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KC TUITION: 012 – 3877 265

Chapter Two: Cell 1. Cell organization: Cell Tissue Organ System Size & shape each cell related its function Similar cells grouped together perform a specific function Different tissues cooperate perform a specific function Group of organs work together perform a specific function to to to to

Nervous system

Skeletal system


Types of cells: Function Controls the exchange of substances between the body and the environment and between different body pats Sends impulses quickly from one part of the body to another Transport oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body Attacks and get rid of foreign bodies such as bacteria Fertilizes the ovum in sexual reproduction Controls body movements

Cell Epithelial cell

Muscular system

Reproductive system (male)

Nerve cell Red blood cell White blood cell Sperm cell Muscle cell 3.

Types of systems: Digestive system Blood circulatory

Reproductive system (female)


Types of systems and corresponding organs: System Organs Mouth, stomach, intestines, pancreas Heart, blood vessels Nose, trachea, lungs, diaphragm Lungs, skin, kidneys Brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves Skull, bones Muscles Testes, penis Uterus, ovary, vagina

Respiratory system

Excretory system

Digestive Blood circulatory Respiratory Excretory Nervous Skeletal Muscular Reproductive (male) Reproductive (female)

Prepared By: K.C. Ngu

Form 1: Chapter 2 – Week 6

2.C.3 1. b) What is the function of the system below? Prepared By: K. 4. State the organs in the circulatory system. Ngu Form 1: Chapter 2 – Week 6 . 5.KC TUITION: 012 – 3877 265 Let’s Test Yourself 2. Hormones Diaphragm Skin Intestine Brain Impulse Skeleton 3. 6. Which of the following are organs? Circle them. Complete the following diagram. Which system is involved in stimulus detection? Name the sense organs in the human body. a) Label the diagram below.

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