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Reagents for

ReaMetrix has developed a unique
variety of dried-down reagents to
enable estimation of lymphocyte
subsets by flow cytometry.

The reagents are offered in 2, 3 or 4

color format. Each tube contains
reagents and fluorescent counting
beads, enabling single platform
enumeration of T-lymphocyte

Convenience - Provided as a dried-down
reagent in a ready to use format.

Stability and Storage - Dried-down reagents

do not require cold storage.

Accurate and reproducible - Extensively

validated reagents

Simplified workflow - Reagents employ

simple lyse/ no wash protocol. They require
just sample pipetting.

AFFORDABLE Ph: +91-80-28378693/5
ReaPan 3 4 G | ReaPan 3 8 G Web:
Take dry unitized
dried-down reagent tube

Acquisition and
Add 50µl analysis by
+ blood sample flow

30 15 Add 450 µl lysis

min min solution and incubate
for 15 min
Vortex and incubate
Sample Workflow for 30 min
(ReaPan 3 4 G and ReaPan 3 8 G)

Sample analysis and gating using

ReaPan 3 4 G and ReaPan 3 8 G

Scatter plot of PM2 versus FSC. Scatter plot of PM2 versus PM1. Scatter plot of PM1 versus PM2.
This view is used to determine the This view is used to determine the This view is used to determine the
absolute count of CD3+ absolute count of CD4+CD3+ absolute count of CD8+CD3+

Product Specifications
ReaPan 3 4 G ReaPan 3 8 G ReaMetrix
Accelerating Innovation
Catalog : 25244-00 Catalog : 25332-00 DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

50-B, II Phase
Certificate No 01 100 058860

Pack Size : 50 tests Pack Size : 50 tests

Clones : UCHT1, Clones : UCHT1, Peenya Industrial Area
RPA T4 LT8 Peenya, Bangalore 560058, India

Ph: +91-80-28378693/5
Fax: +91-80-41172451