When adequate Project Management Metrics have been listed down. and if so. even if they are quite complex and numerous? Does the organization need to acquire special test equipment for this purpose? Is support infrastructure necessary as well? How are the environments where the product will be employed be thoroughly defined? Are the product design requirement parameters stable or unstable? Have the system and sub-system tests been enumerated completely? Have decision makers been able to create a thorough issue tracking and failure evaluation system? Does the project face any risks. the project team should find Project Implementation to be successful. This does not mean that Project Management Metrics are limited to those listed above – actually. . to allow metrics for this to be used? Can product requirements be traced in the system. It is believed that with the right information gleaned in a timely fashion from the metrics. The questions could be: Is customer satisfaction monitoring at a mature level in the internal organizational system. which stands for earned value measurement. estimate at completion. there should also be an effort to determine the indicators that will alert the Project Manager when he/she should initiate corrective action. and cost variance. cost performance index. schedule variance.38 Project Management Project Management Metrics Founded on EVM System Project Management Metrics is often based nowadays on the EVM system.

3. You also have to be familiar with the tools that you are going to use in the project. Project management methods are very important in improving your service. System Integration.100 Success Secrets 39 The Things You Need To Know of Project Management Methods There are several kinds of project management methods to handle and organize the projects. It is crucial to determine the best practices. Some of the methods include characteristics that will encourage team performance on each project that could influence the risk. Project Prototyping. The size and good communication of the team is also crucial. Complexity of the problem should be determined. This is very useful in difficult and large projects. Various development methods: The project development methods include • • • Project Planning. if the project is being planned. performance and handling management issues. Unfamiliarity with the technology can increase technical risk. Aspects to consider: 1. Experience in the system and technology is very important. 4. Project Corrections. This is needed in huge and complicated projects in the company. Ideally in some cases. This method is a must for projects that has high risk in technical area. This is vital in projects that have high risks in requirements. This could add or decrease the risk in requirements. medium or large risk. This enhances the quality of your service and can lower the risks in the project. 5. Size matters whether it is small. the utilization of technology is yet to be determined as the project progresses. • . There are preliminary ideas that come up in the beginning of a project. which are effective and recognize new methods in the given project. 2.

2. You will also be able to monitor your progress and control your delivery. There are ready to use methodologies that you can easily adopt. Choose and apply the methodology. You have to define the requirements and conditions of methodology. This also tells your staff which tasks and activities are needed to successfully finish the project in time. You can compare the current internal projects and tools to your requirements and verify if there are gaps and differences. Although it is time consuming and expensive. tools and system that is necessarily used to help the project manager carry out the project. It should also be flexible. . 4. Your methodology needs to be clear and comprehensive. 5. Evaluate third party methodologies. This involves creating a plan. But you have to make sure that it is suitable to your company. Assess the design of custom methodology. 3. appropriate and attainable. creating training materials for your staff and many more. so as not to be misinterpreted. There are cases that you should develop your own methodology. this will add a unique structure in your project. It plans the project and tells who should finish it and how to complete it. You can choose the best possible solution that will help your staff develop and improve the practices quickly. Steps on creating a project management methodology: 1. Project management methodology is a group of processes. It actually provides you a map to carefully track the critical needs of your project.40 Project Management What are the Project Management Methodologies In implementing a project. trainer or consultant needs to have a good methodology to effectively instigate a project. You also have to evaluate the existing internal methodologies. After you have a clear perception of the requirements. procedures. every manager. you can now assess the company’s existing project procedures. Implementation of the right methodology is very important to successfully execute the project. Project management methodologies enable the manager to plan the whole Work Breakdown Structure of project. Research other existing methodologies and compare it against the requirements.

. Planning. defining terms of reference. The first phase called Project Initiation is when we start the project on its way. a Quality Plan. Planning requires the development of four different plans. In the Execution phase. a Financial Plan. scope.100 Success Secrets 41 The Components of a Project Management Life Cycle When we consider a Project Management Life Cycle. Execution. The project will come to a gradual end when the Project Closure phase is entered into. It involves business case documentation. and producing a Project Office. while emphasizing any observations that may help in implementation of future projects by the same organization. as the last activity in this phase. tagging the project team members. costs. quality. delivery and issues must be managed well. namely. and then Project Closure. There should then be a post implementation review conducted. These various plans will serve as guideposts for implementation of the project by the project team members. Without adequate planning. implementation may become scattered and without direction. we can break down into four main parts. These parts are Project Initiation. a Resource Plan. we see deliverables being built up while the different project factors of risks. This review should show how successful the project actually was. an Acceptance Plan. We might say this is where the Management in Project Management can be felt the most. and lastly a Communications Plan. a Project Plan. the project team members are slowly relieved of their responsibilities and the deliverables are received by the customer. creation of a feasibility study. In this phase.

experience. If you are looking for job openings in project management such as jobs in IT Project Management or if you want to start a new career and interested in project management. and the level of education. Project Management jobs posted in the internet are found on employer sites.42 Project Management Jobs in Project management The role of project management is very much needed in every organization from the small to the large companies. It is based on the skills. The key is to know what and where to look and also know how to extract the jobs for project management. job boards and recruiters sites that focus on the project management profession. At this point in time. there are so many project management jobs posted in the internet. the person had attained. There are also sites that link to the wide library of articles that are career related and will be most helpful in searching for a job. Some sites in the web are offering powerful gateway to assist job seekers find the right job in the profession of project management as a project manager. . niche sites. The job titles for the profession of project management vary. There are Project Management recruiters that specialize in higher project management jobs and have an access to the different project management jobs that are not usually advertised in typical places. Look for a job that are related to your interests and be sure to have the necessary career information related to the nature of the job. feel free to visit the thousands of sites in the web and find the project management jobs that fits you.

experiences and backgrounds that will benefit the skills of the other participants. There are local Project Management Institute chapters that are located in several countries and Specific Interest Groups or SIG. workshops. The class based and the team based nature of the work will challenge the students and the people around them constantly. Perspectives will lead to solutions that are imaginative and effective.100 Success Secrets 43 The Institute for Project Management The Project Management Institute or PMI has published many standards that are related to the certification of project management and the subject of project management itself. some organizations think that the programs conducted to the needs of the business offers better solution to their main agenda. Frequently. guest speakers. Each program of the institute has its own unique way of helping and assisting the student to learn everything about project management. case studies. The programs are available on an in-house basis for some of the countries where there is PMI. simulations and practical projects that are done. seminars. The students will thrive in an environment that is academically thorough but open minded at the same time. PMI has all the right programs that suit the organization needs and the knowledge and skills that interested participants want to develop. If an organization wants to build a competent project management. . The learning philosophy of the project management professionals adds a unique touch to the learning experiences of the students. The Project Management Institute provides services to organizations for public and private sectors. role playing. The participants of the program have their own expertise. There are combination of lectures.

staff organization. time. Best practices in management of information systems will be thoroughly discussed and applied in practice. This is also a good program for PMPs who want to have continuing education on project management. More advanced project management information system courses will also be included in the course like planning. This course will usually include the basic terminologies. Project management information system is also ideal for information system professionals who are directly involved in the implementation of technology based solutions in their organization. . purchases. concepts. Fortunately there are now Project Management Information System programs being offered which will combine information technology with managerial strategies and techniques. Information systems professionals have already become experts in their chosen discipline and are now holding high positions in most organizations. then getting a PMIS certificate is for you. Getting a certificate in Project Management Information System or PMIS requires that a person already has significant knowledge and experience of project management. Because of this. If you are thinking of looking for a project management education as part of the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) educational requirements for the exam. and monitoring and controlling of each phase of the project. and methods that will ensure the IS project manager of an organized and properly managed project as contained in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). and risk assessment. The techniques of integrating quality assurance with resources. tools. they are also facing major challenges in terms of managing information systems projects that are critically important in the overall smooth operation of the organization.44 Project Management The Project Management Information Systems Certificate Businesses today rely more and more on information technology than ever before. techniques. cost. and communication will also be discussed in detail in the project management information system course. It will also teach the participant the proper balancing of scope.

Aside from that. The jobs in the business industry today needs people who have basic conceptual skills. If you are looking for a career in project management. In fact. In fact students today focus on a specific career. You have to possess the leadership skills and know how to multi task in jobs like project management. . If you want to have a career in project management. agricultural and commercial state. project management in Fenton Missouri also has online schools today that can help you get your certification. Missouri is considered to be country’s top manufacturing. Fenton Missouri offers specialized courses. Project management offers the professionals and students job a wide variety of opportunities after obtaining their education program. who are basically consists of people working in the service industry.100 Success Secrets 45 Great Opportunities In Project Management There are a lot of students and professionals who pursue higher learning in the business industry. knowledge and other proper requirements to qualify for the project management jobs. For those who are interested on enrolling project management trainings and other courses Missouri is a home to several schools and institutions. computer and communication knowledge. That is why it is very important for potential employees to be able to adjust in the constantly changing industry. choosing a particular specialization or job in the business industry. This place has workforce that is made up of more than three million people. you have to get proper certifications that will help you in your future profession. This is where you can get your necessary skill.

After all. If the author has purely theoretical training in Project Management (having studied in certain prestigious educational institutions) but has very little hands-on experience in actual Project Management situations. experience is the best teacher. but hands-on experience can never be replaced in value. because you need to know if he/she has the credibility to claim to be an authority on the subject. try to look for an introductory chapter that will give a brief background of the author. it may be more prudent to find an eBook that is of more recent vintage. you should try to find out when the data being given in the eBook dates from. Project Management is a new field that encompasses many sub-topics so if the author wants to talk about a specific areas (example: Project Management Life Cycle). you should look at who wrote it. Next. Seriously though. Theories have their place. . you may want to choose someone else as your authority on the subject. the author is a very important factor to look at when examining an eBook. then obviously you would have your doubts as to whether that Project Management eBook is of value to serious readers. Third. you have to take what they say with a grain of salt. As they say. Lastly.46 Project Management What to Look for In a Project Management eBook There are many authors nowadays who have come up with their own versions of a Project Management eBook. If the author is named Bugs Bunny and Company. but just as with any publication. then you should ask yourself if you really need to learn about that topic yourself. If the eBook was written back in the 1990s. how do you know what the author is saying is genuinely applicable to the field of Project Management? The first thing you should look for in a Project Management eBook is what Project Management topic it specifically talks about. because of the advances in Project Management that have been made lately.

It is also expected that the project management director has expert familiarity in the different knowledge areas of project management which includes integration. balancing the demands of the project’s scope. He should be skilled in influencing the team. execution. having a Project Management Professional certification is essential and his experience in continuous improvements should be applied in any project that he directs. skills. The project management director is the person responsible for accomplishing the required goals and objectives through careful initiation. establishment of specific. monitoring and control. leadership and project roles to team members. and procurement. time. and cost. achievable. communications. and the reporting and documentation of specific action plans on the various issues. It is assumed that the project management director already has acquired knowledge of the processes of project management including the identification of requirements. quality. tools and techniques in the most efficient and cost effective way. cost. human resource. The project management director is also responsible for the overall accountability of the project management and will provide direction. scope. driving their behavior. time. Being the project management director. Part of the duties and responsibilities of the project management director is making the team understand and use the different areas of expertise as described in the Project Management Body of Knowledge. and aligning the process towards the successful completion of the project according to the standards set by the project management plan. risk.100 Success Secrets 47 Duties Of The Project Management Director Project management is the successful completion of a project requirement through the proper application of knowledge. . concerns and expectations of the stakeholders. measurable.bound objectives. planning. best practices. reasonable and time.

