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DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY US ARMY SOLDIER SUPPORT INSTITUTE "10000 HAMPTON PARKWAY FORT JACKSON SC 28207-7025 ATSG-CG 29 October 2007 MEMORANDUM FOR ALL Soldier Support Institute (SSI) Personnel SUBJECT: Policy Memorandum #22 - Nominating USASSI Soldiers to the Fort Jackson Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) 1, Reference. Fort Jackson (FJ) Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) Nomination Policy dated 9 October 2007 2. The WTU has provided guidance and procedures for nominating active and reserve component Soldiers meeting the qualifications for medical hold, medical holdover, Active Duty Medical Extension (ADME), Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) or complex medical needs requiring greater then six months of treatment, for assignment or transfer to the WTU. All cadre and student personnel assigned or attached to the Soldier Support Institute are eligible. 3. Soldiers may be identified and recommended as Warriors in Transit (WIT) by their Unit or the physician at Moncrief Army Community Hospital (MACH). Units identifying a potential WIT will prepare the nomination packet for submission through the appropriate chain of command. Physicians at MACH identifying a WIT will notify the Soldier's unit; the unit will prepare the nomination packet for submission. Instructions, guidance and forms required for inclusion in the nomination packet are listed in the above reference. 4, Unit commanders will forward nomination packets for all SSI permanent party and student personnel to the G1 for review and routing to the SSI Commander. The SSI Commander is the final approval authority. 5. The proponent for periodic review of this policy is the SSI, G1 6. “READINESS STARTS HERE!” ee Nir ileer ROSE A. WALKER COL, AG Commanding DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY HEADQUARTERS UNITED STATES ARMY MEDICAL DEPARTMENT ACTIVITY “4500 STUART STREET FORT JACKSON, SOUTH CAROLINA 28207-5720 MCXL-Z 9 October 2007 MEMORANDUM FOR SEE DISTRIBUTION SUBJECT: Reassignment of Soldier(s) to the Fort Jackson Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) 1. References. a. HQDA EXORD 118-07, AMAP Healing Warriors, dated 021000Q Jun 07, Annex S. b. USAMEDCOM Operation Order 07-55, Implementation of the Army Medical Action Plan, AMAP dated 050522 Jun 07, Annex |. ¢. AR 40-400, Patient Administration, d. DA Personnel Policy Guidance (PPG). e. DAWTU (WT) — Consolidated Guidance, dated 7 September 2007. f. ALARACT Message 135/2007, Initial Personnel Policy Guidance for Assignment and Attachment to Warrior Transition Units (WTU), dated 14 Jun 07. g. MILPER Message 07/179, Initial Personne! Policy Guidance for Assignment and Attachment to Warrior Transition Units (WTU), dated 14 Jun 07. 2. Per guidance provided in reference 1.b., Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) Commanders must establish a process to receive, approve/disapprove, and respond to a Brigade level Commander's nomination of a Soldier for attachment or assignment to a WTU. Fort Jackson and surrounding area units may nominate Soldiers to the WTU. Nominations must go through their chain of command to their Brigade level Commander for endorsement. 3. A ‘Warrior in Transition’ is defined in MILPER Message 07-179 as an active component or reserve component Soldier who meets the qualifications for medical hold, medical holdover, or active duty medical extension (ADME) IAW DA PPG and DA G-1 Warrior‘ Transition Consolidated Guidance. It also includes active component Soldiers who require a medical evaluation board (MEB) or have a complex medical need requiring greater than six months of treatment. (Warriors in transition include initial entry training (IET) Soldiers in basic training (BCT) and advance individual training (AIT).)IET Soldiers are only eligible if they require a medical evaluation board or when deemed appropriate by the MEDDAC MCXL-Z SUBJECT: Reassignment of Soldier(s) to the Fort Jackson Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) commander and IET Soldier's commander. Warrior in transition units will not be filled by Soldiers undergoing UCMJ processing, Soldiers who have been retained or reclassified by the MOS Medical Retention Board (MMRB), Soldiers who have been retained by the MEB, found fit by the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB), or Soldiers whose medical needs are solely related to pregnancy. 4. Warriors in transition must meet the definition above and applicable guidelines contained in references 1.a. through 1.4. Soldiers meeting the definition may include T-3 or T-4 profiles whose frequency of appointments significantly precludes them from performing their regular duties for an extended period. 5. IAW Reference 1.b., nominating unit commanders will provide a complete nomination packet to the WTU Company Commander at Moncrief Army Community Hospital (MACH). The packet must be hand carried to the WTU on the 8" floor with a DA Form 200 Transmittal Record containing: a. Aletter of request from the Commander for the Soldier's reassignment to the WTU. The letter will offer justification for reassignment and will detail the source of the Soldier's profile injury and provide information on what rehabilitative measures have been taken. The letter will include a certification that verifies the Soldier is cleared of any UCMJ actions, legal actions, investigations, or property/hand receipt issues and can clear the unit. Transferable flags will move with the Soldier after appropriate coordination with the gaining WTU Commander. b. Acompleted checklist at enclosure 1 of this memorandum. Checklist must state if unit desires Soldier be assigned to the WTU and attached back for duty. c. The First Sergeant of the WTU Company must interview the Soldier prior to finalizing transfer. 6. Commander, MACH will provide a formal memorandum to the unit commander approving or disapproving transfer to the WTU. Response to a nomination request will be within 14 days but NLT 30 days after receipt of the action. 7. IAW DA G-1 guidance, the losing command is responsible for coordinating appropriate attachment or assignment orders based on the memorandum from the Commander, MACH. For approved Soldiers assigned in surrounding areas off Fort Jackson, their servicing personnel office can arrange for orders. For approved Soldiers assigned on Fort Jackson, orders may be arranged through Strength Management Branch, Human Resources Directorate (803)751-5578.