The Computer Network A Computer network is a number if computers interconnected by one or more transmission paths. The transmission path often is the telephone line. . due to its convenience and universal preserve.

Data Communication Data Communication is the exchange of data between two devices via some form of transmission medium .

Types of Data Communication Local – if the communicating device are in the same building.  .  Remote – if the device are farther apart.

interpretation or processing by human beings or by automatic means. concepts and instructions presented in a formalized manner suitable for communication.  Information: is currently assigned to data by means by the conventions applied to those data. .Data and Information  Data: is a representation of facts.

Characteristics of a Data Communication System Delivery Accuracy Timeliness .

The Five Components of Data Communication .

or any other device capable of sending and / or receiving data generated by other nodes on the network. A node can be a computer. . printer.What is a Network? A Network is a set of devices (nodes) connected by media links.

The Advantages of Distributed Processing 1. Collaborative processing . Security / Encapsulation 2. Distributed database 3. Faster problem solving 4. Security through redundancy 5.

Performance 2. Security .The Three Criteria necessary for an effective and efficient network 1. Reliability 3.

Mamista na ta … ^_^ MANA =) .

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