. The students now have options in selecting evening and weekend classes depending on the schedules of working professionals. This position requires a person that is dependable and can easily meet the expected deadline. project development course and time management.48 Project Management Project Management Degree: Why Project Managers Need To Take This Course If you dream to be the big boss in your organization one day. engineering offices and other companies to meet your goal and objectives in the project. Now it is much easier to earn the certification for project management. departments and teams in your organization. This world undergoes dynamic changes everyday. you have to be ready working with different groups. One of the main jobs includes solving the problems that come up in the project. If you are a project manager. Project managers are basically in charge of making sure the project is done efficiently and they are also responsible in directing projects. Work environment is also important in project managers. Project management degree can be taken by students with undergraduate degree in business course other related field. Today there are a lot of schools and institutes that offer these courses online. And technology demands the latest concepts and techniques to further develop new ways to improve the system. Some schools actually require those individuals with project manager majors to enroll in courses such as risk analysis. But there are also classroom setting where in you can choose to be a part time or full time student. Project Management Degree can provide you the necessary ability and knowledge and be recognized in the different career opportunities as project manager. This involves information technology (IT). then you should try to consider applying for a project management degree.

Aside from that. Project management consulting focuses on solutions that will improve your management skills. planning and implementing various jobs in project management. They in fact they could help you maximize turning over of skills and necessary knowledge in your business. These third party firms can also determine the company impact of your investment in project management. Consulting companies integrate project management practices into your own business procedures and administration techniques and strategies. You can also make and improve project management methodology and add your company’s best practices. you have to successfully plan the methods to efficiently carry out the goals in your project. Project performance develops if the procedures and other management processes are standardized. This could aid you in developing and improving the performance of your business. project management can involve multiple tasks that needs to be continuously monitored. monitoring and managing your resources. Most of these companies have tested approaches and have already been executed in several organizations. As we all know. . In fact it requires hard work and constant supervising to effectively execute the methods and plans in project management.100 Success Secrets 49 Project Management Consulting Can Solve Your Project Management Problems Project management helps you in organizing. Consultants can aid you in creating a consistent development and execution of practices. You can hire project management consulting agencies to accomplish complicated tasks of monitoring. Project management consulting can help you with this problem. controlled and improved. Consulting firms can organize the structure to implement the techniques and strategies more effectively.

PMI certified professionals are benefited by the distinction of the institute by elevating the Project Management Professional holders on any project in an organization and the community of global project management. Institutes usually require individuals to maintain the status of their credentials. People who are interested to take the Project Management certification exam are free to visit the sites that offer certification exams and enroll. Organizations will allow PMP holders to be employed as a qualifier for capability and competence of their employees. Nothing is required to maintain the degree in project management but it is better to get project management certification exam simply for the reason of being certified and acknowledged for everything that the individual has achieved in his interest for Project Management. . These programs teach the fundamentals of project management and prepare the students for Project Management Professional Certification exams. Participating in educational activities like this indicates that the individual is committed to his development as a professional. The certification program is offered in partnership with the accredited colleges and universities.50 Project Management Certification for Project Management There are lots of nationally recognized Project Management Certification course and training programs that offers comprehensive education particularly in project management. Textbooks and preparatory exams are usually included. The Project Management Institute certification maintenance by Continuing Certification Requirement or the CCR program sets the credentials of the student apart from the others. And also. it assures those with Project Management Professional title holders that they are recognized globally considering the certification system of the Project Management Institute.

etc. cost. materials. will definitely help your organization in learning what to do and what not to do in every situation. do a search on project management case studies. is just one of the many important objectives of a good project management. for its ease and convenience.100 Success Secrets 51 Studying Project Management Case Studies Helps In Your Success All organizations want an effective project management process. Optimizing company resources in terms of time. The convenience of anytime. The internet is the best way to find project management case studies.. nothing beats the internet and other online stores in acquiring project management case studies. anywhere ease of access is just one of the many features of this technology. Project management is defined simply as the discipline of achieving targets according to requirements and objectives in the most cost efficient and effective way. energy. whether it is a failure or a success. They can be availed for free or for a cost. Some case studies even have an in-depth analysis of the situation on why it succeeded marvelously or why it failed miserably. Project management case studies will even provide you with sample templates for easy application to your own industry. . Studying them carefully and applying what you have learned to your own situation may be the key to the success of your project management. A simple search in your favorite search engine will yield millions of hits on project management case studies. They can cover a multitude of industries and businesses and they can be stories of successes on best practices or may even be failure stories. So if you want to have an idea about real-world situations on how companies have succeeded or failed. libraries. There are many project management case studies available in bookstores. scope. and online stores. Studying project management case studies from other companies. the internet. Of course.

the organization should be able to identify the project history and the lessons learned during the project life cycle. 1. and scheduling and scope management. Staffing Levels 4. Personnel Policies and Procedures 5. This is to further avoid the mitigating risks. In the evaluation of the project management operations. if skills and experience of the manager is considered as a factor in planning. and improving project management. A plan is considered to be good. life cycle cost formulation. Organization Building Strategy 3. an organization can say they have achieved their targets. Organization Structure. Pre-opening and Operating Budgets 8. Orientation and Training Programs 7. . It is also how project management was viewed and formed as well as assessing the project management at the end of the project cycle operation. Operating a project management plan requires careful study and evaluation of how things should be done. staffing planning. Operating and Administrative Manuals and Handbooks In the implementation of project management there are processes that are perform through the life cycle of the system. A project manager to lead a team should cover the following areas prior to project management implementation. monthly status reviews. 2. Organizations should be able to identify the training needs and knowledge to be used by future teams. The Management of the project is not only how skillful and experience your project manager is. communication planning. It includes performance measurement. Job Classifications and Job Descriptions 6.52 Project Management Operating within the PM Just as project management is planned and so is an operation. refining estimate parameters. A project management operation involves system operations.

a risk officer will surely help in carrying out such challenging task.100 Success Secrets 53 Project Risk Management – Strategies to Handle Risk Elements There is no such thing as a “perfect” system. (c) Maintaining a project risk database where all risk factors or elements were recorded after identification. risk is being handled by executing the following activities: (a) Planning how risk management should be handled in a particular project. Risk management involves the recognition of risk. Strategies may vary depending on what suits the organization’s profile. activities and responsibilities. (e) Preparing a mitigation plan for risks that are chosen to be mitigated and eventually avoid or minimize the possible effects on the project. This scenario is very common when big projects are at stake. It should include identification of risk management tasks. (b) Assigning a team member who will be responsible for foreseeing possible project problems that may be encountered during the course of completing the project. These are what they call “risk” elements or factors. This is where project risk management comes in. Risk should always be anticipated during the planning phase to reduce its effects. . which can lead to a probable loss or damage. threats may come along the way. (d) Creating a risk reporting tool where all team members can access to report possible risk occurrence. Aside from a project manager. People can always strive to be close to the standards of perfection that they have set themselves but due to unexpected circumstances. In project management. assessing it and developing strategies on how to manage it. (f) Summarizing all planned activities in an effort to effectively employ risk management. One good example is the possible occurrence of an event that will have an impact on the achievement of goals.

Say for example. information and processes of an organization or a company into a unified system. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system aims to integrate all data. almost every department has its own computer system. This means that the same person may have two different surnames on each system. This project management technique results to a standardized. The Finance Department. together with their access rights on every company resources. the marital status of a female employee is not updated on HR’s database but it’s already is on the Finance records. A key ingredient for most ERP systems is the use of a unified database where all relevant information is stored. on the other hand. the Human Resources Department manages a database that holds all employment information. Each computer system has to rely on other department’s information to carry out their day to day activities. An ERP software will be used as a tool to combine all data stored on each departments’ database.54 Project Management Project Management – The Aim of ERP In a certain organization or company. For instance. If Finance will ask for the employment information of that same person. . However. The Security Department may have all the names of employees listed on a certain program. This is just one of the many reasons why the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system was introduced. consistent and more credible information system while eliminating the need to maintain multiple systems with similar functionalities. there are certain complications that may come along the way. holds all salary related information including deductions and premiums. then HR will not be able to locate it due to surname conflict.

These ideas you feel are great ones that it becomes very difficult on your part to forego. as everyone seems to be of value in the end if pursued. the end results may be good or bad to your organization. You know that implementing project proposals involves costs and you wanted to be sure which of these should be given priority. . measurement and improvement process. its standardization. project portfolio management will provide you the easiest. It allows organizations to handle their projects following a continuous flow from concept to completion. The project portfolio management is an effective way of coming up with a decision as to what projects should be given priority as they relate to the business organization's strategic plan. fastest. It is a tool used by business organization to enable them to establish a set of values. aligned with your business interest.100 Success Secrets 55 What is a Project Portfolio Management New ideas kept on coming from your employees. Do not waste your money on wasted efforts and avoid risk. You are piled up with project proposals and you want them all done. but you are also aware of the resources that may be involved in such. Projects under the portfolio management are ranked based on the Return of Investment (ROI) and the contribution to the strategic plan. Software and consulting firms companies have created and termed it as Project Portfolio Management. It is a portfolio that describes the various approaches of handling project management. and least expensive way to come up with an inventory of projects. Because these are project proposals. techniques and technologies and allow them to take a visible look into the project to be implemented.

they aren’t. not all program managers do the same work. He has to make sure that the right tools and equipment are available once needed.56 Project Management The Difference Between Project and Program Management Is there a difference between program management and project management? Probably the most appropriate question is “What makes a project manager different from a program manager?” It seems that these two are just the same. (d) Infrastructure – Allocation of resources is also one of the job responsibilities of a program manager. (b) Management – The program manager coordinates with all individual project managers to ensure the quality of work being done. thus treating each as a separate entity while ensuring the quality of work being done. But actually. A program manager for a manufacturing industry has a different job responsibility than that of a program manager for a pharmaceutical company. One very good example is the various projects needed to complete a whole training program. a more robust structure and control is required when carrying out activities leading to program completion. There are certain key factors in program management and these are the following: (a) Governance – Since program managers have wider scope of support. . On the other hand. A program manager is higher than a project manager as far as job position is concerned. roles and responsibilities on a certain company or organization. (e) Planning – The program manager reviews all the plans of project managers to make sure that they are still in synch with the wider plan of the program itself. (c) Finances – The program manager tracks all the finances. Program management is the process of managing multiple interdependent projects. including the cost to administer the program. both perform similar tasks. Why? Here is the catch.

