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Published by: Gabriella Sannicandro on Oct 11, 2013
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Communication in a foreign language Digital competence Interpersonal civic. social. intercultural competences Mathematical competence and basic competence in science/ technology cultural expression communication in the mother tongue Learning how to learn Sense of initiative/ entrepreneurship .

.Lower the emotional filter .Communicative approach .



dislikes.SPECIFIC LEARNING OBJECTIVES Ø  CULTURAL OBJECTIVES: to understand health implications in food. preferences. to get familiar with foreign eating habits Ø  LINGUISTIC OBJECTIVES: SKILLS LISTENING SPEAKING READING WRITING listening to food and quantity related text expressing your like. making choices reading for particular information on the web writing about personal eating habits .

LANGUAGE FOCUS Functions Sharing opinions. making choices Structures Consolidation of quantifiers Vocabulary Food items .

fill in the blanks.ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION —  ORAL ASSESSMENT will be carried out taking into account the Ss’ activities and their participation throughout the unit. STRUCTURED TESTS NON . T/F NON-STRUCTURED Letter writing .STRUCTURED TESTS: evaluation scheme according to Teacher‘s board – School Educational Plan —  WRITTEN ASSESSMENT: a)  b)  STRUCTURED Matching.

speaking skills in familiar and routine matter tasks) —  AGE: 14 years old —  MODULE: lifestyle and everyday living —  TIME: 2 hours —  METHODOLOGY/APPROACH: Humanistic. 2 SEN students (dyslexic) —  LEVEL (CEFR): A2 (context-specific sentence understanding. 22 students. computer lab. in groups —  TOOLS AND MATERIALS: whiteboard. communicative. ESA —  CLASS ORGANIZATION: in pairs. handouts. dictionaries and online dictionaries (SEN). .—  TARGET CLASS: 1st year of Liceo Scientifico.

a few. few. much. any. the quantifiers some. a little.—  PREREQUISITES: Ø  Language functions: asking questions and answering about likes/dislikes. Ø  Vocabulary: some basic vocabulary about food . Ø  Language Structures: countable and uncountable nouns. a lot of. no.

calories) . —  EDUCATIONAL AIMS: Ss will improve their ability to: Ø  work in group and cooperate in order to reach common goals.—  SKILLS INVOLVED: digital skills. Ø  Find specific information on the web. Ø  develop creative thinking and problem-solving strategies. receptive and production skills. —  INTERDISCIPLINARY ACTIVITIES: biology (nutritional aspects of food.

. extratime. spell checker. online vocabulary.SEN STUDENTS (dyslexic) Compensatory tools: speech synthesizer. Dispensatory measures: not reading aloud. no taking notes. friendly format of worksheet. recorder.

Skills Material. dictionary . asks what kind speak of food they like or dislike/ quantities to revise quantifiers Sen Ss match the pictures to the words grammar focus revision Rules revision. Tools IWB to arouse Ss’ interest and activate schemata T-Ss S To encourage Ss to T. shows pictures and prompts answers Int. exercise  T-Ss Ss-T   S    IWB (10’) Ss-Ss  W handout A (20’ ) to use food vocabulary in a broader context Dialogue (fill in / quantifiers) Feedback/ homework 15’ Group work: work out a dinner menu combining Ingredients.Stages/ timing 1st hour Warm-up (time: 5’) A (time: 5’) S (time: 5’) Stage aim Procedure/ Content T. G  S/W Handout.

Ss Ss-T  T-Ss Ss-T Ss-Ss (SEN join pairs) Ss .While listening/(7”) S-After listening (6’) A.T G SEN work together on a predefined page/speech synthetiser)  T-Ss Ss-T S L  L IWB  hand-out IWB  R/W  lab room Feedback/ closure (15 min). Tools Homework feedback Explain what they are going to hear listening for detailed information Focus on units of measure to activate Ss autonomy / SEN students No notes – oral report Homework listening for gist Fill in the blank Matching Ss search English habits for breakfast/ notes Write a letter to pen-pal about your eating habits T.Stages/ timing 2nd hour Warm-up / Engage (time: 5’) Pre-listening + feedback (5”)+ 2” S.Group work (20’) Stage aim Procedure/ Content Interaction Skills Materials. W  lab room .

