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int Symeon the New Theologian c Sa THE SIN OF ADAM The Sin of Adam and our Redemption SEVEN HOMILIES St. Symeon the New Theologian HOMILY 1 The Transgression of Adam and Our Redemption by Jesus Christ 1, IN WHAT CONSISTED THE TRANSGRESSION OF ADAM? Tue FIRST-CREATED ADAM, being in paradise, fell, at the insti- ga:ton of the serpent, into ptide; and having dreamed of being a god, as the devil had told him, he tasted of the tree from which God had commanded him not to cat. For this he was given over to great chastisements — to cortup- tion and death, for the humbling of his pride, But when God condemns for something, he gives also a sentence, and His sentence becomes deed and an eternal chastisement, and there is no longer any possibility of annihilating this chastisement which has come from the decree of God. But think now: Adam sinned with a great sin because he did not be- Lieve the words of God, but believed the words of the serpent. Compare God and the serpent, and you will see how great was the sin of most-wise Adam. In his great wisdom he had given names to all the animals (Gen, 2:19-20). But when with his whole soul he believed the serpent and not God, then the Divine grace which had rested on him stepped away feom him, so that he became the enemy of God by reason of the unbelicf which he had showa to His words. 34