The project manager does not have to participate in the hands on work of the project. A project manager/director would have to make sure that desired output is realized. they work with expects an end result at the end of the project life. The function of the project manager is to supervise the team and have a regular interaction with team members to keep abreast with how the project is going. They should form close ties with the owners and employees. Project managers/directors should be able to envision the project from beginning to end. He is referred as the Project Manager/Director.100 Success Secrets 57 The Role of Project Managers/Directors in Project Management In managing projects. cost. They should have the ability to get along with how contracting party does business. Project managers or directors are the representatives of the company and they have to ensure that the required needs of the company are met. . He should be able to perceive the realization of the project. This would reduce the risk of failure on the project as problems are brought forward to the project manager or director. there should be a specific person that should lead or manage the project or activity. They are expected to have deliverable outputs and should be capable of letting management understand the results of the project study. and quality will be carried out. client satisfaction. The person takes responsible for the end results of the project. It is a must to make sure that the issues of time. The role of project managers/directors in handling a project is a big responsibility as the client or company.

echoing the voices of customers and maintaining a high level of communication in regard to the project Mission. it is also necessary that team members need to be educated or trained. manage technology and how to control tasks of each participant. A project manager heads it. Trainings on the mastery of small or medium sized projects are offered. 4. Learning is a continuous process. 3. They need to understand the project and the expected deliverables. Even though the project manager leads. What the project manager knows may be outdated and has to be replaced with new learnings and likewise goes for participants. Knowing their responsibilities as well as accountability of each member in the team. project leadership and project team members. People. The basic skills in a small sized project covers the techniques used for each project step. It starts from the definition of goals to the end of managing risk. Some of the areas covered by project management trainings are: 1. Project Management Training is offered to provide the best practices in project management. Processes. Meeting the Company's Mission. This includes how to plan. knowing the project stakeholders. Strategies. 2. . This includes organizational leadership. This includes the establishment of realistic business objectives defining a sound structure and gain agreement among members on the project plan. A project manager's role is to plan. control and monitor the activities as well as participants in the team. It is his responsibility that targets are met as planned and success is attained in the end. schedule of check points in the MS project and motivate team and earn commitment. set realistic deadlines and meet the target.58 Project Management Training on Project Management Project management is composed of team members. This includes allowing participants to align the project mission with the agency's mission.

project tracking. customizable dashboards. decision support. as project management tools are available to guide and make things easier for management.100 Success Secrets 59 An Aid to Project Management Execution To be able to attain the success of a project management is to be able to carry out the activities as planned. Tools are used to aid in the review of the project management team performance. With the project management tool software. Project Manager or Director used strategies and techniques in carrying out project management implementation. Project Management software is one of the tools use in project management. integrate and simplify the business processes. This software provides the users to maximize Return on Investment by compressing project cycle times. companies can automate. time sheets. a new project is developing. with rapid deployment and quick adoption. It provides guides on how to complete a project on time and based on budget. As a project ends. It wouldn’t be hard for a project management team to start a new one. It provides features such as what-if modeling. Users are able to identify which jobs are most important and which deadlines should be met. It allows user to take a decision on the remedial action to be taken at the course of project activity. Planning involves the use of strategies. Project Management tools enables users to understand how to plan and schedule small and medium sized projects. . document version control. The software is available in the market and the product of which can be customized to the needs of the company. It also includes Gantt charting. reporting and more. identifying best practices and optimizing resource allocations.

. If you would like to save time and effort in managing project documentations.It shows the deliverables that will be reviewed to ensure that every activity is fit for the purpose of the project and what was intended to do is the one being produced. Some standard templates include the following: (1) The Business Case . (5) Change Request Log . direction and scope. forming a contract between the project management team and the project board. Project management templates can save you time in writing paper works necessary to initiate. ensuring the assessment of its effect on project delivery. (3) Quality Plan . then you need project management templates.This report documents the status of the whole project and providing consistent.It contains the project objectives. which are proven to make it easier for you to create project deliverables on time. graphs and tables to accomplish to properly document the project. to assessing the ongoing feasibility of the project.60 Project Management Project Management Templates – Standard Templates for Project Documentation Initiation. These are usually created by project management experts. plan. execution and close are the four phases of the Project Management Life Cycle. (4) Progress Report . reports. accurate and regular flow of information within the team. (2) Project Brief .This is the single most important piece of project document as it contains specific information needed in carrying out project work loads – from identifying the business justification to undertake such project. execute and close projects efficiently.Any potential changes that were made in the project are all written in this log sheet. A lot of web sites offer free downloadable project management templates for everyone to use. planning. Each phase require a lot of paper works.

At the top of the list of employees are usually the following: communication skills. but it is not an assurance to get regularized.When your project management skills were already enhanced. Having the right skills and work attitude will definitely put your career at the highest of highs. (c) Get along well with others .100 Success Secrets 61 Project Management Skills – Setting Project Management Standards It is not easy to find a decent job these days. employers are expecting that their “would be” employees have the right skills to do the job. Now that everything has gone high-tech and digital. this means that you know how to do efficient work with limited time constraints. will lead to efficient use of resources.Doing expected work will not only build your reputation but you also give them a reason to trust and depend on you.Developing team work builds rapport and promotes camaraderie. . perform well and work diligently with others. (b) Keep commitments in place . These are followed closely by the following: interpersonal skills. To deliver the highest standard of service. Using project management skills will also result to: (a) Efficient work . What is important is that you can deliver good results. These are also the exact same skills that need to be inherent to Project Managers. you get to retain all the best practices you have displayed and in turn. A person who can play well with others means that he or she has valued work ethics. as well as their team members. Having a basic knowledge will help. and motivation / initiative among others. integrity and honesty. At the end of a project. teamwork skills. one must develop the proper mindset and possess the basic skills needed to carry out assigned work loads.

data range and resource So if you want to be on top of the situation on a 24/7 communication.62 Project Management Let Palm do the Tracking The growing technology has provided means of tracking. Some of the Palm program project management includes: 1. Maintain a record lists of personnel involved in the project 6. Creation of project plan checklists showing the projected and actual competition dates 2. The project management programs for palm provides automatic immediate notice to concern people when requests are added or changed either by the customer or your staff. Keep update on how things are going. Allows the tracking down hours of the project. their staffs and your staffs and have access to a complete audit trail of all communications. It is application software that is so easy to use and makes project management easy and mobile. It allows you to get in touch with your clients. Project management programs for palm allows project management as to project time and cost accounting on a Palm environment. programs for palm are available for you to use. Assigning notes for each task 3. Create tasks using the Date Book appointments 4. monitoring and controlling project through the use of a Palm Operating System. . Recording of client/customer and contact information 5. It is a personal digital assistant with a touch down screen that allows graphic interfacing as well. The program palm has an online data server and payment can be either on contract or pre-paid. Get your project moving while you are physically away. Assignment of project resources 7.

When you go through this process. and complete the work project. thus bring an orderly end. It is the process of seeing to it that project objectives are realized through the monitoring and measuring the project's progress. This is the process performed by people to specify and create project's product. Initiating processes. 5. Project management processes are a step by step actions observed. This will enable the project management to identify variances on regular basis so that corrective actions can be taken as needed. it is certain that your project management will run smoothly and have your product objectives realized in the end. Selecting the best alternative course of actions to achieve the objectives of the project. 4. It is in this stage where people in project will need to reach an agreement as to who will deliver the project. It is the process of defining and refining the objectives of the project. A process is defined as a performance of series of actions to bring about a result. Closing out processes. Controlling process. 3. Project management process. Planning processes. Project management processes are of two categories: 1. organize. Product oriented process. . who will use the project and the stakeholders. It is the process of coordinating people and resources to implement the plan. This is the process performed by people to describe. Executing process. It is in this process that the project is formally accepted.it is the process to get started. Both categories are organized into five groups of one or more processes and these are: 1. It is normally defined by a project life cycle.100 Success Secrets 63 Processes involved in Project Management Project management involves processes. 2. 2.

resource managers. objectives. 2. phases. a project management office should be created to handle projects not within the normal operations so as to give focus to such endeavor. and control the tasks. and project limitations. execute. senior management. Be able to plan. requirements. Organization should see to it that things are done the right way.64 Project Management The need for a Project Management Office To be able to achieve the results that are expected on the project at hand is to have planned well how things should be done. When these arise. Be able to communicate the different needs and expectations of the project's stakeholders as well as team members. and deliverables based on project's goals and objectives. and sponsors. A project manager. 4. A project management office is establish to bring efforts in order to fulfill the objectives of the project. The project manager should ensure that the following processes are observed: 1. Be able to close the project when completed. As the organization performs its regular function. some people in the organizations bring new ideas for development or innovation. customers. Following these processes the project management office manager should ensure that members of his team are capable of performing the task in terms of the processes involved in running a project. To perform the project management activities requires a set of team. who manages the project. Be able to identify the goals. . heads a project management office. Project managers are the leader of the project team and are responsible for the project deliver and the ultimate outcome of the project. 3.

purpose. These are as follows: (1) Initiation . (a) Develop a Business Case (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (2) (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) Undertake a Feasibility Study Establish the Project Starter Appoint the Project Team Set up the Project Force Perform a Phase Review Planning Create a Project Plan Create a Resource Plan Create a Financial Plan Create a Quality Plan Create a Risk Plan Create an Acceptance Plan Create a Communications Plan Create a Procurement Plan .100 Success Secrets 65 Project Management Methodology – The Project Management Life Cycle To improve and ensure project success.Starting a new project. The Project Management Life Cycle usually has four phases: Initiation. . Execution and Closure. It is like a step by step guide to manage the project from start to finish. a project management methodology should be in place. To successfully complete a phase on the cycle. there are a number of activities that need to be carried out.Defining the scope of the project. how and when an activity should be performed on each phase of the project. It will tell you what. scope and deliverables. defining its objectives. Planning.

Building project deliverables and presenting them to customers.Closing the project and reporting its overall level of success. (a) Perform Time Management (b) Perform Cost Management (c) Perform Quality Management (d) Perform Change Management (e) Perform Risk Management (f) Perform Issue Management (g) Perform Procurement Management (h) Perform Acceptance Management (i) Perform Communications Management (j) (4) Perform a Phase Review Closure . (a) Perform Project Closure (b) Review Project Completion .66 (i) (j) Project Management Contact the Suppliers Perform a Phase Review (3) Execution .

they still do their normal duties and responsibilities as healthcare individuals. efficiency. Every healthcare personnel should coordinate with each other to make them reach an agreement as to how a certain process has to be done. Usually. Disputes or disagreements are some of the common issues that may come along the way. there a lot of web sites that offer project management trainings especially for healthcare. Because of these reasons. Someone has to lead them to the right place so that more work will be done in less time. a lot has to be done and accomplished. Truly. not only the people involved in the project need to do some adjustments. There are some medical professionals who take in the role of a project manager without even them knowing it. these web sites provide training courses that are essential to improve. decrease project overruns and develop communications and project management skills. Maintaining a healthy working environment plus the help of the assigned project manager can have all of these settled in just an instant. Aside from these projects. . Project management is required to ensure implementation of the project and carry it on until its completion.100 Success Secrets 67 Essentials of Project Management Healthcare Services There are a lot of projects associated with healthcare but the only difference is that project management is not that fully established. everything will be accomplished in no time. But then again. Healthcare facilities should also be taken into consideration as these will be utilized in order to accomplish certain work loads when needed. this is one true challenge but considering the advancement in technology and the proper allotment of budget. Honestly speaking. including the allocation of resources for every specific project need without interfering existing systems from functioning.