—  1st HOUR – WARM UP Name the food items and quantity you see! .

Food names Many bananas A lot of bananas One banana A few / some bananas images .

Food names Much milk A little milk Some milk A lot of milk images .

any. 5) If you eat ______ sweets you don’t get fat . some. many. few. We need to go out and get _______ goat cheese. but I don’t know if they are enough for 10 guests! 4) We have ______ cheese. a little) 1) There isn’t _____ milk in the fridge! Go and buy ______ milk please! 2) There are_______ ripe bananas on the shelf! Please eat them for breakfast! 3) There are _______ apples. much.—  Fill in the blanks (a lot of.

A LOT OF —  1) For small numbers we use _______ with countable nouns. uncountable nouns in any kind of sentence.A LITTLE. —  2) For small amounts we use_______ uncountable nouns. MANY. countable nouns with —  3) For big numbers we use _______ only with —  4) For big amount we use _________only with uncountable nouns in questions and negative sentences. A FEW. —  5) We can use _________ with countable and . MUCH.


When making yogurt. It can be left at room temperature for up to twelve hours if you like a stronger taste. honey or spices. Add two _______ spoonfuls of the yogurt to two cups of milk. Keep the yogurt at forty-three degrees and add one-half cup of the starter. clean ______ and good temperature control. This will be the starter for your own yogurt. Cover the pot and keep it at a temperature of forty to forty-five degrees Celsius for four to six _______. you can also add one-third of a cup of dry milk. If you want a ________ yogurt. After that. A cup in the United States is two hundred forty milliliters. it is very important to have clean equipment. nuts. . Heat the milk to eighty-five degrees Celsius. your homemade yogurt is ready.Listening exercise (fill in the blanks) Yogurt is a healthy _____ that can be made at home. Pour eight cups of milk into a large cooking _____ . One way to make it is to first buy some yogurt from a store or purchase dry yogurt culture. The remaining starter can be kept for later use. To do this. You can add __________. you can put the cooking pot in cool water. Then cool the milk quickly to forty-three degrees.

cookies. tinned food. carrots. chips. fresh fish Healthy food —  Sausages. aubergine. Junk food .—  What is the difference between healthy food and junk food? Categorize the terms below using your dictionary if necessary. apples.

78 litres 0.47 litres 454 grams 240 millilitres 1.Match Units of Measure Imperial gallon pint pound cup tablespoon Metric 3.5 millilitres .

this is no fun! J: Oh. J: Actually I wanted to ask you right now to join me for a big Mac…but M: Oh. much)  Mary: Hi. Mary! How are you? M: Well. a lot of (x2). a little. a few. ______ sweets at all. I’m getting hungry! . but I am on a strict diet. that’s nice. some. great… let’s go. unfortunately! But I can eat _______ carrots instead! J: And what about drinks? Let’s say…are you allowed to have ________Coke? M: Yes. I occasionally can have ________Coke. my doctor says I can eat ______vegetables and ______ meat. any. Nowadays Mac Donald restaurants don’t sell just chips and hamburgers.HOMEWORK (Read the dialogue and insert many.. no (x2). poor girl! What kind of diet are you on? M: Well. I’m fine I guess. but not _______. but I cannot have ______sweets! J: You mean _____sweets at all or you can have just _______? M: No.I can have a Cesar salad with grilled chicken! J: Ok.. John! John: Hi.

Reading exercise Read the dialogue.  —  1) Mary’s diet is based on chicken and salad —  2) Mary can have a few sweets once a while —  3) Mary can only drink water —  4) John invites Mary to a MacDonald restaurant T/F T/F T/F T/F —  5) Mary refuses his invitation because she is on a diet T/F . Read again and decide whether the following sentences are true or false.

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