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Lexmark E260dn User's Guide (v.2008)

Lexmark E260dn User's Guide (v.2008)


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Published by Marcus
User guide for Lexmark E260dn network-ready laser printer.
User guide for Lexmark E260dn network-ready laser printer.

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Published by: Marcus on Jul 22, 2009
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To ensure that a page will reprint after a paper jam, set Jam Recovery to Auto or On. To access Jam Recovery, do one
of the following:
Open the Embedded Web Server:

1Type the printer IP address into the address field of your Web browser.

Note: If you do not know the IP address of the printer, then print a network setup page and locate the IP
address in the TCP/IP section.

2From the Settings screen, click General Settings, and then click Print Recovery.

3Click Jam Recovery, and then select Auto or On.

4Click Submit.
If the printer is connected to a computer by a USB or parallel cable, open the Local Printer Settings Utility for
Windows or Printer Settings for Macintosh. One of these utilities installs with your printer software. Under the
Setup menu, make sure Jam Recovery is set to Auto or On.

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