one of the major risk concerns is people. Because of this. everyone should get involved on each course of the project phase. companies usually have their employees undergo project management courses to fully enhance their skills to carry out certain tasks that they are expected to do. On any given project. Because of this. They will also be given seminars on how to handle other inevitable risks and threats that may come along the way. poor communication or even politics can jeopardize the result of the project. People come and go and this makes it difficult for the project manager to build effective working relationships with his or her team mates. It is a usual case the one person can be involved in multiple projects.68 Project Management Project Management Courses – Preventing Potential Risk Concerns in the Organizations When a big project is at stake. This may result to conflicts of interests. They will be taught how to set and manage client expectations as it is necessary for every single business transaction. Putting together and obtaining all these valuable course objectives will definitely make way for a smooth sailing project management accomplishment. No time allocated to build the needed skills in carrying out specific work loads. Some other concerns may be: (a) Constantly changing team size. pressure and divided attention. (c) Underestimating the role of soft skills. (b) Part-time commitments. . every single individual who will take part on the project should have the right knowledge. Every single contribution is needed to ensure success as the result of the project. considering that only a limited number of resources are available for a limited span of time. and expertise to make things work as planned. Lack of commitment.

courses with premium rates provide a much comprehensive project management outline. it wouldn’t hurt if you will take up short online project management courses to review the different terminologies and concepts that envelopes project management. A list of relevant web sites with brief descriptions will be generated and all you have to do is to select the one that best suits your needs. This usually depends on the content of the online course that you wish to take up. rest assured that you will pass the certification with flying colors. the different activities and techniques needed to accomplish and the various soft skills that one should possess to fully embrace project management. There are also some that offer viewable content at a lower price. you can use any browser search engine and type in “project management course” on the SEARCH field. Project management courses come in a wide variety of subjects that you can choose from. There are some web sites that offer such service for free. After doing some review. Having a career with project management is really a very challenging yet rewarding job. Getting the help of these web sites is indeed very beneficial. giving you an overview of project management. Typically. Usually.100 Success Secrets 69 Project Management Course – Maximizing Resources towards Project Management Certification If you are up for a project management certification. There are also some sites that actually provide nice to know information and trivia that will definitely give you an edge over other examinees. To search for an online project management course to take up. . a link to download a pdf file or a Microsoft Power Point presentation is provided in the web site itself.

Develop an effective communications and mechanisms to resolve conflicts among the various participants. scheduling. Construction projects do have a ser of objectives and constraints on time frame as for completion. The following are functions of a project construction/ civil engineering management: 1. Specify the project objectives and plans. Project scope management to ensure inclusion of the work as required. 1. 2. Project human resource management to develop and select the personnel qualified for the project. Implement various operations through collaboration and control of planning. Maximize the efficient resource utilization. Project construction/civil engineering management requires knowledge in modern management and a through understanding in the design and construction process. Be able to have a clear cut delineation of scope. 5. 4. contracting and construction in the entire process. . 3. 3.70 Project Management What is Project Construction/Civil Engineering Management? The management of construction projects involves large sum of money. estimating. 2. design. materials and equipment based on schedule and plan. 4. setting performance requirements. Project quality management to ensure functional requirements are met. Project time management to ensure that projects are done as schedule. budgeting. The project construction/civil engineering management should give focus on the nine distinct areas that project manager should know and give attention. 6. Project cost management to identify the resources needed and control budget. and selecting project participants. There should be proper handling in procurement of labor. Project integration management to ensure effective coordination of the various project elements.

71 .100 Success Secrets 7. Project communications management to ensure that internal and external communications is taking place. Project procurement management to acquire the needed resources from external sources. Project risk management to analyze and be prepared for potential risks. 9. 8. Project construction/civil engineering management is complex and careful planning needs to be undertaken before endeavors on such are carried on.

a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is also being managed by the Project Management Institute. a professional advanced degree in project management can also be taken. as written in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guide. . There are two levels of certification. These are Project Management Professional (PgMP) and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). Candidates for this program are required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree from any accredited university or institution. Similarly. The ones who got this certification mean that they have fully met the specific requirements as far as education and examination scores to measure project management knowledge.72 Project Management Project Management Certificate – Becoming Certified Project Management Professionals Do you want to be called a Master Project Manager? How about being called a Project Management Professional (PgMP) or a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) perhaps? If you would like to have exceptional skills and expertise when it comes to Project Management. A Project Management Professional (PgMP) is a certification being managed by the Project Management Institute. Typically. hands-on exercises and other activities to further enhance their skills. they are required to do some thorough research or thesis as their final project. On the other hand. Students usually have classroom discussions. They are also engaged in studying the methodologies. concepts and techniques necessary to become a successful project manager in the future. which is the only ANSI standard for project management. Some programs even require candidates to obtain about 32 – 42 graduate units. brain storming sessions. then getting a Project Management certification is your answer. This is also known as Master in Project Management (MPM). The only difference is that the first is more advanced than the other.

Now on its third edition released in 2004. Executing 4. Project Time Management . Planning 3. the book is published by the Program Management Institute (PMI) as an internationally recognized standard that provides the fundamentals of project management applicable to a wide range of projects including engineering. software. Project Integration Management 2. These are enumerated below: 5 Basic Process Groups 1. The first version was released as a white paper in 1987 for the purpose of documenting and standardizing project management information and practices. automotive etc. Initiating 2. PMI received countless positive comments and suggestions to further improve its contents. Controlling 5. Project Scope Management 3. The book recognizes 5 basic process groups and 9 knowledge areas typical to almost all projects. hence the release of the second and third editions respectively.100 Success Secrets 73 Project Management Body of Knowledge – Learning Project Management in an Instant Do you want to know more about project management without attending any classroom trainings or viewing any online tutorials? All you have to do is to read the book entitled “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge” or also known as PMBOK Guide. Closing 9 Knowledge Areas 1. With a more than a million copies distributed all over the world.

Inputs (documents.74 Project Management 4.) 2. processes may overlap or interact with each other. Tools and Techniques (mechanisms applied to inputs) 3. Project Cost Management 5. Project Communications Management 8. Project Procurement Management Throughout a project or phase.) . Project Risk Management 9. designs. Project Quality Management 6. products. Project Human Resource Management 7. These processes are described in terms of the following: 1. etc. etc. plans. Outputs (documents.

. Project Management requires careful planning. You need to understand what the project intends to achieve. 5. 2. Define the scope and objectives. With the project management best practices handling projects would be easy if steps are done the right way.100 Success Secrets 75 Best Practices in Project management It really pays if things are done the right way. 3. their responsibilities as well as their accountability. monitoring and controlling the activities of a team to achieve success in the goals of the project. Constant monitoring pf the actual progress against planned. 7. This will enable them to know the expected output at the end of the project. Project managers should be able to determine if change management has to be done at the mid of the project implementation or postpone such. It becomes necessary that communication should take place within the project team. Risk Management. The project should be able to get the support and understanding of each participant so as to be clear as to the project expected output deliverables. Deliverables need to be cleared and defined to participants. The ability to assess or see probable risk and be able to find solutions even before it happens. In order to achieve success in project management is to adapt to the best practices in the field of project management. These best practices serves as steps or procedures to follow before implementing a project: 1. Define deliverables. It is at this stage that you are able to define as to how you will achieve the objective given the deliverables that are expected at the end of the project. 4. Change Management. Project Planning. 6. Tracking and reporting project progress. It minimizes the risk and saves the company resources as well. Allow each team members to know what is expected from them. Communication.

(f) Gaining better scheduling schemes while easily making some adjustments. One of these tools is a project management bar chart called Gantt chart. Typically. these tools are used in generating reports to keep track project progress status in terms of factors such as schedules and budget. Wages and Profit”. A Gantt chart is used to illustrate a project schedule. (d) (e) Developing better troubleshooting procedures. . Gantt charts are simple to understand and easy to change. there are a lot of project management tools developed in the past and are still available for them to use as of this time.76 Project Management Gantt Chart – A Project Management Bar Chart To assist project managers in carrying out day to day activities. this widely used bar chart bears the name of Henry Gantt. Gantt charts are considered a popular charting technique and became a common feature of web based and desktop applications. from terminal elements to summary elements. But then. since Adamiecki did not make his chart known to the public until 1931. If utilized efficiently. Allowing more time for decision making. Terminal and summary elements consist of the work breakdown of each project structure.the start and finish dates of a project. who designed the chart in 1910 and can be seen on his famous book “Work. (c) Coordinating planning with other team members and departments for consistency. making use of Gantt charts can result to the following benefits: (a) Cutting project and production cost and reducing the time it takes to finish it. Karol Adamiecki developed the first Gantt chart. (b) Eliminating lost and idle time as more work is produced. And now. which is then called a Harmonogram.

100 Success Secrets 77 Articles to Read on Project Management It is not enough that you know the project management processes. It should be noted that some projects fail despite the project management processes are observed. You begin to learn on how to manage stakeholders. Project Management articles are informative and available for free. and practices. . but if can pay off the costs that you put on it if done properly. and organizational. and offer software reviews. But still tools may help but not totally. methods. you would need more information outside your business organization. The project management articles tries to uncover the mystery of project management. There are tools available to do these. techniques. Project management articles are additional features of project management software companies and consulting firms that provides an update on the market industry. and PMI. PM article readers is given the opportunity to make comments or queries on the industry. Some projects do succeed. Learn more and try to compare your team experiences in the management of your project. Project Management articles also provides lessons learn from project team experiences and helps readers updated project management tools. gathering requirements. Through the project management articles you are able to learn insights from variety of experts on subjects related project management. Indulging in a project can be tedious and costly. legal. You need to be aware of what is also happening to the industry and learn from them. and many other ways to manage your project successfully. You need advices. and other practical issues in managing projects. case studies. project success factors.

it is not enough to have a grasp of management theories. Public Administration. when different disciplines come together. even eliminate. You must acknowledge that you have a mission to fulfill as a Construction Project Manager Engineer – which is to make sure that the structure being constructed is well-built according to technical standards while meeting limitations such as time and budget constraints as well. you will find Project Management intersecting with various other disciplines such as Environmental Remediation. This means acknowledging the importance of comprehension of construction technology and how Project Management should integrate that into the plans for the construction project as well. It is up to the Construction Project Manager Engineer to know how to integrate all those priorities into the overall project plan and reduce. Your job as a Construction Project Manager Engineer terminates once the project has been successfully completed and meets the specifications of the project owner. and Construction as well. In this job. conflict may arise due to different priorities being set by practitioners of each discipline. You do not arbitrarily decide when and how the project will be completed or terminated. by Construction Project Manager Engineer Management. Thus. By Construction Project Manager Engineer.78 Project Management What Does Construction Project Manager Engineer Management Entail? Let us break down this job title of Construction Project Manager Engineer Management into its components so that we can understand fully what it entails. Inevitably. who will have final say over whether he finds your work acceptable or not. You need to work hand-in-glove with the project owner as well. . In this job. we are referring to engineers who are concerned with managing construction projects for the owner of the construction project. conflict. You must also understand how building design is factored into construction plans as well. we are referring to how this engineer will manage his job as Construction Project Manager Engineer.

