INTEGRATED SAFEGUARDS DATASHEET APPRAISAL STAGE I. Basic Information Date prepared/updated: 04/30/2009 Report No.

: AC4272

1. Basic Project Data Country: Pakistan Project ID: P114278 Project Name: Thar Coal and Power Technical Assistance Project Task Team Leader: Michael C. Stanley Estimated Appraisal Date: April 27, 2009 Estimated Board Date: June 25, 2009 Managing Unit: COCPO Lending Instrument: Technical Assistance Loan Sector: Mining and other extractive (55%);Power (45%) Theme: Other environment and natural resources management (P) IBRD Amount (US$m.): 0.00 IDA Amount (US$m.): 30.00 GEF Amount (US$m.): 0.00 PCF Amount (US$m.): 0.00 Other financing amounts by source: BORROWER/RECIPIENT 4.20 4.20 Environmental Category: B - Partial Assessment Simplified Processing Simple [] Repeater [] Is this project processed under OP 8.50 (Emergency Recovery) Yes [ ] No [X] or OP 8.00 (Rapid Response to Crises and Emergencies) 2. Project Objectives Project Developmental Objectives is to help the government strengthen the enabling policy, legal, and regulatory frameworks suitable to attract qualified investors to develop the coal-to-power sector in an economic, environmentally and socially acceptable manner. Expected Project outcomes would be as follows: • Implementation of enabling policy, legal, and regulatory frameworks • Efficiently operating regulatory and investment agencies • Qualified investors are attracted to Thar Block I (given the state of financial markets in 2009 and uncertainty over their performance over the next few years, financial close for an investment of this size may become problematic for reasons beyond control of the project. However, the transaction advisory Terms of Reference will include assistance to the Governments of Pakistan and Sindh through negotiations towards financial close.) 3. Project Description The project will be implemented as a partnership between the Province of Sindh (coal mining) and Government of Pakistan (coal-fired power development). The Project

regulatory and institutional strengthening. and (iii) project management. (iv) build capacity of the Directorate General for Mines and Minerals (licensing authority). Policy. Institutional Reform and Capacity Building (i) strengthen the capacity of the provincial and federal governments to improve sector governance and attract quality private investments for coal and CBM (ii) strengthen and make operational TCEB. a strategic environmental and social assessment for coal-to-power sector.activities will be implemented along the following three components: (i) overarching legal. guidelines. including ancillary infrastructure development. by building the government’s capacity to manage and supervise the sector. Component 1: Sector Governance and Capacity Building The objective of this component is to facilitate coal-to-power sector development based on international good standards. including environmental and social baseline assessments for the Thar coalfield. legal. staff plans and capacity building (iii) Improve regulatory efficiency of the Government of Sindh. including setting up computerized mining cadastre system. Proposed . development of a general land-use plan for Thar coalfield and a Spatial Development Plan for Block I B. and Sindh Coal Authority Component 2: Transaction Advisory Services The objective of this component is to provide expert advisory services to help attract quality private investors to develop Thar Block I. (ii) transaction advice for Thar Block I. geographical information system. The methodology and documentation that will be developed for this transaction will be applicable to forthcoming developments and will assist the government in structuring future coal-to-power transactions. regulatory and safeguards advice (i) developing overarching coal and coal bed methane to power sector policy/ legal/ regulatory / safeguards (including those related to mineral licensing and tendering procedures) (ii) setting up an operational environmental and social management framework for coal-to-power sector C. the Chief Mine Inspectorate. including development of procedures. To this end. Thar Coal assessment and technical studies (partially co-financed with the Government of Sindh under approved PC-IIs schemes): (i) field surveying and data interpretation related to Thar coalfield and in greater detail for Thar Block I for which more detailed technical assessment will be undertaken (ii) supervision / technical assistance with the interpretation of the regional hydro geological study (in coordination with surface water assessment under the Bank’s Sindh Water Sector Improvement Project) (iii) transmission needs study (in coordination with the Bank energy sector projects) (iv) environmental and social sector work. the component will comprise: A.

including sector specialists (mining. Safeguard Policies Triggered Environmental Assessment (OP/BP 4. including preparation / issuance of requests for proposals. The federal level components will be implemented in Islamabad. negotiations. social specialist. financial management. and study tours (not covered under the consultants’ assignments) (iv) equipment for the project management (v) security contractors 4.01) Natural Habitats (OP/BP Sindh Province (Karachi and Thar Coal area). and financial closing. Component 3: Project Management and Communications The objective of this component is to ensure that project financed activities are supervised and managed in accordance with the Bank standards.09) Physical Cultural Resources (OP/BP 4.37) Projects on International Waterways (OP/BP 7. procurement.50) Projects in Disputed Areas (OP/BP 7.1. and communications specialist (ii) develop communications and outreach strategy in regards to the Project and to improve public consultations (iii) training.11) Indigenous Peoples (OP/BP 4.60) Yes X No X X X X X X X X X . 5. Environmental and Social Safeguards Specialists Mr Ernesto Sanchez-Triana (SASDI) Mr Chaohua Zhang (SASDI) Mr Mohammad Omar Khalid (SASDI) 6. energy). and assistance to the government with bid methodology is provided in Annex 4. The activities to be supported under this component will include: (i) Finalizing bid methodology for a coal mine and power plant(s). environmental specialist.10) Involuntary Resettlement (OP/BP 4. water specialist.12) Safety of Dams (OP/BP 4. Information Memorandum. The component will finance: (i) PMU staff costs. Project Location and salient physical characteristics relevant to the safeguard analysis The project will be implemented in both urban and local areas. including short courses.04) Forests (OP/BP 4.36) Pest Management (OP 4. and Transaction Principles and Intentions policy document for Thar Block #1 (work will commence under the PPF funding) which will guide the transaction(s) (ii) Provision of transaction advisory services for a coal mine and power plant(s) transaction in Thar Block I. provincial level .

