Chapter 6

Quick Breads

Quick Breads Quick Breads . 2 .named because they are easier and take less time than breads made with yeast. Quick Breads ± making and selling of should be a profitable part of the retail bakers business.

or sodium bicarbonate.Chemical Leavening Agents Quick breads are made with chemical leavening agents. Baking soda. goods made with it must be baked at once. Because baking soda starts leavening as soon as it is moistened. is an alkaline compound. ± Breads made with yeast require additional time for fermentation and proofing. . principally baking soda and baking powder.

like baking soda. . needs immediate baking. Chemical leavening agents must be tightly covered when stored.Chemical Leavening Agents Baking powder is a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and one or more acids. usually to cookies and crackers. ± Double acting can sit for a short time without loss of leavening ability. Baking ammonia is also used and adds crispiness. Two types exist: ± Single acting.

Quick Bread Dough Mixtures Soft doughs: Thick enough to roll out and cut into shapes 5 .

Liquid enough to be poured ‡ Drop Batters ± Thick enough to be dropped from a spoon 6 .Quick Bread Dough Mixtures ‡ Batters ‡ Pour Batters .

muffin or creaming method.Quick Breads Quick breads . 7 .are generally mixed by the biscuit.

. muffin or creaming method.Mixing Methods Quick breads are generally mixed by the biscuit.

Mixing Method .Biscuit Biscuit Method: and Used for scones biscuits Mixing Technique: Results: Chilled fat Flaky dough 9 .

Bring dough to bench and knead lightly for about 30 seconds 10 . Sift dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl 2. Mix until ingredients are just combined and form a soft dough 5.Biscuit Method 1. Cut in shortening using paddle or pastry knife attachment until mixture resembles cornmeal 3. Add liquids to dry ingredients 4.

or sheet sheet-type quick breads Liquid fat Soft.Mixing Method .Muffin Muffin Method: Used for muffins. and loafloaf . pancakes. tender and cake cakelike Mixing Technique: Results: 11 . waffles.

Sift dry ingredients together in mixing bowl. Combine all liquid ingredients. Batter will appear lumpy. Mix until flour is just moistened. 3.Muffin Method 1. 2. 4. including melted fat or oil. Add liquids to dry ingredients. Pan and bake immediately 12 .

Creaming Mixing Method Creaming Method: Used for muffinmuffin-type products with high sugar and fat content Soften fat (room Mixing Technique: temperature) Result: Rich. tender and cake cakelike 13 .

7. sugar salt.Creaming Method for Muffins. 2. Add the eggs in two or three stages. Add the sifted dry ingredients alternately with the liquids. This is done as follows. 5. Stir together the liquid ingredients until well combined. 3. 14 . Loaves and Coffee Cakes 1. Repeat until all ingredients are used. Add one fourth of the dry ingredients Mix just until blended in Add one third of the liquid. Scrape down the sides of the bowl occasionally for even mixing. spices and milk powder in bowl of a mixer fitted with the paddle attachment. Cream the ingredients together until light. baking powder and other dry ingredients. 4. Mix just until blended. 8. Sift together the flour. Combine the fat. 9. 6. Cream will after each addition before adding more eggs.

Adjust formula Elongated holes or tunneling Overmixing Do not mix until smooth just until moistened.Trouble Shooting Chart Problem Solution Soapy or bitter flavor with Cause Chemical leaveners not properly mixed into batter. No rise dense product Old batter Damaged leavening agents Bake promptly Store chemicals properly 15 . Too much baking soda Sift chemicals dry ingredients.

Trouble Shooting Chart Problem Crust too thick oven Cause Too much sugar Oven temp too low Solution Adjust formula Adjust Flat top with only a peak in center Oven temp too low Adjust oven Cracked. uneven top Oven temp too high Adjust oven 16 .

Troubleshooting Muffins and Quick Breads .

Convenience Products Prepared quick bread and muffin mixes are available in a number of formats. Select mixes with natural ingredients and flavorings and less sugar. 18 . nuts and seasoning of their own choice. The bakeshop can customize a basic batter by adding fruits.

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