In the field of engineering. plumber and all the other workers involved in the project. Aside from being familiar with all the aspects involved in a construction project. the person who oversees the day-to-day operations in a construction site is the construction management project supervisor engineer. Management skills would also come in handy when trying to meet deadlines and working within the allocated budget. electricians. It will also be a plus point for a project supervisor to have skills in time management. monitoring of each worker's performance on the project. a construction engineer should be knowledgeable in Project Management and Construction Management. The task of a construction manager mainly involves project management. a project supervisor should also have management skills because he will deal with repairmen. Finally. and development of innovative work processes to ensure the success of a particular construction project. because there are a lot of areas in the construction industry that you can excel at. negotiation and conflict resolution. In addition. construction workers.100 Success Secrets 79 The Tasks of a Construction Management Project Supervisor Engineer Today's business environment is extremely competitive – an individual is expected to produce quality output from limited resources. while meeting deadlines and working within a limited budget all at the same time. Being a construction management project supervisor is a lucrative profession. residential and construction projects are expected to increase. team building. which also increases the demand for construction management project supervisors. a construction management project supervisor engineer will be responsible for administering formal contracts. With the continuing rise in the real estate industry. problem solving. .

(6) Coordinating with other members of the management and development team for consistency. it is always a matter of credibility and experience – they choose the ones who have an established track record of leading people. (3) Tracking project progress and providing reports on a regular basis. (5) Facilitating Project Team meetings. It takes a lot of courage to take on the Project Manager’s position. there are also some companies that are after brilliant new ideas and concepts – they promote new faces to take on the role. . By doing so. Here are some of the tasks of the Project Manager: (1) Keeping the team coordinated and ensuring that work is finished on time. You are in charge of the planning and execution of the project from start to finish. (2) Recommending courses of action to take when presented with difficult situations. this is one of the many questions that need to be answered . Come to think of it. Ensuring the success of the project is a must. while thinking of ways on how to minimize risk factors or threats that may come along the way. A proven technique is by establishing an open communication to all participants involved.80 Project Management Director of Project Management – Leading the Way towards Project Success When big projects are being conceptualized. However. every concern can be addressed and every argument or dispute can be settled. if required. it doesn’t really matter. (4) Developing policies and procedures to monitor and assist in controlling budget.“Who will lead the way?” For some. Still nothing changes the fact that it is a very daunting task to lead groups of different people with various job functions.

as the business grows. Training individuals on the proper storage of electronic data is an important task of the manager and the trainer otherwise this project will crash even before it has taken off. changing processes and procedures. storage. without the proper electronic project management. and knowing where. Training manuals and video tutorials and trainers may be set up by the manager for further reference. faster information gathering and many more. Unfortunately. these can be a burden instead of a blessing. . what and how to file a document. Electronic project management is the solution for the proper recording. Give it a few more years and you’ll soon find out that a couple of filing cabinets will no longer be enough to store the massive amounts of data accumulated throughout the years.100 Success Secrets 81 Electronic Project Management For The Training Manager Storing electronic data and other records has long been a dream of companies who have piles and piles of paper documents in their storage. and modifying of data. comparing. searching for. redundant and unreliable files. The trainer will have to first demonstrate comprehensively the basics of electronic data gathering. The training will include changing the roles of the records keeper from manual to electronic. However. updating. initiating an electronic project management may not be as easy as it seems for the project and training manager. storing and retrieval. so will the amount of data that will have to be stored. Add to that the nightmare of retrieving. However. the benefits of a successful electronic data management will include the elimination of duplicate. easier cross-referencing of records. and comparing the paper documents inside a dusty old storage room. Documents are an essential part of any business. retrieval. Unfortunately.

power management is one of the key elements in decreasing the cost to produce and serve goods and services. without sacrificing quality. Power management results to lower energy consumption. then this is one way of conserving energy. It is indeed very critical nowadays to find ways on how to conserve energy. It does not only increase system stability due to low heat dissipation. Because of this feature. In a business perspective. It is a good thing to note that some electrical appliances such as computers peripherals and copiers have a power management feature wherein it automatically triggers turning off the system after a long periods of inactivity. . which is being supported by recently produced computers. But then again. the sole purpose of project management is to efficiently manage resources and energy conservation is one of them.82 Project Management Energy Power Management – Project Management for Energy Conservation When power management is being talked about. We should act now… before it’s too late. this is considered a crucial step since projects usually have a short shelf life. Not only that. The power management standard being used is called Advanced Configuration Power Interface or ACPI. In project management. the battery life of most portable and embedded systems is prolonged. It also reduces operating costs due to reduced cooling requirement for desktop systems. but it also reduces the burden on both the company and the environment. what first comes into your mind? One common answer is of course “energy conservation”. planned and managed through the use of computers. Since most projects are being conceptualized. come to think of it.

Minimizing risks can be done through various methods. . Risk are prevented if a successful project manager or director would adapt the policy of open communication. and resolve interpersonal conflicts. A project manager or director is a profession in the field of project management. It is also required that systematic management skills are applied. find out unstated assumptions. Managers/directors have the responsibility in the planning and execution of any project. Typical project managers are those in the construction industry. The project manager should not only be concerned on the technical skills of it's team but should also look into the critical roles and chemistry that each participants in the team in terms of interaction. both formal and informal. The project manager/director makes the decision and must be taken by members in the team as a decision that has to be made for the benefit of the project. Risk is one factor that affects the performance of project management. design and service industries. The only task that a project manager is required to perform is to see to it that the project would be successful and at same time minimizing risk throughout the life of the project.100 Success Secrets 83 Functions of a Project Manager or Director in Project Management In the implementation of a project a project manager or director should ensure that end results are realized at the end of project life. The project manager or director should make sure that each member of the team would be given an opportunity to express concerns and recommendations. It is the role of a project manager to ask detailed questions. architecture or software development. Some are in the field of production.

Their proper responses to this trend will help the company to grow with the market. Although there are many management styles and strategies that can be utilized for every situation in marketing. Leadership and management project principles are constantly evolving and executives now face the challenge of IT advances coupled with the more complicated workforce. With Executive Management Programs. . distance learning or via online courses. Online courses are the most ideal for busy executives because it gives them the most control. addressing the complexities of the issues in their respective areas is a challenging role for the executive. finance. Many prestigious schools and organizations now offer online education and it is very easy to register and access their offers. Executive management programs will equip the participants with the tools needed for the effective management and leadership of the very demanding business world today. These programs give emphasis on leadership and management skills in order to increase the performance and efficiency of the workforce. Executive Management Programs may be the solution for executives who want to retool themselves with the skills of leadership and management.. Online schools also give the participants the luxury of gaining access to their courses anywhere. management and leadership of projects will be a welcome challenge for any executive. There are different ways of enrolling in an Executive Management Program. anytime. They will be ready and energized to tackle the many complicated issues.84 Project Management Executive Management Program: Your Project On Leadership And Management Businesses today are becoming more and more complicated as new innovations are introduced. etc. A participant can enroll in a classroom type facility. They will be able to identify business trends and properly decide on what actions are needed. 24/7. human capital.

Most often a live demonstration is included in the download. . The software should provide a task list for people and allocation schedule of resources 2. Your personal information is not even needed. The free trial period does not give you the obligation to buy if not satisfied. cost control and budget management. The software should be able to provide data as to the project's progress and should be able to provide a comparison on the actual and actual performance of the project. The free trial period allows business organization to try and find out from the software manufacturer the features of the PM software. The software should have an early warning advice should risks is about to take place 4. quality management and documentation or administration systems. resource allocation. This software is used to deal with large projects complexities. The software should be able to provide information on team workload to provide planning for people who should be working during the holidays 5.100 Success Secrets 85 Decide the best PM software for Free Project management software covers many types of software that includes scheduling. Try and find out the free project management software to enable business organization to decide what is the best tool suited for their organization. collaboration software. communication. In choosing your project management software the following features should be made available: 1. The project management software is available in the market and is offered to business organization on a free trial period. It allows business organization to find out if the software is suitable to the organization or not. The software should provide an overview as to how long it will take to complete a task 3.

No Director would be caught dead not knowing how to express his/her ideas in both written and verbal form. financial planning. and federal levels which may affect Project Management of the project the Director is overseeing. that is a job title that may apply to multiple occupational situations. we can define the requirements that are common to any Director of Project Management position. cost accounting. and Finance. Materials. Then the Director ought to display competency in planning. implementation. This means the Director should know what Project Management means and how it applies to the field of practice he is in.86 Project Management Requirements for the Position of Director Project Management When you say you want to become a Director of Project Management. A Director of Project Management must have the capacity to use his technical and managerial skills to coordinate project requirements in the areas of Personnel. as well as administrative programs. . He/she should be aware of any regulatory policies or laws at the local. and budgeting. for our purposes. This is inclusive of Project Management principles and practices. Fortunately. state. This is closely related to the ability of the Director to interact and collaborate with project team members to assure smooth working relationships and the success of the project implementation. He/she should be completely knowledgeable as well about the municipal funding system. pertaining to the areas of management. and coordination of technical programs. This is because Project Management can be employed in different ways in different organizations. Engineering. since this would imperil his/her ability to conduct Project Management effectively.

construct and operate the resources available. improving productivity and quality of work. The seven phases of the project life cycle of a constructed facility are enumerated below: (a) (b) Market Demands and Perceived Needs Conceptual Planning and Feasibility Study Objective 1: Definition of Project Objectives and Scope Objective 2: Conceptual Plan or Preliminary Design (c) Design and Engineering Objective 3: Construction Plans and Specifications (d) (e) Procurement and Construction Startup of Occupancy Objective 4: Completion of Construction . By doing so. To ensure project success. They have different perspective as to how project management for construction is to be implemented. In between these phases is a corresponding goal that should be accomplished. design. It is like a mere representation on how a project is constructed from cradle to grave. finance. Though it is indeed advantageous that all participants should have a sound knowledge or expertise to produce valuable service. specialists can respond more effectively to the demands of the project and therefore. it is but also more beneficial is everyone working on the project has an idea on how the different parts of the process fit together. Threats may come along such as resource wastage and excessive cost and delays as a result of poor communication and coordination with one another.100 Success Secrets 87 Project Management Engineering and Construction – The Seven Phases of the Project Life Cycle Different participants in the project have various techniques and strategies on how to plan. one important thing that should be present among team members is the proper understanding of the entire process. The project life cycle of a constructed facility has seven phases.

88 (f) (g) Project Management Operation and Maintenance Disposal of Facility Objective: Acceptance of Facility Objective: Fulfillment of Useful Life .