significant and/or irreversible impacts: The proposed project is limited to the provision of technical assistance and is not expected to result in any negative environmental or social impacts. Describe any potential indirect and/or long term impacts due to anticipated future activities in the project area: The anticipated future activities in the project area include development and opration of coal mine. Identify and describe any potential large scale. date of distributing the Executive Summary of the EA to the Executive Directors . 3. No safeguard policy issues are triggered for the proposed TA project. water consumption and/or contamination. Describe any project alternatives (if relevant) considered to help avoid or minimize adverse impacts. and threat/damage to wildlife resources. with an emphasis on potentially affected people. land forms and land use. The TA will assist the government to assess salient issues and design social and environmental management systems to facilitate planning for activities needed to address potential social impacts of future coal mining and coal-based power production. Describe any safeguard issues and impacts associated with the proposed project. effects on the livelihoods of the local population. employment opportunities. land acquisition and involuntary resettlement issues. and other environmental and social issues. NA 4. Identify the key stakeholders and describe the mechanisms for consultation and disclosure on safeguard policies. 5. influx of workforce.II. Provide an assessment of borrower capacity to plan and implement the measures described. Describe measures taken by the borrower to address safeguard policy issues. construction and operation of coal-based power plants. NA B. 2. soil erosion/contamination. These activities may have significant potential impacts including changes in topography. air quality deterioration. and establishment and operation of associated ancillaries and support facilities. Summary of Key Safeguard Issues 1. Disclosure Requirements Date Environmental Assessment/Audit/Management Plan/Other: Was the document disclosed prior to appraisal? N/A Date of receipt by the Bank 04/30/2009 Date of "in-country" disclosure 04/30/2009 Date of submission to InfoShop 04/30/2009 For category A projects. safety and public health hazards for the local community. Key Safeguard Policy Issues and Their Management A. loss of natural habitat and vegetation.

please explain why: This a TA project which will support an environmental and social management framework and a strategic environment and social assessment. C. If in-country disclosure of any of the above documents is not expected. The disclosure note referred to above has been sent to the InfoShop for concurrent release.01 . then did the Regional Environment Unit or Sector Manager (SM) review and approve the EA report? Are the cost and the accountabilities for the EMP incorporated in the credit/loan? The World Bank Policy on Disclosure of Information Have relevant safeguard policies documents been sent to the World Bank's Infoshop? Have relevant documents been disclosed in-country in a public place in a form and language that are understandable and accessible to project-affected groups and local NGOs? All Safeguard Policies Have satisfactory calendar. the respective issues are to be addressed and disclosed as part of the Environmental Assessment/Audit/or EMP. Compliance Monitoring Indicators at the Corporate Level (to be filled in when the ISDS is finalized by the project decision meeting) OP/BP/GP 4.Resettlement Action Plan/Framework/Policy Process: Was the document disclosed prior to appraisal? N/A Date of receipt by the Bank Date of "in-country" disclosure Date of submission to InfoShop Indigenous Peoples Plan/Planning Framework: Was the document disclosed prior to appraisal? Date of receipt by the Bank Date of "in-country" disclosure Date of submission to InfoShop Pest Management Plan: Was the document disclosed prior to appraisal? Date of receipt by the Bank Date of "in-country" disclosure Date of submission to InfoShop * If the project triggers the Pest Management and/or Physical Cultural Resources. Details of the approach and content of these two outputs are publically disclosed. budget and clear institutional responsibilities been prepared for the implementation of measures related to safeguard policies? Have costs related to safeguard policy measures been included in the project N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A .Environment Assessment Does the project require a stand-alone EA (including EMP) report? If yes.

Sector Manager: Mr Paulo De Sa 04/29/2009 Comments: Cleared by Salman Zaheer.cost? Does the Monitoring and Evaluation system of the project include the monitoring of safeguard impacts and measures related to safeguard policies? Have satisfactory implementation arrangements been agreed with the borrower and the same been adequately reflected in the project legal documents? D.04/28/2009 and by Paulo de Sa. Approvals Signed and submitted by: Task Team Leader: Environmental Specialist: Social Development Specialist Additional Environmental and/or Social Development Specialist(s): N/A N/A Name Mr Michael C. Energy. Gas & Mining. on 04/29/2009 . Sector Minager Oil. Stanley Mr Mohammad Omar Khalid Mr Chaohua Zhang Mr Ernesto Sanchez-Triana Date 04/20/2009 03/11/2009 03/11/2009 Approved by: Regional Safeguards Coordinator: Mr Frederick Edmund Brusberg 04/23/2009 Comments: This TA project is cleared on the understanding that ISDS and ToR for ESMF and SESA will be disclosed. SAR . Sector Manager.

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