Henry Gantt is considered the main proponent of project management. the PERT system which stands for the Program Evaluation and Review Technique created by Booz-Allen & Hamilton and the joint venture system dubbed the Critical Path Method (or CPM) which was produced by the collaboration of DuPont Corporation with Remington Rand Corporation. Two mathematical techniques were eventually developed and disseminated for use in this field. Project management involves trying to work within the specific limitations of cost. The product and/or service should be unique and be able to create heightened value or benefits for the organization implementing the project. a project is defined as a one-shot program of action whose existence is temporary in nature and whose main purpose for existing is to produce a product and/or service. A project is different from organizational processes in that the latter may have semi-permanent or permanent status in the priorities of the organization. for instance. engineering and construction. namely. though Gantt charts were already being widely employed even before then in the US alone. and may need to be implemented over and over again (perhaps on a daily or weekly basis. quality and scope when project resources have to be organized and managed to meet the goals of the project. time. . Various contemporary project management tools have their basis on the past accomplishments of Henry Gantt. Contemporary project management can be said to have started only in the 1950s. with much of his reputation brought about by his reliance on his unique project management tool dubbed the Gantt chart.100 Success Secrets 89 An Introduction to the History of Project Management First of all.) Project management can trace its roots from different fields. defense. namely.

with Project Management being only a single component in this range of topics. . Some authors deal with a wide variety of topics. The free Project Management eBooks can be either downloaded directly in its entirety from the website. the free Project Management eBook could be a promotional give-away so that members of the public may want to purchase the other eBooks that the author wrote and is publishing. or from continuing education training centers. You can also do self-study at home or in your office. It is also possible to get excerpts of these Project Management eBooks instead. but that you may be able to get knowledge and training in Project Management that you may not be able to get anywhere else. or retrieved from other publication formats such as CD-ROM and staggered online tutorials. using the eBook. The online tutorials can be considered excerpts as well. This beats having to make time to attend formal classes at a nearby community college or university. The question of which of these two options you can get really depends on the author who is the owner of the Project Management eBooks and any excerpts that are posted on the website you visited. or even at school. The advantage with using a free Project Management eBook comes not from the fact that it is given away at no charge. since they may include only part of the content of the entire eBook – this could be a way for the author to raise interest in his publication or series of publications that deal with that field.90 Project Management Is It Possible to Get Free Project Management eBooks From the Internet? You may be able to get free Project Management eBooks online. In that case.

Engineering Project Management is an area of engineering where the person or team are focused more on the responsibility of managing. monitoring and control of a given project in a given time period and aims to do it with quality and cost efficiency. mining and many more. Setting clear objectives and making every member of the team see a clear future desired goal is the secret to finishing the project on time and in the most cost efficient way. design or construction all need a good project management plan. Without the proper engineering project management. and eliminating risks among others. the more challenging part of the project will usually involve working and coordinating with one another especially in terms of communication.100 Success Secrets 91 Project Management For Engineering Project Management is the systematic planning. this could involve more than 200 types including the more common chemical. decisions and reports from and to management could be delayed unnecessarily. Everyone should be involved in the engineering project management. electrical. and efficiency. This includes both the private and government engineering agencies so they may be able to deliver their tasks quickly and efficiently. In engineering. organization. Engineering organizations whether they are engaged in consulting. Planning is the most important part of any engineering project management. making improvements. engineering project management teams are tasked with making plans. monitoring and control of engineering projects including safety. Other types could be aerospace. . They will usually work with other companies. tackling problems. updates and project status. Although planning and understanding the technical parts of the project may be easy for some. and mechanical. marine. disciplines and organizations in order to finish the project. Aside from monitoring and controlling projects. civil. geothermal.

policy and control in order to assure the client that the software will be according to the required specifications. The IT project management team is dependent the QA manager’s reports and analysis of the software production. revise. Basically. He has to clearly enforce. This ensures the client of product quality through the proper IT management. configurations.92 Project Management The QA Manager: The IT Project Management Action Figure A very important factor in any IT project management is making sure that the output of the project is within the specifications it aims to deliver. source codes. . In an IT project management. the QA manager has several roles to fulfill. the QA manager is an action-oriented manager for the IT project management. communicate and educate the team on the IT requirements of the client and make sure that follow-ups and identified problems are addressed immediately. testing and implementation of the software. The QA manager is responsible for the entire process of the software development which will include the review of documents. Since the QA manager’s goal is to achieve and assure that the quality control system is being followed in the IT project. Quality Assurance or QA is the universal term used to denote quality management. Measurable quality control criteria should be clearly established well into the planning stage up to the software’s development stage so that quality reviews can be exercised all throughout the IT project management’s life cycle. Aside from monitoring and controlling the software development. the QA manager also has to keep track of department resources in order to ensure that budget approvals and company finances are properly disbursed. quality planning is very important in the planning activity of the IT project management.

. health advice. a good healthcare project manager should also be familiar and adept at the latest in Information Technology because this is where the latest developments in healthcare are being dealt with. No matter which type of industry you are in. a good healthcare project manager should have problem solving skills. aside from having good management skills. research. primary and acute health care. First. there should be extensive knowledge of the various areas of the healthcare industry. there is an increase in the demand for good project managers. safety advice. Second. To start off. Their task is to manage. here is a short list of the scope of healthcare project management: private and public healthcare. Healthcare project management is definitely something that you would want to learn about and eventually excel at if you want to expand your knowledge of the healthcare industry. procurement. you can use your project management skills and the healthcare industry is no exception. strategic planning. here are the characteristics of a good healthcare project manager. supervise and organize the activities involved with the completion of a project. Aside from having good people skills and managing abilities. design management. organizational skills and conflict resolution skills. Healthcare project management is where an experienced healthcare professional organizes and manages a team of individuals to achieve the success of a particular project.100 Success Secrets 93 The ABC's of Healthcare Project Management With the ever-changing needs of both business owners and the consuming public. public consultation and other similar aspects of the healthcare industry. Now.

Fifth. aims to be successful by harnessing the powers of teamwork.94 Project Management How to Guarantee Success in Information Technology Project Management Information Technology Project Management. Finally. First. no further changes should be initiated once the project is under implementation – except for changes which are of paramount importance due to the benefits they will impart to the project. all deliverables should undergo testing. and try to come up with suggestions that will help the team enhance performance in future projects of this sort. Eight. Second. project needs. there must be standardized practices being observed regarding management of the specific project. preferably at culmination of the project. collaboration. development and then delivery. . reducing redundancies. the whole team (inclusive of other stakeholders such as shareholders) should be able to define in concrete terms what success really involves or means for that project. the customer should receive responsibility for any project deliverables after ownership has been transferred to him/her. limitations of resources. and consensus with your team. Fourth. Sixth. Seven. stakeholder buy-in should co-exist with stable vetted requirements in every project undertaken. the tenth step is for the team to go back over the project to assess results. determine what lessons can be gleaned from the experience. You muster teamwork by engaging in steady communication. allow the customer or client to be informed about (and if possible constantly involved in) the project from start to finish. to allow the customer to participate in decision making and project activities when necessary. from a holistic point of view. Ninth. and organizational strengths and weaknesses should be factored in as the team is being organized. during the stages of planning. adhere to guideposts that will tell the team how they are progressing and whether the project is proceeding on schedule or not. Third. and enhancement of consistencies.

Almost every day. each promises to assist project managers and other members of the team to have a collaborative effort in carrying out specific tasks necessary in completing the project. a lot of project management software tools were produced. This includes uploading of files. making it challenging at times to keep with all the technological advancements happening in our environment. new breakthroughs and innovations are being introduced in the market. Because of this. It would also help if web-based applications will be used instead of desktop applications. IT project management techniques should also sustain its staying power. or else everything will be put into waste.100 Success Secrets 95 IT Project Management – Tips in Finding Project Management Tools Information Technology is a major industry as of this time. Since IT is moving in a faster rate. (b) Usability . To ensure its availability. there should be designated pods where a specific project management software is installed for easy access.One good requirement is that project management software tools should be user friendly to complete quality projects in an efficient but timely manner.Project management software tools must be easy to set up plus ensuring its reliability all throughout the project. . (c) Set up and Maintenance . and attaching notes or comments. So what makes a project management software tool worthy of such challenging assignments? Here are some tips on what to look for to ensure IT project success: (a) Accessibility . it even makes it difficult to manage IT projects. (d) Powerful Document Management .Sharing of documents and files should be quick and easy.Resources needed by team members should be made available at all times and one of these is the project management software tool.

2. This guide provides you with the five basic processes and nine knowledge subjects that are practically common to all the projects. 8. The latest edition which is the A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge and the third edition was published on 2004 gives you the basic knowledge in Project Management. Planning. automotive and any more. Project Scope Management. 6. The purpose of his guide is to standardize the project management practices and information. Project Time Management. This also includes tools. In the third edition. 4. designs and plans. Project Quality Management. software. Project Cost Management. . Project Integration Management. Project Communication Project Human Resource Management and Project Procurement Management The Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge is believed to be an important tool in any project management career because it is considered to be the official and the latest standard in today’s leading companies in project management. These are illustrated in terms of inputs such as documents.96 Project Management Guide To The Project Management Body Of Knowledge: The Best Solution For Your Project Management Queries The Guide for Project Management Body of Knowledge was first published by Project Management Institute in 1987. These process and procedures are related and actively interact with the project. construction. Five process groups are Initiating. 5. techniques and outputs such as products. 3. The book actually covers areas like: 1. 7. it gives you the different fundamental knowledge of project management that applies to various projects that includes engineering. Monitoring and Controlling and lastly Closing.

100 Success Secrets 97 .

) You may also have heard of the Gantt Chart – you read this as a bar chart that will show the project schedule. It involves examining the production process over a timeframe of two to eighteen months so that an aggregate plan can be created. (A terminal element refers to an activity – or the work deliverables – which are listed in a WBS or work breakdown structure. covering what resources (such as raw materials) are to be procured and in what volume/amount. Critical Path Method can be used in any project which has interdependent activities. . Duration (project management) is the third in our list of Project Management topics. The Gantt Chart is recommended for small short-term projects whose details can be compressed into a single page or screen. we can only describe a few of them here. One topic is aggregate planning. It will list down when the project is scheduled to begin and end. It applies to the algorithm known as critical path analysis which is helpful for determining the schedule of project activities. It is not very useful for those projects which have up to 30 activities or more. as well as the terminal elements that apply. Unfortunately. It is used to describe in detail how long it will take for the terminal element to be applied from start to finish of the project. which may be considered a form of advanced planning in an organization. Summary elements are also included in the Gantt Chart.98 Project Management A Short List of Project Management Topics There are quite a few Project Management topics that are now being used. This aggregate plan is to be submitted to management as part of organizational efforts to minimize total cost of operations over that timeframe. The Critical Path Method is another topic in Project Management.

image servers and Web servers are setup to replicate facilities. diagnostic. Image Processing Project Management is a team of experienced and expert professionals that manage the content and workflow of project management through image processing. ideas and development should kept coming. During the project production integration and testing. You may need to outsource the development of your project. Providers of image processing project management assume the total responsibility and sole accountability for the results. As it should ensure that all detailed information are loaded into the systems provider and that these are functioning properly. It is only through this person that all issues on the project are brought to his attention. The Image processing project management will help you understand the movement of the project from a film-based workflow to a film-free medical imaging environment. implementation planning. But this should not prevent the normal operations of the business. site preparation. providers assign a one contact point. The single contact point is the project manager who handles the project. all technical. It is a service that is an ideal resource for handling projects from start to end .100 Success Secrets 99 Managing Projects through Image Processing As business organization are faced with a highly competitive environment. production integration and testing all using image processing strategy in project management. Project Management at these times can be done through Image Processing. . Let the project manager handle the work starting from the project timeline.from the time of creation through the print of the final output. and clinical workstations. The Image Processing project management in its pre-installation stage conducts a diagnostic imaging of the business organization's operation. In image processing management.

making customer experience that is supported by the appropriate process alignment of the business and focuses on reducing the complexity of the process. The perspective of the design refines the functions for customer service satisfaction. One of the processes of Lean addresses the customers. the PCE must be improved by eliminating activities that does not have added value to the process. The process for customer experience uses an approach that targets processes of the business wherein the tasks are accomplished from the perspective of the customers and gaining their loyalty. The process about customer experience includes plans for transition of the asset of the employee to provide tools for the business to measure success. making effective service models. The perspective about the strategy to be used provides the framework for connecting the objective of the business to the operation of customer service and the whole organization. . It is the first step in understanding the work of a function. To achieve its goal. The PCE of Lean produces 25% or more. and the improvement of financial performance for the business. The powerful process of Lean and its unique customer architecture makes it a very good technology to improve the process cycle efficiency of an organization not only for customer satisfaction but the business as a whole. One of the main objectives of Lean is to increase the velocity of the process.100 Project Management Lean Customer Service Process Improvement The focus of the techniques of Lean is on process cycle efficiency or PCE as an observation of the speed of execution of the process.

The software is affordable and is considered as an efficient and economic alternative to major solutions. It is a great help for the project team to have the end results done and monitor. financial and many other types of projects. Email notifications and alerts 4. It is so affordable that the cost of doing the monitoring projects would be expensive if people resources are opted. Often. Issue and request tracking 5. Monitoring activities becomes hard and costly. as you would need as many project managers. as there are many projects that you have at hand.100 Success Secrets 101 Software made Easy for Project Management Tools are used to aid in making things easier and provide results faster. It is simple and easy to use. a project management software tool is made available that generates web based application for managing and tracking software development. planning is required and careful study is done before project starts to be implemented. The project management software tool allows organization to track and organize any type of project through the use of the following powerful features: 1. manufacturing. It is designed for small and medium sized businesses. Many other useful features The project management software tool has a review feature that allows the team to communicate and collaborate during the project life cycle. Message board 6. In today's advanced technology. Projects that has multi-nested tasks 2. . Detailed generation of statistics and reports 3. Project management is made easy and hassle free with the use of project management software. there may be two or more projects that an organization is into. IT. This is to ensure that results are delivered on time and within the planned budget. In project management.

Activity Summary. It is easy to use as user is provided with "Quick Links" Wizard. User can access the calendar of events if invited or given access by team members. User Control. The ability to access what's going on outside the internal network keeps team managers and members updated of what's happening with regard to project activities. The Management online project tool is perfect when a project team works with remote customers. . It is user friendly as it allows a search tool located on every screen. 4. Features of the Management Online are as follows: 1. The homepage of the user can be configure based on their preference. The management online project tool will aid in knowing the results and activity phase at any point in time and place. Custom Style. Search Tool. suppliers. Project Wizard. It allows sharing of key milestones and meetings with project teams. 5. The system will help match the search queries against Projects. contractors and staff who finds it difficult to go to work in some cases due to press of time. Documents. Clients. Notes.102 Project Management Know Your Project Activities Online As tools are looked at as an aid in project management. Allows to customize the logo and color scheme that matches the corporate style 2. and Attachments. 6. Tasks. Management Online Project tool is not blocked by firewall. The links change as higher-level access is achieved. Users are provided with a summary of the last activity on the extranet. Project Calendar. 3. technology nowadays has allowed the access of project management tool online. Companies offers web based application that is accessible even to outside of the business organization internal network.

On a positive note.100 Success Secrets 103 Project Management – Meeting Objectives by Managing and Organizing Resources Being engaged in a certain project is not that easy. a project is temporary collaborative effort undertaken to create a product or a service. Getting yourself into such challenging situation will put your abilities to a test. project management is required to make sure that all aspects of the project are carefully planned and organized to meet predefined objectives. the job is still rewarding. From its definition. Therefore. a discipline is needed to organize and manage all the resources need to complete a project within definite quality. time and cost controls. . There will be a bunch of pretty good incentives as well… the price that the company has to pay for all that tiresome rigorous work. hence the birth of project management. which means that next steps are determined as the project progresses.that means you are one of the best and most trusted associates. Not only that you are tasked to beat deadlines due to restricted time constraints that may be presented to you. Let’s say you are employed in a company and you were given the opportunity to get yourself involve in a special project . How come the company is focusing on creating projects? One good reason is that the company will eventually earn more in producing special projects that cater to the demands of the customers. Because of this. it is also stressful and tiring because you have to consult and coordinate with a lot of different people just to carry out a single function. It usually has a start and end date and is characterized by progressive elaboration.

days and budgets. "Archived" and "All" 4. 6. It should provide a project based discussion forum. Some of the features of project management software are: 1. "Not Defined". hours. project management software would be a helpful tool. 3. It should have no limit on the number of users that will log in. This is to keep track of the project creator and the assigned people to it. 8. 2. If your business organization is on project management. Ability to collaborate on Projects with Clients and Staff by giving limited access to the software and be updated on the projects performance. Project management software aims to help the project team and its client to be updated on what is going on. It should be able to assign project tasks to users especially for home workers. "Complete". 10. It should allow project categorization such as "In Progress". It should provide the project target dates. It should have an automatic e-mail notification. . Project management requires collaboration and accountability to effectively carry out the project's goals and objectives. It should provide contact list of those involved in the project as well as client contact. The project management software is installed n a private database.104 Project Management Software in Project Management Tools are made to help and make things done the right way. It can be set up to as many users and can be configured if accessibility needs to be secured. "On Hold". It is more on tracking down. monitoring and controlling of events. 9. "Proposed". It should have project ownership. "In Planning". easy and fast. It should allow file attachments. 7. 5.

WBS is the process of dividing and subdividing the major project deliverables and project work into a more manageable. there are many management project tools available today that can be learned and applied. Fortunately. will become a project scope and will then expand into smaller WBS. can all be modified and combined to fit your organization. These tools. While these management project tools may all be effective by itself. it basically emphasizes more on the schedule and timeline and will tend to be too cluttered when numerous simultaneous projects are initiated. used and applied in order for the project’s objective to be attained. The WBS begins similarly with a vision which. no one tool can explicitly claim 100% effectivity and more tools may be needed. These are your measurable methods of helping the team successfully initiate. The WBS is also a part of the Gantt Chart but can be a tool all in itself. . when elaborated. Many other management project tools were created based on this method which includes the now widely used work breakdown structure or WBS.100 Success Secrets 105 Tools For Project Management It is very difficult to manage new projects especially when it comes to organizing and managing resources like manpower and budget. While the Gantt Chart may be very effective when it comes to representing the phases and project summaries. The cycle continues until you eventually complete the project. achievable and smaller parts. This management project tool creates a progressive iterative process that will ultimately complete the overall project objectives. modified. One of the earliest tools for project management is the Gantt Chart which is a simple bar chart showing the project schedules and estimated end dates of each activity or project. although very much varied in their approach. considered to be the forefather of project management. control and close the project. This tool was developed by Henry Gantt. plan. execute.

Other changes in policies and procedures will be required per department which could include best practices on risk assessments. financial assistance. recording of transactions. collection practices. and amnesty programs. and many more. Below are the principles of an MBA project of receivable management and the main characteristics of project management can be identified. With this in mind. As with any project management. credit advances. And an MBA project on receivables management is just part of this course. after careful planning and goal setting. Any MBA program on project management will include receivables management. A careful monitoring and controlling procedure will also be created in order to assess the effectiveness of the MBA project on receivables management. an extensive receivables management is needed in order for these receivables to become an asset to the company. remissions. loans. timely and cost effective actions will be suggested on their projects. the MBA project on receivable management will usually contain the policy objective which states what the project will attain at the end of its cycle. A policy guidelines or statement will follow the objectives and will list down the new policies that will be enacted once the project starts to be implemented.106 Project Management MBA Program: Receivables Project Management Receivables in many organizations big or small involve billions of dollars and involve a wide range of transactions from the government to the private sector. levies. . Many schools now offer courses and MBA programs on project management and this will usually involve extensive topics on account receivables management. Internal as well as external audit and program evaluation reports and reviews should be prepared after the project has been implemented. write-offs. First off. Receivables will always be an inherent part of any business transaction because of taxes. appropriate.

Most of the online training programs come with a downloadable file. Some training courses can be accessed or taken up online after registering to their web site. To search for one. Click on the link to open the site and check its content. You just have to be cautious on what web site to register and what course to choose. and work breakdown structures are also being emphasized. just use your browser’s search engine and type in “Project Management Courses” on the SEARCH field. Don’t forget to browse on their training objectives if it suits your needs. especially those that can be applied on big or small companies for further business growth and development. cost-effective approach on how to handle trainings. . Each has their own pros and cons. These training courses focus on developing the soft skills of employees needed in carrying out work loads to ensure project success. Some technical aspects such as roles and responsibilities. There are some sites that offer this service for free while for some. procedure or process that you can think of. A lot of web sites are offering various training courses for almost any discipline. you need to pay for certain premium fees. A list of sites will then be generated. If you are looking for a more practical. Are these online courses better than classroom trainings? You decide. then taking up online courses is the right choice for you. planning and control.100 Success Secrets 107 Online Project Management – Online Trainings at its Finest Online trainings are all over cyber space. It all depends on how the content is presented. most likely a pdf or a Microsoft Power Point presentation. One good example is the online project management course.

metals). you can create. documentation. With buildings and skyscrapers being knocked down and built up daily. Fortunately.108 Project Management Software Project Management For The Construction Industry The construction industry is now experiencing a big boom in business. heavy equipment (highway construction. communications.) The convenience of anytime. The construction industry is divided into several categories and most construction project management software are able to handle every category like electrical (including cable. dams. gas pipes. construction projects can quickly become a complex mesh of documents. . anywhere updates and paperless transaction make the construction project management software an ideal acquisition for any corporation or organization. issues. bridges. alarm systems and computer networks). and details that could mount up to delays and unnecessary slowdowns. You can always be assured of an updated and reliable data each and every time. minerals and earth (including building materials. plans. etc. and update each task and view an estimate of completion dates. service. etc) and general construction (houses. excavations. modify. With online technology. utility (sewer work. keeping your clients happy. With this. Keeping your clients up to date on the progress of the project is one of the main features of construction project management software. small buildings and offices. asphalt. projects. data sharing and remotely updating projects is a cinch. etc). These construction project management software can be availed by downloading or through a web-based program. add. there are now many construction project management software out there specially created for the construction industry in order to handle the most complex of details in every project. A good construction project management software will also help you identify and resolve issues quickly. Most construction project management software are integrated with other modules in project management like accounting. human resource.

100 Success Secrets 109 How Microsoft Project Management Software Can Aid Project Managers In today’s industry. Microsoft project management software is a program that Microsoft developed to help and project managers in creating and developing plans. Aside form that this application can identify the different groups and categories of users. Calendars. project management plays a great part in organizing and handling the resources of people. data and other projects. This enables people to finish the requirements within the definite period of time and executing it with quality. . These groups of users can possess different access stages in views.0. The very first version started in 1987 and was named Microsoft Project for Windows v1. WinProj was considered to be the leading software in project management. This software can also assist in managing the budget and evaluating the workloads in the project. After a few years in the market. even though the event chain methodology and critical chain add-ons are also accessible. Microsoft Project was considered to be the third application that is windows based. This system in fact builds critical path schedules. This also enables managers in assigning the tasks and monitors the progress. Microsoft project management is meant to manage and aid the project managers to easily execute the project’s plans and methods. The Microsoft project management application can create budget established on the resource rates and assignment work. tables. views and filters are essentially are put in the enterprise global that can be accessed by all users. This software will help your team in carrying out the goals and objectives of your company.

and that is credited in Project Management Certification. These programs can help you gear up and master your management skills in technical setting. Some offers bachelor’s. The doctoral degree is actually meant for individuals who are fascinated and interested in shaping the future of project management by finding new ways to improve the existing system. and doctoral degrees in project management and other field of specializations. You will need to go through the master’s degree in order to advance into this program. Aside form that. Online doctoral degree is intended on the latest theories on project management. Online schools today offer graduate certificate in project management and some actually base their curriculum on “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide). . That is why some schools offer competency based learning assessment. Online schools today are indeed a great way to earn the skills you need to further improve your ability and knowledge in project management. There are several Project Management schools online where you can choose different levels of education you want to enroll in. master’s. This book is widely recognized as the standard for today’s project management. Certification in Project Management is needed to be able to get your dream job! Good thing Online Management Degree programs are now available for easy assess and certification. Some schools that offer Online Project Management Degree acknowledge the skills that you have acquired in your experience in project management. Project Management Degree program is great opportunity for a good job and high salary. You will learn the skills that are essential and will train you to be the right person for the position. to recognize the skills that you already have.110 Project Management Online Project Management Degree: The Convenient Way To Earn Your Degree Having a degree is an important aspect in your career especially in line with Project Management jobs.

Online project management software stores your information in a secure web-based environment. online project management software will assist you in the monitoring of your projects. And best of all. you can handle a new project or take over an ongoing one with relative ease. These benefits alone should be enough for every project manager to consider acquiring online project management software. But today. With online project management software. For every project. And since everything is integrated into one neat software. cost and scope that might hinder the outcome if not managed properly. it removes the risk of data loss due to unforeseen environmental or man made circumstances in your company. advances in technology have come up with several online project management software which can assist you as you go about your project--from its conception to its completion. It used to be that when you say project management. Since most of your critical data are stored in a secure off-shore server. there are many online project management software available out there that can and will help you in your project management. Fortunately.100 Success Secrets 111 Get Ahead! Go Online On Your Project Management Software Project management has always been a challenging job. it meant “war” rooms. Two benefits of real-time monitoring are (1) it gives you an objective view of the project’s progress and personnel performance and (2) it reminds you of tasks that may have been overlooked or have been left out in the timeline. brainstorms and reams and reams of paper documents. they can even give you updated status reports of every project undertaking in real-time! Every project member has access to reliable and up-to-date information with just a click of a mouse button. meetings. there are always the constraints of time. . Coordination with team members has never been easier with online project management software.

Usually project management consultants and engineers are basing their recommendations from past experiences in finding out what causes problems to occur and what is the most effective way to prevent them from happening. There are a lot of different approaches that consultants and engineers can take to bring about the best possible course of action in resolving problems that may hinder project planning and implementation. If the answer is yes. It involves the identification of best practices needed to ensure that the project being conceptualized is a feasible one. A variety of tools and techniques can be used but it is still best to look back at the basics to determine possible risks. the question that needs to be answered is if the right people and resources are in place to bring about project success. First and foremost. To become a professional consultant in the field of project management. With the right analytical skills. everything will fall into place.112 Project Management Project Management Consulting Engineering – Finding Solutions to Project Management Problems Project management consulting and engineering is like a one stop shop where you can have the best of both worlds – consulting and engineering. operational improvement and coaching skills learned from management consultants and engineers. then are the resources enough to sustain project implementation. you have to earn a master’s degree in Project Management. . With the help of the team. strategy development. This area of project management aims in helping out companies to improve their performance in terms of developing future plans to eliminate potential problems that may come along the course of the project. the project manager will surely find the best possible option in carrying out work loads to pursue the implementation of the project.

and TIFF. clients. 6. BMP. It is said that effective communication and collaboration during the project management is important. The workflow chart can be saved to web pages. You are able to look at the display of the detailed planning design prior to printing. The charts can be scaled printed. . This will allow the display of high level plan. It can be used a tool to visually communicate project plans to team members. 5. workflows are important so that processes and steps undertaken are well defined. The workflow serves as guide throughout the implementation. stakeholders and management. There are available applications that allow display of the project work structure. The application should have a focus feature that allows to view sections of the project plan. Some of the key features of workflow charts that allow the display and printing of the project management plans are the following: 1. 3. 2.100 Success Secrets 113 Display and Print the Project Management Flow When implementing a project. The project management printing display makes it easy for project management to focus on sections of the project that needed attention and at same time an easier way to use during project discussion. The workflow chart can be save as a picture using different file formats including JPEG. 4. PNG. The workflow charts can be customized. It allows the display of the workflow charts at all levels in detail or roll up detail. It can be sized to fit pages. These allow taking a large portion of the workflow chart and display or print just the section you selected. All statements should be comprehended by all participants.

to start off.) Now comes Construction Management – this is concerned with the knowledge and practices involved in the construction industry. . management of the design and eventual construction of a bridge. or may limit it. since construction engineering pertains to the construction and upkeep of man-made structures with emphasis on engineering and management principles (including skills in science. mathematics and engineering too of course.) We know that Project Management is (as its name suggests) the management of a project based on the factors that define it. roads and bridges. dams. civil engineering is quite a broad discipline that does encompass several sub-disciplines (including construction engineering – which is related to construction management. Examples of such structures are skyscrapers. Civil engineering. canals. with emphasis on how it relates to Construction Management – both in theory and especially in application.114 Project Management What is Civil Engineering Project Management Construction Management? This is quite a lengthy discipline to absorb at one go. Taken together then. particularly with regards to the management and technology aspects. so let us break down the term into its components. Taken together. Civil Engineering Project Management would be the management of a civil engineering project (for example. In itself.) These principles would fall under the technological knowledge that Construction Management (the bigger discipline) espouses. is a field of discipline in engineering that deals with the proper design then construction of man-made environmental structures. We see that construction engineering then falls under Construction Management. the whole original term of Civil Engineering Project Management Construction Management refers to the management of a civil engineering project.

coder and tester for the program units While the Project Management Information is good and an excellent refresher for those who are only peripherally involved with project management. coding and testing of program units. the Project Management Institute (PMI) was founded by five volunteers. Georgia USA and had an attendance of 83 people. the first PMI Seminars & Symposium was held in Atlanta. The PMI Bookstore is your online access to the most complete collection of Project Management Information in the world. PMI has opened an EMEA Regional Service Centre.100 Success Secrets 115 Project Management Information Project Management information is used to define items of interest in the design which can facilitate the project management function. PMI is one of the most trusted sources for Project Management Information. to better serve European members. Some of the titles of this bookstore are: . Any automatable parts of the process are executed automatically by the environment. Dates of completion of the design.Training Organizations/Courses * Online Communities * Professional Standards * Educational Seminars * Professional Certifications…and much more! Similarly. including: * REP Program . Pennsylvania. it helps to feed the Achilles heal of Six Sigma: the perception that it's the same old stuff repackaged and given inflated value. Established in 1969 and headquartered outside Philadelphia. Examples of Project Management Information are: Requirements traceability. USA. Project Management Information is communicated between the field and main office via the internet. During that same year. There are many good resources of repute for Project Management Information like Project Management Institute. Since summer 2003. Such an environment would seamlessly link a software development team. and Identification of the responsible designer. Project Management Information is generated automatically. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania USA issued Articles of Incorporation for PMI which signified the official inception of the organization.

PhD Candidate. HTML version of the PMBOK® Guide hyperlinked to each task in the project. define. This is one of best sources for Project Management Information. Not all project procurements are the same. This highly anticipated publication is designed to complement. the PMBOK® Guide–2000 Edition. Connie Delisle. After years of research.mpp template format. rather than replace. solicit. . Teaming By: Quentin Fleming This is a book about project management. Subcontracting. PhD. et al. It includes: 1. PhD. * PSSI Methods Putting the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) into practice is the objective of every professional project manager. and Kam Jugdev. * Project Procurement Management: Contracting.116 Project Management * Government Extension to a Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) — 2000 Ed By: Project Management Institute This book is a must-read for project management practitioners involved with government contracts. “Why is it so difficult to sell project management to senior executives?” and “How do you get them on board?” are the main questions being answered in this pertinent book by Thomas. PMP Despite tremendous growth in the project management profession and substantial proof that the profession has helped increase productivity and bottom line earnings. It focuses on the procurement of scope from an organization outside of the project. 2. some senior-level executives are still fighting progress. easy-to-follow numbering system as the pre-eminent standard. authorize and manage this external relationship. the authors report their findings in Phases I and II. and features the same. that portion of the project which will be performed by another organization. Often. * Selling Project Management to Senior Executives: Framing the Moves that Matter By: Janice Thomas. The five PMBOK® project processes delivered as a networked project plan in Microsoft® Project . as well as anyone who wants a better understanding of the PMBOK® Guide as it applies to the government sector and anyone who wish to seek further Project Management Information. and more. the success or failure of a project is dependent on how well the project can plan. The PSSI Methods© and Project Template Extension to the PMBOK® Guide makes project management a practical science.

and small-scale projects in which lab engineers participate. Keeping up with the latest training strategies help you to remain on the cutting edge in your industry. Clarification of your organization’s goals is another basic project management skill. where different outcomes are possible. Project Management Skills are becoming a required core competency for growth and quality-oriented organizations. because complex tasks are projects. updating your Project Management Skills is a must. Project Management Skills are essential for project managers. you’ll enjoy a greater understanding of the Project Management Skills that govern a successful company. it's crucial that you and your managers continuously take new steps. When it comes to streamlining and perfecting the project development process. administrators. requiring planning and assessing options. Flexible project management skills are necessary to oversee the large. and organizing activities and resources to deliver a result. coming to individual diverse conclusions is also important. The Project Management Skills that Generate Results: Project Management Skills run a full spectrum. An application of the techniques learned by an experienced consultant will yield up an increased profitability that will surprise you-and your stakeholders! Choosing a project management course is your first step. It's critical that managers know how to pull together disparate ideas into a cohesive whole.Project Management Skills In order to explore your company's greatest success potential. If you make the business decision to hire a project management training consultant. Project Management Skills are fundamental to research managers. Project Management Skills are very important because . scientists and engineers. Division of tasks and prioritization between projects is something which requires talented management decisions. and any other managers who manage complex activities and tasks. Project Management Skills are essential for any complex task. While teamwork is crucial. Making these is far easier after having been trained by a professional.

Project Management Skills are incorporated into designing outputs and facilities. and are capable of coordinating a wide range of activities to achieve a goal. therefore. Project management offers a tried and tested methodology along with the tools and techniques to get the work done on time and within budget. Effective Project Management Skills are becoming increasingly important. Project Management Skills are in high demand today since these skills can make the difference between success and failure for an organization. Project Management Skills involve at least the following: • • • The ability to nag without unduly irritating. . save money.they help to lower the overall risk of project error and. Project Management Skills are highly valued because project success is critical for organizational success. Project Management Skills are essential for technology professionals where outstanding project completion is one of the ingredients for success. Many organizations are adopting a project approach to organizing work in response to the demands for continuous improvement in quality and productivity. and many agencies are finding different ways to address the problem. Organizations need management generalists who understand how the pieces all fit together. Project Management Skills are in short supply across government. planning and controlling operations. managing quality and determining required resources. For each project knowing what the limits of your authority are. Keeping everyone informed all the time of the consequences of events and non-events. Project management training isn't only for IT professionals.

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